After waking up and reading my last post from last night, I am done commenting on pretty much anything and everything for now.  Seeing how much the FBI, special counsel run by Mueller, and anything and everything coming from Democrats/ Liberals /Progressives/ Leftist propagandists, I have to disassociate from this morass of agendas, disruptions, and plain power seeking and maintaining control fairly much anyone with a chip in the game is playing.

Frankly, I don’t know how anyone who honestly and responsibly is trying to maintain sanity in this country can do so continuing to follow this bullshit from all sides of this shit slinging show!  Again, I honestly would love to watch the major players go after each other in an abandoned field and just bludgeon themselves to death with their skulls as the only weapons provided!  Pay Per View coverage of such an event, I would purchase it in a heartbeat!

And I genuinely don’t care who is insulted, outraged, or disgusted with this.  Corruption of this magnitude cannot, should not, nor ever tolerated or rationalized.  We are beyond doomed here, folks, and to stay silent, well, I hope readers can live with their choices.

Me, I hope to find that proverbial island to seek asylum by the end of 2018.  What that means I have to relinquish, well, all choices are on the table for me!

waiting for a job

Happy Holidays, be safe and well as one can be and seek…