This will be short and to the point, I really don’t get why so many people in the country put up with all this bullshit that passes for political representation, media reporting, and entertainment effort these days.  It really is astounding and incredulous what so many folks who claim to lead, influence, and educate the masses is just manipulation, misleading, and frank lying just to promote causes and agendas.

Frankly, I don’t really care anymore who is being clueless, complicit, or just frankly criminal anymore, any of these efforts or choices just suck endless stool quantities.

The Democrats are just massive quantities of shit-bags, the Republicans are just endless douchebags, and the corporation assholes are just that, anal sphincters trying to dump on us endlessly.

I think he sums it up perfectly, even with his history lesson at the beginning.

But, I like better what Agent Smith says to Morpheus in the Matix:

Live well and proper, or, really propagate the Bullshit!

Because the politicians aren’t the only ones that suck around here…

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inside ends as those who know the adage well…