Again, brief post here, just wondering, what do people really want to accomplish differently, more effectively, responsibly, hell, even appropriately for 2018?

Myself, I am genuinely looking to end my time working as a psychiatrist by the end of next year.  Why, if one is interested to ask?  Frankly, why does anyone with a soul stay in this line of work when it has been so whored and cowarded (yeah I know, not words) for so long.  After 7 plus years of Temp work, I have seen very little that is redeeming, rewarding, validating, or even professional as a whole most of the time.  Not a complete indictment of my colleagues, but a fairly general one.

Also, I hope to prepare to move out of Maryland by the end of 2019 if possible, but that one is not my sole decision.

Finally, as I think presenting things in thirds is a healthy perspective in much of my travels, I hope to be as least reliant on much of the population here, again that is realistic for me and family   I think it is painfully obvious that we are in the midst of a very pathological Personality Disordered Society, and the rigid, inflexible systems that such individuals bring to interpersonal relations is nothing less than painful and dysfunctional.  Amazing how the losers try to dump it on Trump, when the projection and deflection by much in the Media and Louts/Regressives/Libelous is so excessive…

Happy New Year to all who come and read here, thank you for your time and interests, and I hope you all have a better 2018, even if you felt 2017 was a welcome, rejuvenating year for you.  I can’t imagine how one could have pulled it off…

'I didn't know they had board-certified panhandlers.'