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So this book released by Michael Wolff basically calling Trump incompetent, mentally impaired, and even comments now of diminished capacity, well, where did these idiots from the Left (Louts), Progressives (Regressives), and Liberals (Libelous) go when they tried to pin the scarlet letters “SH” for sexual harassment on Trump and Roy Moore from Alabama?  Hmm, Conyers, Franken, and assorted other cretins who are firmly from the camp of Louts/Regressives/Libelous are out of power, control, and influence for exactly the shit they were shoveling onto the Republicans (Repugnocants), Right (wRongs), and Conservatives (Constipatives: ie full of shit).

Remember when someone reported there were meds being used by Congress/Senate politicians that included dementia meds?  You can’t just pursue selected accusations of diminished mental capacity without opening the door for the whole body of politicians being scrutinized.  Oh how I look forward to seeing Pelosi and Waters being exposed as impaired losers in coming months.  Anyway, getting back to Wolff’s excrement, er, expose he had released today…

We’ll start with this link to show the damage control already in place:


One thing Wolff wrote in the Prologue:

“Sometimes I have let the players offer their versions, in turn allowing the reader to judge them. In other instances I have, through a consistency in the accounts and through sources I have come to trust, settled on a version of events I believe to be true.”

Gee, already accounting for people to challenge his version of truths.  This guy is the real moron here, his projections of what Trump is allegedly guilty of really apply to many of this bozo’s cronies who hate Trump with a zeal people had for Hitler (yeah, I’ll go there as an analogy, I’ll get back to why in future addendums…), and his unethical behaviors as an alleged journalist/reporter will be exposed AGAIN.

Anyway, I’ll be writing about this sack of shit literary attack dog effort over the weekend, and hope readers will start with what alleged colleagues are doing to continue to violate Goldwater Rules making overtly diagnostic comments and advising political actions.

Geez, if this doesn’t make the APA look even more pathetic, I don’t know what can.

Read this joke of a journalistic interview report and watch the video of this moron politician from Maryland, my home state of assholes and antisocial jerks, who double talk so much it is amazing for people to understand the diarrhea spewing from his mouth!


Not making a diagnosis, but she (the unethical bitch from Yale) is just saying he is dangerous and unable to handle the duties of being in office.  WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT!?!?  It’s a diagnostic impression, folks!!!

But, you think the APA will hand out punishment for this bitch psychiatrist’s violations of standards of ethical expectations?  No, because most if not all of the APA hierarchy can’t be heard because they have their mouths so firmly pressed on Democrat/ Liberal/ Progressive genitals or anuses.

Think that last sentence was crude or harsh, stay tuned…

Rod Serling


First addendum, just 10 minutes later:  Read this and see why I have every right to be outraged by these lying sack of shit psychiatrists who have agendas and partisan goals, oh how I hope she is exposed to be a Democrat hack!


“Since then, I have been among the many who are shocked and saddened by President Trump’s behavior and can well understand the impulse toward protest and activism that motivated Dr. Lee and her colleagues to formally express their views in this book. However, as a physician and psychiatrist, I cannot condone and must strongly criticize these actions as unprofessional, unethical, and irresponsible.

I embrace the First Amendment and subscribe to Voltaire’s famous quote: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” However, the matter of Donald Trump’s mental status is different from the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, or abortion rights in which physicians have historically expressed their strong support for social justice. In opining on the POTUS’s mental health, we are using our professional credentials to express a medical opinion when we have neither the right nor the evidence to do so.”

Read the whole column and figure it out for yourselves…


Next and last addendum, 12N Sunday 1/7/18:

This story gathering steam from this book is just so pathetic, by this moronic author, by the possessed Louts and Regressives who will stop at nothing to see Trump ousted from the White House, by Trump himself who shows how entrenched his narcissism truly engulfs his narratives and agendas, and finally the idiots behind him who feel they can ride his coattails as long as possible, as long as they can benefit as equally selfish and narrow minded.

Hey folks, this is what I have been railing about for the last couple of years, this is the hallmark of the country’s Personality Disordered Society.  We elected a narcissist to avoid another 4 to 8 years of more antisocial shit the Democraps have fully embraced.  But, the message I see much brighter than the petty piss ass bickering from both sides of the real one party Republocrats is that evil will likely endure at the end of the day.

I have a read for those interested, albeit from over 6 years ago, but, I think it still applies, and boy, I bet the author is just shaking his head in disbelief watching how Trump is the poster child for his article:


So much to want to copy, but I will just go with this one paragraph:

“One of the primary characteristics of narcissists is their exaggerated sense of entitlement. It’s hardly surprising then that so many politicians (or narcissist-politicians) somehow think they “deserve” to game the system. After all, from their self-interested perspective, isn’t that what the system is for? In their heavily self-biased opinion, if they want something, by rights it should be their’s. So, nothing if not opportunistic, they take from public and private coffers alike whatever they think they can get away with. And given their grandiose sense of self, they’re inclined to believe they can get away with most anything. Sad to say, in today’s world of capitalistic politics their judgment isn’t that skewed. Which is to say they’re much more often right than wrong.”

But, there is more to read and absorb there, hope it’s worth your time.

I want to finish this post noting the sheer hypocrisy and self serving agenda that Bandy X Lee is illustrating in her quest to be the leader for taking down Trump.  I apologize rather halfheartedly in my earlier comment here about her, but really, she is being a bitch with her faux claims she has no political agenda.  Sorry, loser colleague at Yale, but if she couldn’t see the antisocial shit in Obama and Hillary Clinton sooner, there is the real injustice to the people.  But, deeds speak louder than words, and for this unethical and immoral psychiatrist to have the unmitigated gall to speak to Congressmen/women as a representative of psychiatry needs to be dealt with, real fucking quick!

But, the APA has the same agenda as Lee, so I hope they all go down in flames for taking such a dumbass role in trying to screw up politics even more!  Another shining moment of history repeating itself, and I’ll bet some of the assholes at the APA were around when they lynched Goldwater, yep, some of these fuckers just can’t die fast enough!  Yeah, rude and crude, but, frame it respectfully?!  Hell NO!!!

Lesson I learned in trying to thwart Narcissists and Antisocials, you best be ready to be hurt in some fashion, because one cannot enter than arena and try to be the mensch or respectful person when one is to be challenging someone of such Personality Disordered magnitude, who has no interest or ability to figure out where is a balance to minimize damage.

Trump is not primarily going to screw up America, nope, he will drag as many equally dysfunctional idiots and losers who want to jump into that ring and start flailing around, with one eye looking for any cameras to get into that spotlight.  It takes a village to raise and serve the idiots!

To bring it back to psychiatry in general, that is why so much of this “treatment resistant” bullshit is just ruining peoples’ lives, and not just the patients.  One cannot medicate personality disordered issues that are a primary drive to the dysfunction bringing these people into treatment.  And I will go to my grave knowing that medication makes Personality Disordered people worse.

So to conclude from my humble yet outraged opinion, don’t buy this asshole Wolff’s book.  Just watch the news every couple of days or so, find a site that has a nice mix of reflections, mine are http://www.townhall.com and http://www.dailywire.com .  I think Guy Benson and Ben Shapiro, respectively the head editors of these sites, really have a reliable read on this shit show, especially Shapiro.  Just remember the adage about what to expect if one gets into a knife fight.  You’re gonna get cut!

Again, 2016 was about lesser of evils.  I can’t for the life of me imagine what this country would be like with Shrillary running the country.  Oh yeah, I have the image that captures it nicely, regular readers will know it:

Meanwhile, this pathological weather here on the East Coast, wow, 3 damn degrees this morning outside Baltimore.  Hell has frozen over, folks!!!

Image result for image of snow on palm trees from Grayson storm

That is South Carolina folks, and not just a dusting…

And we’ve only just finished one week of 2018, how wonderful…