So, I took my first round trip by plane this past weekend and back yesterday, to points South for anyone interested in some specifics, and now I know why I like to travel about every 7-10 years as best to avoid!

How do regular travelers who can’t fly first class do it!?  While my trips down and back weren’t the worst experiences I have heard in my readings and conversations in the past 16 years since 9/11/2001, it wasn’t fun either.

Just one thing:  when is it “right” or “appropriate” for other travelers to say something to a parent who’s kid is literally screaming like a damn banshee for more than 5 minutes as the plane is taking off?

Me, I said out loud “reminds me of the scene in Airplane when they line up to deal  with the hysterical passenger, slapping, punching, and others in line with weapons”.

Yeah, I was joking, but, where the hell were the stewardesses in this fiasco?!  Oh yeah, my bad, flight attendants.  Or, remove the “l” in the first word of that title?…

Maybe these folks on the plane should wear black and white stripped outfits…

I love that scene!  Anyway, hope your travels are uneventful!

Back to the usual posts this weekend!