are we as humans really the best species on this planet?  I don’t ask that facetiously, or sarcastically, but honestly.  I think we are inherently flawed, because we pursue pleasure and instant gratification so instinctively, I think we have come full circle in the evolution of the brain and just returned to reptilian levels, just more efficiently.

Certainly those who aspire and achieve levels of leadership in whatever culture develops us, it inherently is tarnished and ruined once power and control is found.

Think about it for a moment.  Those who had come to a point of honest and respectful moments of greatness, be it  MLK, Ghandi, Lincoln, Moses, Christ, (and others including women I can’t list for the sake of time and space) people who spoke plainly yet forcefully for what were appropriate and righteous needs and goals, where did they wind up.  Martyrs yes, but dead way before they should have died.

Healthy leadership is always scorned and terminated prematurely, almost always with extreme prejudice.  Hate and evil equally craves control and worship, but, always at a cost.  What is that mantra, better to be served than to serve?…

These people in D.C., they are lost, again irregardless of party affiliation.  As best said by Carlin over 20 years ago, the shit they shuffle, it always winds up at the same endpoint, garbage in and garbage out, what is best for the few and well positioned.  The people who such impaired cretins claim to represent, nah, these cruel leaders only resent the public at the end of the day.

As I wrote in an earlier post a few weeks ago, inevitably we have to thank a very flawed person that is Donald Trump for bringing out the worst in what has hidden in the shadows of the halls of leadership.  Maybe he won because the subconscious wish to expose the frauds and villains could only be attained by having a fraud and villain who had no overt political capital to lose be in the position Trump is in now?

Oh, the irony is rich, and so figurative and literal in this sentence alone!!!

Why am I writing this here and now?  Because the corruption currently at hand mostly by the Democrats is revealing how consumed they are to restore their positions of power.  One looks at their faces, their mannerisms, their choice of words, it all shows what is the antisocial mostly, some more narcissistic as a prime agenda, but in the end, plain characterological dysfunction.  If people can’t see it, well, I don’t know how to teach it beyond being steadfast in being attentive to the deeds, ignore the words at the end of the day.

Even if the truth prevails, and people are punished if at not least shamed into submission, it will only be a brief respite.  The Republicans will fill in the gaps left by the briefly departed Democrat scum and villainy.  And the average citizen will not only support it, but forget what they were outraged about weeks to months earlier.

Humans, as well said in the movie “Contact”, are capable of such beautiful dreams, and yet equally of such terrible nightmares.  Evolved to do what with this planet?

Screw it up.  Waste opportunities.  Limited vision.

To anyone who has the potential to be a next Lincoln, King, even a Jesus, just watch your back while you face the people.

There will always be a bastard with a proverbial knife behind you…

Image result for image of person about to be stabbed in back

reread this prior post from almost 5 years ago and wonder, was I really off the mark in this observation?  We will be feeling his impact for years to come…