Probably the briefest post I will write in the more than 5 years writing here, after last night’s State of the Union speech by Donald Trump, and the response by the Democrat Party both during and after shows to me, at least, how profoundly antisocial they are as a pervasive group.

But, as the title of this post asks, what is worse, the leaders of this political group, or, the near 1/3 , if not more, of the voting electorate who belong to this party affiliation?   These many tens of millions of allegedly legitimate voters, who at least allegedly not only embrace the horrid narratives the Democrats spew endlessly, but, perhaps spur it on by creating some sense of fear in these politicians to not toe the line of maintaining their hideous ideology of dependency, devaluation of American foundations, and blatant anti-white racism if not even moreso anti-American bigotry?

Not every one who is a Democrat is an antisocial cretin, I acknowledge that freely, but, sorry, I don’t excuse nor apologize for ignorance, cluelessness, or lack of interest to be educated as part of this political party.

But, the point of this post is simple:  we have millions of people who live in this country who’s hate for Trump, for Republicans, for Conservatives, and for anyone else who does not completely genuflect to Left, Progressive, Liberal, Democrat narratives/ ideologies/ agendas, this hate is so pervasive and consuming, well, I find it completely antisocial in form.  Good luck tolerating and interacting with these people, because, after last night, violence is not a possibility, but just a question of when and where next.

Twice now an avowed Bernie Sanders supporter either has tried to kill Republicans per the shootings last summer, or per this link today advocates for their deaths in social media?  Not coincidence to me…

Tell me I am wrong in this pronouncement of pending violence against non-Democrats,  but, also why.  This memo to be released by Friday, preemptive “WOW”!