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As I have noted in prior columns, this relentless attack on gender is just another effort of the characterological to erode the foundations of society, sorry, it is that simple to me at the end of the day.  And not for the few who have real struggles to sexual identity, there are those who fit the definition of gender disorder.

No, it is the extremist who grabs the headlines and remains the primary spokes-person for this charade of anyone, not genuine gender disordered people, who wakes up one day and even remotely wonders if he/she is really a she/he has not just the right, but society’s obligation to do whatever this individual’s cause-du-jour wants at the moment.

This is the textbook garbage of the characterological.  I don’t care who or what I offend here with this post.  Once again the needs of the few shit on the needs of the many, and the hostility and pervasive taunts of these slime who think they can intimidate and control are relentless.

And that is the operative word here with this agitators, relentless!  Wonder what political slants and agendas most of these losers have, think Democrat and Progressive, Hmm???

From the above link”

“That’s exactly right. There is a huge difference between people who struggle with their gender identity and people who are LGBT activists. Most people who suffer from gender dysphoria are not activists, and many of them reject the activists’ claims. Many of them may be regarded as victims of the activists, as Idocument in the book. Many of those who feel distress over their bodily sex know that they aren’t really the opposite sex, and do not wish to “transition.” They wish to receive help in coming to identify with and accept their bodily self. They don’t think their feelings of gender dysphoria define reality.

But trans activists do. And they tolerate no dissent. They’ve gone after “trans-friendly” doctors—who regularly support transition therapies for adults—for not being trans-friendly enough in encouraging children to transition. I tell the story of one clinic in Canada in particular where this took place. They are suing Catholic hospitals for declining to perform sex-reassignment surgeries. They go after anyone who expresses any reservation at social transition for 5-year-olds, and puberty blockers for 9-year-olds. They accuse feminists—even lesbians!—of being “transphobic” for not wanting people with penises in their locker rooms. And the activists are entirely out of step with ordinary people, including ordinary people with gender dysphoria and who identify as trans. I’ve met with people who identify as trans who hate the professional activists, who say that they don’t speak for them.”

Again, we are now shoulder deep in the Personality Disordered Society, and that Shit Show in D.C., exactly what one watching from afar would expect of this society as of 2018.  Polarized extremist rhetoric, narrative, and agenda that is relentless in their quest for domination.  Hey America, you agreed that 2016 was about the lesser of evils, and you think 2018 elections will be a bit more tame?

Oh, let’s finish with another column from the same site, :

Once the extremist gets some satisfaction in their zest for harassment and disruptions, he/she can’t even see who could have been a possible ally:

“At an event where McGowan was promoting her memoir Brave, trans protester Andi Dier tore into her perceived failure to support the transgender subset of modern feminism. McGowan walked back a controversial comment she’d made onRuPaul’s podcast last year: “They assume because they felt like a woman on the inside. That’s not developing as a woman. That’s not growing as a woman, that’s not living in this world as a woman and a lot of the stuff I hear trans complaining about, yeah, ‘Welcome to the world.’”

“My point was,” she tried to clarify, “we are the same.” But the activist, unsatisfied, broadly criticized the heteronormative tilt of her “cisgendered, white feminism.” So, McGowan shot back, “Don’t label me, sister,” as bookstore security carted off the protester. “I don’t come from your planet. Leave me alone. I do not subscribe to your rules. I do not subscribe to your language,” she went on, in a mounting rageyou can watch for yourself. “What have you done? I know what I’ve done, God dammit.”

Wow, those movie lines that are iconic, ironic, and histrionic, we’ll finish with the one most mental health care providers regret was uttered:

No, the characterological will never be ignored.  Not as long as there are enough to be harassed and manipulated to continue the relentless agenda:

disrupt and diminish healthy foundations and boundaries.

Forget normal, even before these cretins showed up.  NO, it has always been for me about what is healthy and functional.  Show me an entrenched Axis 2 characterologically impaired person who is even remotely healthy and functional.

In 2018 terms, bipolars and PTSDs…  Don’t get paid to treat Axis 2, eh???