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When you watch his political rant at the end of his 1996 show “Back in Town”, his main point that the politicians don’t suck, but the public does, is outwardly a sarcastic joke, but, is it?

I have come to realize that the public does not only suck, but is complicit beyond any hope, as Carlin also says there, well, F— hope.  Because maybe he realized how pathetic and pathological the Clintons were at that time of his show?

The Democrats hitched their crap show to these antisocial cretins, who it is fairly obvious what is being released in the memos and other revelations these past few weeks, these two are in deep, beyond their hairlines in corruption, greed, and I think outright murder.  Then the Democrats extended the lifeline to the equally antisocial cretin Barack Obama.  Boy, talk about going from hating Republicans to rallying around a man who hates, well, Americans by in large!

Hey, just my opinion, but, when truth is finally front and center, and we have come to realize that the media is equally complicit and corrupt, who the hell can we turn to?

The selfish and clueless Repugnocants?  Good luck with that!

I would end with echoing Carlin’s last point in the rant, he doesn’t vote because it is meaningless and it gives him the right to complain.  But, if you don’t vote, and allow these incompetent incumbents from both sides of the polluted aisle of Republocrats to stay in power and disruption, then not only are these voters part of the problem, but, maybe it is time to ask out loud, “why do we live among eternal losers who suck?!”

There is about a little less than 10 months to think about it, I doubt the primaries will make much difference, but, you can’t vote out Trump, and he isn’t the main problem anyway.  NO, we have to deal with Demon-craps and Repugnocants.

Hey, don’t believe me, as Carlin says, you’re gonna have another wonderful election and things will improve immediately.  Really?

Where is the joke in that?!?!