One of my listing of allies as proof the Left/Progressives/Liberals/ and Democrats are an antisocial bunch is the fact they enthusiastically embrace the abortion lobby.

Well, what does this link say about them?

“Millionaire abortionist Merle Hoffman, president and CEO of Choices Women’s Medical Clinic (Choices) in Jamaica, New York, admitted during a court hearing that she has collaborated with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in a federal lawsuit against 13 Christian pro-life sidewalk counselors.

The frivolous lawsuit alleges that sidewalk counselors engage in illegal activity by attempting to guilt women out of their “constitutional right” to kill unborn children.

The non-profit litigation firm Liberty Counsel, which has represented the 13 defendants, had the opportunity to question Merle Hoffman under oath, where she castigated pro-lifers as the “American Taliban” whose “mere existence is a crime against women.”

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, referred to Hoffman’s statements as “shocking.”

“Merle Hoffman has acknowledged the obvious — that abortion is the taking of human life,” said Staver. “What is shocking is that she believes killing a helpless child empowers women by enabling them to achieve their selfish goals.”

Perspective is half the battle, but, intent is probably more than the other half?!

How often has a murderer of adults uttered this defense, “enabling them to achieve their selfish goals”?  Those folks go to prison.  People who abort children REPETITIVELY, they are glorified by the Left and their ilk.  Hmm, antisocial in intent…?

Think about it!