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Wow, how desperate is the Left and their anti-gun ilk today?  Promoting teenagers to set policy?  How pathetic is this act?!  Sorry, I fully get the pain and anguish high school students feel who are appropriate and responsible in becoming targets by lost, angry, and often outright antisocial in training peers, but, these protests and demands to be heard by adults?

And it is nothing less than disingenuous and disreputable how low the Louts/ Regressives/ Libelous will stoop to try to manipulate the public.  Oh, and the sheer hypocrisy they chant should the enemy try to even consider equivalent tactics.

Here’s an analogy:  let’s have rape victims demand to descend on state legislative halls during session to rewrite rape laws.  I’m sure the logic and appropriateness in how perpetrators will be handled meets society standards for realistic and responsible punishment.  Just how does the courts handle all those severed genitals, call in a mohel, the person who does circumcisions, to bundle them all and make luggage?

Actually, we already see how the loudest zealots of the #Metoo movement think that there are no innocents in the process of allegations of sexual misconduct.  Yeah, we are going to see how their act plays out in coming months with work environments.

Again, I am sorry to write this post, but, I am not going to sit around and listen to this non stop partisan agenda to weaken America further that is the Left/Democrat narrative.  And wait for it, when these teens who think they are bigger than life now come to realize the real adults in the room will be continuously saying “we hear you, but we do not have to acquiesce to you”, just remember why personality disorders do not include people under 18 years old.

Because the adults who are characterologically disordered are stuck in teen constructs and defenses.  Cue Glenn Close once again, but not mainly by these teens running around political halls today, no, by their puppet masters behind them doing all this manipulating.  The left are relentless in telling us they will not be ignored.

My advice, for what it is worth, to these teens being triggered to act like spokespersons, wait until the Left is done with you.  I don’t want to be around these folks WHEN that happens, because two immature groups dissing each other is not pretty…

Image result for image of teenagers being disruptive in class

Maybe they could constructively aid the adults in how to better the school environment, like ending tolerance of bullying, dropping the endless video game worship, and not relying on phones as the only social mode of communication?

Yeah, that’s gonna happen…

Oh, and who the hell is allowing these students to skip school under this pretense to think that hundreds of them are going to demand audience with legislators.  Only in Montgomery County here in Maryland would one see this shit excuse!

Cue Lord of the Flies in real life…


Addendum Thursday 230PM:  and like magic, CNN shows attentive and invested viewers what a complete load of crap thinking teenagers have something of sustained and appropriate substance to bring to the table of gun control debate.

It is sad to write this, but it would have been perfect if someone fired a gun to end the event.  Teenagers and the Left, just wait long enough and it will erode into a riot if no responsible adults are monitoring the situation.  Frankly, I hope CNN continues to put TV monitors in these kids’ faces and let the instinctive immaturity and irresponsibility play out.  It will, and if I am wrong, please tell me what people are putting in these kids’ drinks, PLEASE!

I pine for the day CNN ratings are so low, they have to cut back to basic operations and even go off the air for a few hours a day!  Remember the static screen and monotone sound when regular stations went off the air up to the early 1970s?

cut to the last 20 seconds, then picture it on the CNN channel after 1AM…

we can dream, it may be all we have as of today…