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Read this post this morning, and found it disgusting for what the antisocials in positions of power and influence continue to peddle:


“As the Canadian health official demonstrates, there is no limit to the lunacy of the harm reduction movement.  Encompassing needle exchange programs, which began in the 1980s, and fueled by the opioid epidemic today, harm reduction measures include various drug therapies and safe injection sites.  While Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle are not yet proposing vending machines, they nevertheless hold up Vancouver as a case study in how to treat opioid addicts.

Official reports from all three cities essentially credit safe injection sites with saving lives because someone overdoses and keels over, and a nurse is on hand to intervene.  A report for Philadelphia cites the Vancouver facility, known as “Insite,” where it is said the mortality rate is lower within 500 meters of the building.  One could make the same case for an emergency room or an ordinary drug rehabilitation center.  San Francisco’s public health department credits Insite with adding over 1,000 “life years” to addicts, whatever that means.  Local officials in the Seattle area credit Vancouver with increasing awareness of the opioid epidemic because of its embrace of safe spaces.  

In Baltimore, the Johns Hopkins school of public health publishes “Harm Reduction Journal” to help professors keep up with the latest trends in excusing addiction.  The report also cites Vancouver, and its author asserts that “safe spaces help increase the touch point” with addicts, as if someone were caring for an infant.  A Maryland legislator who proposed a site in Baltimore, inspired by Hopkins’s research, received a succinct rebuke from Gov. Larry Hogan, who correctly called the concept “insane.”  Finally, here’s a rare voice of reason, coming from someone who campaigned on the opioid epidemic in 2014, before it was in the headlines.”

Yeah, even here in Merry-land, the Democrat cruel, er, rule is out to screw the electorate, as these leaders only reinforce antisocial agendas, and yes, substance abuse is an antisocial agenda per the way addicts conduct themselves.

Whatever happened to honest, genuine natural selection process, addicts who are reckless and disruptive to themselves or others should be weeded out at the end of the day?  Saving people who have no interest saving themselves is a waste of time, energy, and money.

Don’t care who says this is cruel, insensitive, or dismissive, it is what it is.

People who abuse drugs to a point they could die need the wake up call NOW.  And that call has been made per the press:  people are f—–g dying from opiate abuse, and providing Narcan, immediate resuscitative access, and now just giving these cretins drugs if not free at discount cost, well, WTF is going on!?!?

Listen to the clueless advocates, and then wonder, who are these advocates who want opiate addicts to continue using without consequences?

Good luck listening to them, enabling and codependency are empty words…


addendum 7PM Sunday night:

yeah, the press is making the issue front and center:

The Opioid Diaries Time Magazine Cover

How much more graphic does one have to get?!

And people want to basically give these dangers to society MORE drugs?…