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It’s been two years since I wrote my series about Personality Disordered Society, ironic I wrote it before the election, even before the two losers were nominated to represent their political partisans, er, parties, which is the real joke here.  Really, what is the difference between Republicans and Democrats at the end of the day?  The former mainly composed of arrogant and clueless Narcissists, and the latter composed of insensitive and thuggish Antisocials, who on cue asked for the same in their leadershit.

Oh, the series’ posts?  They were done in March to April 2016, I’ll link the first 2 and readers can go to the month’s archives to read the rest, 5 more total beyond what I will note here now:


and then part 2:


I would advise readers to read other posts there during that 6 week or so period, as I relate to the role of Personality Disorder to other posts that seem to echo what was, and still is, going on that is driven by Personality Disordered mayhem.

The point to today’s post is based on 2 columns read at http://www.townhall.com.  The first well said by Kurt Schlicter, as will be duplicated below:


He ends with this, that I feel echoes my point we are in times that the only rebuttal to the antisocial shit by the Left/Progressives/Liberals/Democrats is simply “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”,  that is a legitimate, deserving response to their shit bag assembly of relentless attacks on honest, appropriate, concerned Americans:

“Civility is not a sign of weakness when a system of reasoned debate is in effect. But it is a sign of weakness, and will be taken as such by our enemies, when we cling to civility because we are too weak and afraid to admit the awful truth, that we are no longer a society ruled by reason but by power.

You want a civil society again? Good – so do I. But the way to get it is not to surrender. It is to defeat those who want to crush you with lawless rulings by leftist judges, with economic warfare launched by woke corporations, and by the steady erosion of the rights your Creator granted you.

If civility means submission, the hell with it. “

and the other column, same source:


The point to this post is more driven by the relentless Dishonest, Disingenuous, and Disdainful efforts by the Main Scream Media driving the lies and distortions the Louts, Regressives, and Libelous want accepted per their agenda of “hear the lies enough and they become truths”.   People, unfortunately, need to be frightened by the extent and frequency of what the “media” is doing of late.  Because those who should make a difference for the better, but instead being indifferent, uninvested, and unconcerned, or by some close to me, overwhelmed and afraid to absorb the conflict, well, we all know what happens when good men and women lie silent while evil tries to endure…

Understand what are the mechanics to Personality Disorder as a general premise, forget specific types.  That is somewhat noted in example in this third part I will include here, but note how this plays out in your day to day interactions, not in the office:


Sorry to echo myself but it need reiterated, from the first column of the 2 sections to Part 3 I wrote:

“It goes back to what I said at an earlier post a week or so ago, we really will see an appreciable rise in depression and anxiety across the country as these two people running for President get the nomination by end of summer.  I really had no awareness of the Democrat convention in 1968 since I was so young, but, I sense I will see a fairly equivalent repeat in Cleveland for the Republican one in July.  And it will be ugly, because it may actually mirror my occasional request to see the equally hideous ends of the pathologically impaired losers trying to force a leader with no real skills to lead the country fight each other to the death.   And those two groups being the elites who just want to rule, rule, rule, versus the angry mob that claims to represent the will of the people, but, the people are not as a majority this polarized, inflexible, and zealot focused folk who want blood.”

Sorry, people might be annoyed or outraged I present this as having fear, but, read Schilicter’s column in full from above at Townhall, He writes it perfectly for me.

burn out redefined

I love this picture, the cover to a Pink Floyd album, “Wish You Were Here”, ironic I really don’t want to wish to be here now…