As usual, first the link:

Then key comment from it:

“Of course, Clinton lost the 2016 election because she is a corrupt and unaccomplished fraud. But this is already well known by most people not named Hillary Clinton. What’s far more disturbing is that a great number of her fellow Democrats—perhaps a majority—will find nothing to disagree with in her latest remarks. In their minds, she spoke the simple truth.”

Again, how any alleged respectable, caring, attentive person who identifies with the Democrat Party, well, as a psychiatrist, I sense dissociation at a profound level.

Frankly, I refuse to talk politics anywhere I go anymore, because the few times I hear a Democrat loyalist open their trap, I honestly would love to projectile vomit on him/her!

It’s a shame it is harder to go to the beach in these Democrat enclaves by the coast.  Thank god I don’t go out West for anything.

Oh, and it is equally a shame this witch can’t fall and sustain a head injury that would end her travels among the human race.  Yeah, terrible to write, but, terrible to endure her bullshit further.  Really, how can anyone with an ability to problem solve responsibly say anything positive about her and her narratives?…

Image result for image of Hillary Clinton falling on stairs in India

Wow, just wow is all I can utter from this shot!