Wow, the last few weeks have been quite the Axis 2 shit show, eh?  And it isn’t just politics, but what we see, read, and hear across the country locally and in fairly much all the states.  I’m not going to even try to spend time with examples, but, I just want to remind any and all readers, much of what is going on that is just outrageous, ridiculous, inferior, and plain disgusting, is driven by personality disordered losers.

These losers are people who can’t effectively problem solve, who can’t negotiate, who think their way is the only way, who have such a profoundly consumed hate for their enemies and dissenters, and genuinely think the people not only around them, but anyone who even remotely learns of these losers’ alleged plights and problems will be forever supportive and invested.

God, I see these people every day at the clinics I work at, and it is simply astonishing how these people completely live a narrative and agenda to do what they want and seek, irregardless of how it impacts on their immediate family, neighbors, and fellow citizens.

I wish it was just addicts, but, aren’t addicts at least personality disordered impaired because of their entrenched dependency?

We are beyond doomed, folks, we are f—-d beyond hope.  The logarithmic growth of this self centered and rigid, inflexible patterns of thinking and problem solving will destroy this country, if not instead pervasively, extensively, and consistently repelled as it comes along.

Hey, don’t believe me, just listen to the people of power and influence.   NOT!!!…

America burns

How do healthy people watch the news these days?  I don’t…