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This is one of those posts that will be a work in progress the next few days, as I just got home for the week, yep, on Wednesday as I will not burn out further by working 4 or 5 days and just write endless scripts for drugs and listen to repetitive Axis 2 crap to why patients should be given whatever they want.  Frankly, I don’t know how caring and committed psychiatrists who provide community mental health care can go to work and not risk spontaneous combustion.

Anyway, the thrust of this post is about Alfie Evans from Liverpool, England.  For anyone who has no clue who this 2 year old is, I hope this link gives a decent synopsis up to today, April 25 2018:


I wrote about a similar case last year, here are my two main posts about Charlie Bard and how the English shit holes of socialized medicine killed this child:




Hope readers will take the time to read, and then compare to what is being done to this recent child.  Socialized medicine is not about providing equal and just care to everyone in society.  Nope, it is about limiting care, using it to be controlling and punitive, and to basically decide who lives, who dies, and how the shit heads who run it would never have to answer to such limits and boundaries they set for the public.

Hence, the set up for the antisocial to thrive…

Leave with this:  the hospital and court is not only telling the parents they can’t have their child, they actually have police at the hospital to arrest them or anyone else who would dare to try to help this child have a chance at life.

If that isn’t f—–g murder, then you define it!

More to come by Friday…


Addendum April 26 12N:  Few links that should be of interest:


“Who do you think loves that baby the most?” Levin continued. “Who do you think wants to care for that baby the most? Judges? The doctors? No, the parents.”

Levin concluded that this is exactly the kind of thing that happens when people give the government control over their health care, and by extension, their liberty and their lives: “In the end, it’s a disaster.”

then from Townhall chief editor Guy Benson:


I’m not even sure that’s much of an exaggeration.  Throughout this ordeal, I’ve struggled to grasp why a government would be so hard-hearted and so hostile to the wishes of a despairing family.  Allahpundit offers a chilling theory that I fear is more or less correct: “The only conceivable reason the UK would refuse to let him go is because they’re terrified that he really might be successfully treated. If they’re wrong on a question of life and death that’s now being scrutinized internationally, no one would ever trust an NHS end-of-life assessment again. Letting him go would require the British health-care and judicial systems to do the one thing bureaucracies bristle at doing, knowing how it undermines their institutional authority: They’d have to admit they were wrong. They can’t do it.”  Sickening.  Incidentally, if this were a government minister’s child, or one of the celebrated Royal Babies, does a single person alive doubt that every single effort would be exhausted on behalf of those families?  Oh well.  Sorry, ordinary people, the government controls how and where your child must die.  You have no say in the matter, and you must comply.

Sums it up perfectly for me, why socialism and these faux efforts to give the illusion that everyone is equal is such complete and utter bullshit.

More to come, but, first nice day this week in Maryland, so outdoors I go…


Addendum April 27 7AM:

Two more links, the first with this:


“Why the reversal? The key is his announcement that he wouldn’t make additional public statements or give further interviews. Someone in that meeting allowed Tom Evans to glimpse the true power of the state, explained how he was causing it inconvenience, and made him understand that it would crush him if he didn’t relent. This is perfectly consistent with everything the NHS has done since the beginning of this tragic, yet instructive tale. From the moment the apparatchiks at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital advised him that it was no longer in “Alfie’s interests” to keep him alive, Evans’ ability to affect that decision was illusory.”

There is much more in there, read it.  Then from my favorite of late, Mr French:


He hits it out of the park with this:

“If you don’t want America to become Britain — if you don’t want to wake up one morning to find the American state defying loving and prudent parents to declare that death is in a child’s “best interests” — I would suggest that you not wait until America is secularized, centralized, and authoritarian. I’d suggest that you not wait until the moment when the state has seized the power to act like Britain, and you’re reduced to arguing, “I know the government can do this, but it shouldn’t.”

How stunningly insincere and downright disingenuous of the ruling class, and their ignorant classless peons of subjects, that they all worry about what will be the name of the latest brat to be Prince just born, yet don’t seem to care about a child who will be dumped in the trash heap of yet more subjects seen as dispensable.

Oh why can’t we see a “John Q” moment across the polluted pond…

oh, and add this read too just 5 min later:


“Alder Hey’s physicians have been unrelenting in their abandonment of this child, having decided more than a year ago, in February of 2017, that Alfie should quit embarrassing them by surviving in spite of receiving no treatment and get on with the business of the afterlife.

Since making that decision, the hospital has refused to perform even the most common of procedures for a patient with Alfie’s needs, such as a tracheostomy to facilitate easier breathing or a gastrostomy feeding tube for nutrition and medication.

For all this time, Alfie has been fed through a nasal tube, never intended as a permanent solution, but rather as a stopgap (weeks, not months) designed to be used until a g-tube can be placed.

The medical treatment Alfie has received is abominable, as a direct result of the hospital’s decision, and subsequent criminal obstinacy toward anyone suggesting that their prognosis might be in error.”

And this from a writer who claims having a grandson who would have had the same fate if he was living in England.  Thank God NOT!…


Last addendum here, hopefully, for this post, April 29 10AM:

Two more links, one from a writer I enjoy, that being Derek Hunter, shame he was forced off the radio here in Maryland:


“If Alfie were to have lived it would’ve not only expose the “experts” as being wrong, it would caused people to question the wisdom and compassion of a system they’ve been conditioned to believe is the best the world has to offer. It would’ve lead to questions, like why their government was willing to kill this baby rather than let his parents try anything possible to save him.

Then those questions about Alfie might’ve be asked about other people’s loved ones. Expectations could rise, and who knows where that could lead?”

then the second from a couple of days ago:


Mr Wheatley ends with this:  “What, then, is the difference between little Alfie’s case and the case of the poor American who cannot afford the health care he needs? Simple: The American’s life was lost. Alfie’s life was stolen.”

Again, readers, when people think the system is going to be fair and consistent with all, that is the big red flag that not only will it not, but, it will go out of its way to punish and control.  Humans have not developed into a species that works as a team, but, has devolved into allowing this alleged alpha to be just the ultimate predator, with no concern how the behaviors and outcomes will play out.

What is that line from “John Wick 2”, by the manager of the Hotel says to Wick when Wick does not honor the blood code:  “Rules, we have to live by the rules, or just live with the animals.”  Ironic the animals define us…

A Tale of Two Babies

Good luck folks, the Democrats who are the animals, are setting the rules, and their rules really aren’t much better than the codes of the wild, eh?!

Add on at 3PM:  per this link


“For five days, 23-month-old Alfie Evans clung to life at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

When Alfie’s doctors gave up on him, his parents wanted to take the boy to Italy to treat his degenerative neurological condition. Barring that, they want to take him home to die.

The hospital refused, and in Great Britain, Big Brother knows what’s best for every patient. The hospital took Alfie off life support last Monday. He died early Saturday morning.

When we put the state in charge of the medical care we receive, we cede control over our own lives. Even well-meaning bureaucrats can’t place the same value on a young boy’s life as his parents. Yet they are trusted to determine that child’s best interests. We become not citizens, but subjects.

This is inevitable, once we surrender responsibility. Socializing our health care would inevitably lead to state officials rationing care. It would be irresponsible of them not to use their best judgment on how to allocate scarce public resources.

America’s Founders rebelled from Great Britain so that Americans could control their own destiny. We can think of fewer liberties more essential than the ability to care for a sick child.

Perhaps Alfie Evans’ parents wanted to make the wrong decision, clinging to false hope for a child beyond the reach of modern medicine. But it is their decision to make, not a doctor’s, or a hospital’s, or a national health service’s.

In Great Britain, the state routinely decides which innocent lives have value.

May the United States never reach that point.”

Couldn’t have said it better…

May 2 2018:  have to add this last link:


“This is, quite simply, tyrannical. It is one thing for a judge to decide that British taxpayers should not have to bear the cost of what doctors in its national health service have concluded is futile treatment. Under a single-payer system, resources are limited and care is rationed (which is why we don’t want socialized medicine here in America). But where does a British court get the right to deny the child life-extending treatment abroad when someone else is willing to pay for it? Who gave the British state the right to determine what kind of life is worth living and for how long?

Diabolically, High Court Justice Anthony Hayden actually cited the pope in justifying his decision to end Alfie’s life, quoting out-of-context a speech Francis gave in which he warned against “the temptation to insist on treatments that have powerful effects on the body, yet at times do not serve the integral good of the person.” But Francis also declared in that speech that decisions about whether to continue treatment “should be made by the patient.” Nowhere did he say such decisions should be made by the state. And indeed, the pontiff made clear he stood with Alfie’s parents, tweeting, “I renew my appeal that the suffering of his parents may be heard and that their desire to seek new forms of treatment may be granted.” For the British High Court to twist the pope’s words to justify killing a little boy is monstrous.”

This is how evil proliferates, how it denies, deflects, projects, and pathologically rationalizes that their narratives trump anyone else.  F—–g sick!

And there will be another incident coming within the next 9 mos or so!