How can any healthy, responsible person watch this shit show of American politics much longer?  The narcissism, the antisocial charades, the absolute histrionics of the Left, and the sheer near schizoid reactivity of the Right, wow, this is beyond a documentary for the public to watch daily, eh?

But, we have the avoidance and dependence of the average citizen to add to the pathos, and, god knows I see this daily in my outpatient pursuits.  I find it nothing less than amazing how many colleagues just give rote diagnoses for behaviors that at least are equally based on Axis 2 crap, and yet, can’t justify any meds for that diagnostic criteria, so, anchors away for Mood, ADD, and PTSD diagnoses, eh???

Burn out is a misnomer, I am just waiting for spontaneous combustion.  I’ll leave readers with this wonderful moment yesterday:  my last patient was a 20 some year old male, who was recently hospitalized about 3 months earlier for a psychotic break that was confounded by substance abuse as well as pervasive non compliance with past psych interventions, and I was seeing him for the first time.  He actually came earlier, and I was done earlier as well, so brought him in about 5 minutes before he was to begin.  He had little if anything to say, had no collateral or accompanying staff or other information to review, so, we spoke for about 10 minutes, and then he left.

Ah, but, two different therapists who are involved with his care show up at my door about 5 minutes later asking what is going on with the patient, as someone called earlier in the day to report he was drinking alcohol this past weekend.  OK, so, the contact reporting this allegation was at least a hour or more earlier, I leave my door open when not seeing patients, and do review my emails with some regularity during the day, and nothing about this prior to the patient visit.

So, when I tell the staff I saw the patient and he left, what did one of them do?  Act disgusted and rip up the note in front of me and the secretary who brought them to my door, and then stomped away.  This is the absolute shit garbage I deal with per these “therapists” who really just want people drugged and uneventful for therapy visits.

I’m working three days a week right now, and frankly, more than enough.  The usual assembly line crap at these clinics, see them in 15-20 min slots, write meds like Pez, accept that patients see therapists every 3-6 weeks when in alleged crisis, and then be badgered WHEN the patients are symptomatic because meds don’t treat the life issues.

Cue Frank Barone, where is the god damn meteor to put me out of my misery?

Here are some moments to appreciate the character: