The last 4 days have shown how corrupt, immoral and consumed the Left and their media lackeys are in trying to foster a level of utter disdain and hate for Trump and anyone who dares to support him, even speak remotely positive of him.

First on Monday the disgusting narratives of the alleged murdering of Palestinians by Israelis who were absolutely defending their lives when the Palestinians were rioting and outwardly shrieking the desire to kill Israelis simply because Jerusalem is their rightful capital.  I am not going to waste any more words than this:  if people say they want to kill you and come at you with weapons, then, good luck!  Cue Steven Seagal in “Hard To Kill”:

Yep, love the end!

And then today, how yet again all the Maim Scream Media twisted and polluted a legitimate comment of how completely and utterly despicable the MS-13 shitbags are, calling them animals, and the Media claiming he was calling all of illegal immigrants animals.  Sorry folks, it is time to call these scumbags and cretins of the media who are just trying to demean and sullen the President of the United States what they are:  complete and utter fucking scumbags.   Simply because they don’t like him at all, he won’t sell their false message of wanting to ruin America like his antisocial predecessor Barack “I’m Muslim Dammit” Obama did so pervasively, and they can’t accept their equally shitbag antisocial successor Shrillary “Lady McBeth II” Clinton lost the election 18 months ago.

Folks better wise up quickly and accept either the general media in this country is beyond corrupt and immoral, or, love their daily bullshit lies and deceit.  Hey, I’m just one man on a planet of billions, but, I know what I see and hear, and it is beyond disgusting.  The media is evil, and they will succeed if people don’t figure out how to effective marginalize and ostracize their hideousness.

Again, how do people who claim to be responsible, attentive, and concerned for the public welfare belong to the Democrat Party, agree with Left narratives and principles, and support these humans in any form?  Being clueless, naive, or just plain desperate, well, not a defense to me!…

25 seconds in…