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Wow, isn’t it just amazing and marvelous how we are led by such cretins and criminals?

People who read here with any regularity should know I have no respect for either party that cruels, er, rules America, but, come on, what the Democrats seem to have done with flagrant corrupt agendas with the 2016 election and then trying to overrule the election results, wow…

Every day I work, I see more and more Personality Disordered garbage masquerading as alleged Axis 1 Disorders, and yet, let’s have a moment of candor, this isn’t a skewed representation of the population.  NO, we have more and more characterological bullshit roaming around the communities just basically terrorizing those who have some insight and judgment.  And thus why we have the representation we have in political positions…

I have been writing at thread I visit at various sites I frequent, it isn’t we have such pathetic and disgusting people in power and influence, but, we have tens of millions of people who are voters and supporters of this partisan bullshit, both sides of the polluted aisle of Republ-ocrats mind you, who gleefully support this brazen effort to mislead, misrepresent, and just plainly lie to us what is going on.

Frankly, it is so hideous people shoot up schools.  Instead, I really want to read how disgruntled and disgusted citizens show up at State and Federal Capitals and just shoot as many politicians and political hacks at political agencies.  That is a terrible thing to write.  But, when these cretins and scumbags who could be targets see their brethren are at risk to be taken out by the constituents these shitbag rulers are harming daily with their laws and agency actions, well, some in political bureaucracy might want to come forward and be a whistleblower.

Imagine we are witnessing the political corruption of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  By Barack Obama and his hideous lackeys in place for 8 years.  The antisocial shit show this utter bastard Barack Obama has created will truly ruin the country further.  And nothing as of now will happen to him.  At least, not by those who have the power and authority to act against him.

But, I sense someone who has had his/her life ruined by this creep might want to consider taking justice in his/her hands.  Not me.  I have worked in correctional facilities, I have no interest to spend the rest of my life in prison or buried 6 feet under and ruin my family name.  But, I have no problem writing here, if someone kills Barack Obama, I will look up after reading or hearing the story and say in so many words, “one less fucker of absolute antisocial quality to worry about!”

As I see these antisocial cretins more and more in my travels at work, out in the community, and read countless stories on the Net of these pathetic creatures out there preying on honest, responsible, appropriate citizens.

Shame there really isn’t a Thanos type soul out there who could rid the Universe of half the life forms that are possibly ruining the planets.  If only such a power could just take out the real soulless, uncaring, and ruinous slime that are destroying civilizations.

And tomorrow, we get to read and hear of more corrupt and immoral behaviors and actions by people who think their narratives and perspectives trump justice and accountability.  Again, anyone who associates with the Left and Democrat party, you are a sad human being.  Hope there isn’t a Thanos who can read a soul.  We’d lose 60-70 million folks from the Left alone who won’t be missed by me at least.  OH, and probably many millions on the Right who aren’t any better either!

Flame on, Johnny Storm…

zombies at the clinic

American voters…