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Start with this paragraph from a very related article I read 3 days ago:

“Yes, I know that correlation isn’t causation. But I do think it’s worth exploring whether our declining birth rate may be yet another symptom of the despair that grips so many American hearts. When you lose hope, do you want to bring a child into this world? Do you have the energy to care for and sustain a separate human life? I’m not positing sadness as the reason for declining American fertility even in an age of material prosperity. But I think it’s a reason.”

from this link:


I hope people read it.  This there too:

“Our nation faces a mental-health crisis. In many ways, our culture is increasingly marked by depression, anxiety, and despair. The numbers can feel so big, so shocking as to be overwhelming. I’ve written many times about the “deaths of despair” that are actually decreasing life expectancy in the world’s wealthiest and most powerful nation. When more Americans die from drug overdoses each year than fell to enemy fire in the whole Vietnam War, we know we face an extraordinary challenge.”

And yet, I don’t think this is just Axis 1 mood and anxiety disorders, nope.  I think this is indicitive of levels of selfishness, lack of interest to care for others, and frankly, a sign of the level of antisocial discord I know is growing near logarithmically these days.

But, readers will come to their own conclusions.  Good luck with ones that can instill some hope and faith…

Characterological people can’t have kids and be even close to functional.  Sorry, that is said from several viewpoints, not just as a psychiatrist.  Well, I guess the silver lining to this opinion is we will have less genetically born Axis 2 folks to deal with in the coming couple of decades at least???


Happy Memorial Day weekend, if that isn’t a misnomer…