someone writes a column or post, and it just sums up what I have been writing here for the past 2 years at least.  Personality Disorder is running rampant, and those who want to defend it say the most pathetic things to justify the behavior, those who want to ignore it just continue to bitch and moan how things are unfair and outrageous yet hold no one accountability to the causes, and those who are the culprits to the chaos, well, they certainly don’t want those to know what it is at hand.

Take this column from American Thinker today:

I think this sums it up perfectly from the author:

“But at the same time, these church parishioners also possess a social deficit: the inability to understand what other people are thinking and feeling.  These left-wing parishioners have an inability to understand that other people do not think and empathize as they do.  Their failure to understand a basic truth about humanity, that not everyone thinks the same way, that not everyone has the same feeling of respect or community that everyone else does, is also a social deficiency that blinds them to the truth: that they can try to be the very best of friends with the local pimp, the local drug-dealer, the local liquor store-robber, or the local insane person wielding a metal bedpost sharpened into a knife, but their feelings will never, ever be reciprocated.

Perhaps that’s to be expected when parishioners fall so far off the mark that they look for their God in a recycling bin rather than in the Bible.”

Recently someone commented at another post here, basically defending the British decisions to have a child put to death, because the government and their Universal Health Care system can’t handle individuality, much less parental rights.  Please, go the thread of “Who can you trust” and read the commenter’s writings.

It is both sad and disgusting people will support and defend things that are inherently indefensible.  Because either they have been so dumbed down being told lies that have hideously become truths per the incessant shrieking, or, these defenders really don’t regard life and freedom as choices.

Anyway, getting back to the above link, I will say at the risk of being viewed as insensitive and harsh, I hope to read of these churches being preyed on so viciously, that the congregation is basically destroyed, maybe not literally, but their house of worship will become a place of More-shit.

People really think letting antisocials be the directors of policy and principles, well, all I can say is, watch some apocalyptic movies, because that is the real reality we are headed if this lamebrain attitude persists.

God, hate the police, embrace the villains.  Are people really this fucking stupid?!…

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If you don’t recognize it, the defacto court in the movie The Dark Knight Returns, as that is where we are headed…