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(UPDATED JUNE 14 as now completed POST…)

That is a line from the first Batman movie with Liam Neeson who played Ra’s al Ghul, the leader of The League of Shadows, which also shows the blurring of the boundaries of what is intended as good vs evil in the end.

The full quote:  “But a criminal is not complicated. What you really fear is inside yourself. You fear your own power. You fear your anger, the drive to do great or terrible things.”

This is likely another post that will be in progress over the next few days, as I want to make sure I get all the crucial points noted.  What drives me to write this post is simply how horrible and hideous fairly much all in politics, and the media, as well as entertainment, have been fully outed by the Narcissist in the White House.  Amazing how hate and anger can reveal what drives people to believe and act on the foundations of their soul at the end of the day.  Maybe that could be said of me, but, my goal is to educate and empower people to be healthy and functional.

If that means for others to be evil in the end, well, also my equal point, to have choices.  After all, if we are denied reasonable and fair choice, that does not inspire one to be invested and hopeful, eh?

I know I have written this over and over, but, new post, and some readers might be new to this blog, so, read and ponder what defines evil for you, here is my definition:

  • repeated lies, to a point not even knowing what is truth to the liar
  • causing harm and disruption to others, even if not felonious in outward intent
  • Showing no remorse for the consequences of the lies and harm caused
  • and, mocking/disdain for healthy boundaries accepted and practiced by society for generations

I am not interested to debate nuances or specifics, this is what works for me, and it does work, be it in the psychiatry office, out in the community, travels across the county, and what I read and hear in the media sources I hope I can trust overall.

So, what do you see and hear in your travels these days?  It is nothing less than equally hilarious and hideous what people spew about Trump, when so much of it is flagrant projection or deflection from the accuser’s intents at the end of the day.  Trump is a textbook narcissist, but, he is not an antisocial the likes of Hillary or Bill Clinton, or what I have written here about Obama for the last 4 plus years.

Our 2016 Presidential election was about choosing between the lesser of evils, and while I did not vote, because I don’t want evil in any form, I do agree that a narcissist offers a bit less harm and chaos than the antisocial.  Hey, the folks out there who passionately belong to the Democrat or Republican parties, what I see as just the one party of Republocrats, they basically agreed to offer the country Personality Disordered Shit Shows of Cluster B pathology.

So, now what?  The Antisocial Demon-craps regain footing and cause even more mayhem and destruction with their flagrantly evil alliances, or, the Narcissist Repugno-cants continue to do nothing and show no interest in the average American, their motto of “can’t and repugnant” certainly defines them accurately for me?

I’ll finish with a comment said before and again, we have over a hundred million voters who will defend and shriek endlessly their party’s narratives and goals are more important than defending the public.  Partisan platitudes and extremist goals must be maintained and forced on all, independence and autonomy and free choice are not for those who are lusting for power and control.

Think about it, it is not complicated to me…

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addendum from Sunday June 10 11AM:

So, I have been thinking about what is oozing around in American dialogues that is generated from Left leaning disruptive sources and sites, and frankly, much of it is plain bullshit if not plain evil intent.

Oh, and if one thinks I solely hate Democrats, last night I watched the movie “American Made”, and it reminded me of why I have despised the Republicans so much, the way they manipulated Reagan to abuse and disdain the public the way the Democrats do now, so, both parties suck.

Anyway, let’s take a quick gander at the primary allies the Democrats court and abuse, shall we?

  • Illegal Immigrants, and don’t like the term “aliens”, distracts from the point.    These are people who think they can come to another country they do NOT have any legal standing to reside for a duration of time, and then act like the country owes them respect and support.  I’m sorry, that is evil to me, the premise of establishing residency is a lie, they continue to tell lies to be able to stay and take advantage of the country’s infrastructure, then many of these illegal attendees commit crimes that cause harm and disruption, show no remorse, and boy, do they mock the boundaries of our society!  And the prime group the Democrats are wooing, at the frank detriment of honest and genuine American citizens!
  • Next, the extremist Muslim faction.  Yeah, not going to waste time explaining this group’s agenda beyond either you are fully with them, or better off dead.  No difficulty getting the point their intent is evil for anyone who dares to cross them…
  • Antifa is another one who does not need much of an introduction or explanation to what they are about and intending.  Kinda forgot about them as they were out of the media reports, until last week when they surfaced in Portland.  Yep, these are folks who are so outstanding and trustworthy, starting with their full black attire and covering their faces, and then creating the violence, coming with weapons, assaulting the police as much as their original intended targets.  Anyone who would want to write here that Antifa is being misrepresented, don’t waste your time, I will NOT be respectful in a rebuttal.
  • This next one will stir some anger in some folks, but, I have written about the Pro Choice crowd that shrieks any and all abortion is not only fine, but expected by women who deserve the full freedoms God allegedly has intended them.  HAH!  Abortion is not a form of birth control, it is not a choice after the second trimester unless medical complications arise, and certainly not a right that government should control and force on citizens.  Folks really need to listen to the dialogue of the average Pro Choice supporter, forget Planned Parenthood for the moment as their representatives are true shit bags of insensitivity and cruelty.  Pro Choice leaders really say the most stupid, insincere, and outright misrepresentation of any dissenters, and they lie about their agenda.  Frankly, I think the harm and disruption part is easy to document, and wow, the absence of remorse and disdain for anyone who believes in life and accountability, quite a frightening group these days, to me at least.
  • Another group that annoys people I target, but, they deserve it per their rhetoric and attitudes these days, are the LGBTXYZABC… crowd who hate heterosexuals, much of them are zealots who I think redefine Axis 2 character pathology these days.  Sorry to those who think I am over generalizing, but, I have met so many non heterosexual folks in my various travels for the past decades and find that they have issues beyond sexual identity struggles.  I am just going to leave this group with this:  people who think their lifestyle choices trump everyone else’s is as rude and insensitive as it can be, almost as bad as the Muslim extremists, but, Muslims hate non heterosexuals, so , the real disconnect by the Democrats trying to put these two groups in the same tent…
  • Black Li(v)es Matter, wow, do I need to discuss these folks who not only hate everyone else who is NOT black, and they do hate Hispanics and Asians, but, their platform to end having a police force, what other agenda beside the frank criminality most in this group gleefully pursue with a zeal that is beyond frightening.  One word:  Chicago.  Boy, the fact they completely ignore the African American community there while going after isolated incidents of possible real police misconduct elsewhere, well, I hope that group goes the way of the Do Do soon…
  • Finally, for now at least, Hollywood elitists.  While this is a group that has variables that should not label the whole crowd as evil, I think the pervasive silence about Harvey Weinstein was a real defining moment how these people operate, even the ones who are not outwardly evil and indifferent to the public.  It is really a shame there are some actors and comedians I used to enjoy and respect who could now die tomorrow and would not care at all for their loss.  Certainly won’t support their current or future projects, and that includes not going to movies much any more.  I look forward to seeing gate returns of summer movies really plummet the next couple of months.  But, that means a lot of other people need to show their displeasure and lack of support of these faux concerned celebrities by not going to the movies, not watching shows or even networks in general.  We’ll see if that can educate the masses of crap out West…
  • (was going to note my disgust with the Parkland crowd of teenagers, but, they are not an indictment of teens overall, so, just mention it peripherally here to remind readers how Democrats are courting teenagers as spokespersons for the Left cause, you folks decide if it is a concern…)

Seems to fit my narrative at least to what is evil these days, so, comes down to what you folks think from your appraisals and expectations, hmm?

Getting back to the Tom Cruise movie “American Made”, wasn’t bad, and that is from someone who is NOT a Cruise fan since the late 80s flicks.  See it and decide for yourselves it he pulls it off…

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One more addendum in the next few days, probably Wednesday if not later, so hope folks will note at the top of the post when I add on here…


Last addendum, Thursday June 14, 10PM:

One last word on the flagrant criminality of the Left, henceforth the Sinister, as they have no interest nor clue what is best for the American people, just The Sinister Six (yeah, a rip off of a Spiderman concept, but, it fits…).  The prime group the Sinister pine for, illegal immigrants, this really fits the title of this post, the criminal is not complicated, and the blatant expectation that starting a life on a lie, well, pathetic and lame.

All this faux shrieking about the insensitivity of Trump and the Conservatives, Republicans, and then the real shrieking about xenophobia and racism, well, just shut the fuck up you Sinister Shitbags.  Really, encouraging people to come to America without any vetting, without any documentation of what they can bring to the country of value and responsible impact, and then drag children who those coming in the past few years KNOW will be taken from the “parents”, give me a freakin’ break!

Yeah, not complicated, the Sinister and their ilk want any and all that are criminal, immoral, corrupt, and just plain disingenuous to be their allies, their henchmen, their legion.  So, when you read of me referring to the SSS, the Sinister Six Shitbags, it is noting the Illegal Immigrants, the Muslim Extremists, the Black Li(v)es Matter anarchists, the Pro Choice Fetalists, The Anti-Heterosexual LGBTers, Antifa, and The Follywood and Media elitists, remember these folks.

They are the bread and butter of the Sinister Leftists, and they want nothing to do with American principles, American boundaries, American foundations.  They hate those who do not genuflect to the Sinister Causes, which is just one:  Obey the mantras, do not question their failed order, and certainly do not offer any thought of independence and autonomy.

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Have a nice summer???