Some of the garbage I read in psychiatric literature, well, it is not standards of care and accountable principles to the profession, yet, it somehow gets into psychiatric print, and that is frightening.

Where to begin, hmm, it’s Thursday night June 14, and I am a bit tired after just finishing up the last post per an addendum about the failures of justifying illegal immigration, which I feel is a nice transition to this post.  First, this pathetic read in the May 2018 Current Psychiatry mag (which I get in mid June?), a comment about the Goldwater Rule and free speech, by this Dr Sidney Weissman from Northwestern University, in that great town of Shit-cago, er, Chicago, well known for the breeding grounds of that wonderful antisocial former President Obama, and all that Black Lives Matter if killed by white cops but not concerned when murdered by fellow black antisocial cretins.

Sorry, got distracted per the last post content, what this questionable psychiatrist Dr Weissman wrote, well, you read (I hope the link works):

This is the paragraph that just pisses me off to no end:

“The diagnostic criteria for some personality disorders are based only on observed or reported behavior. They do not indicate a need for an interview. The diagnosis of a personality disorder cannot be made solely by interviewing an individual without knowledge of his or her behavior. Interviewing Bernie Madoff would not have revealed his sociopathic behavior.”

Uh, yeah, you can’t pick up on Personality Disordered impairment from just one interview, but, what the hell is this idiot teaching at a residency or medical school?!?!  Partisan shit, my money is all on that!

Responsible and attentive clinicians know this, sir!  We have to meet a patient several times, and need collateral contacts often, and most of all, see the past history of alleged treatment interventions show mass failures WHEN the prior providers either missed or just ignored the Axis 2 factors in the presentation.  DUH!!!

Axis 2 diagnoses are NEVER made responsibly in the first visit.  But, this guy wants to covertly claim calling Trump a personality disorder and a danger to society is not only fair and appropriate, but should shove aside the principles that history showed irresponsible and reckless with what happened to Goldwater.  No, unfortunately we have to once again hear shitbags like this guy and that Yale idiot B.X. Lee continue to shriek like the kid in the field looking for laughs, not wolves!

But, Henry Nasrallah and his Current Psychiatry pawns let this get printed.  Shame on them, but, I sense shame is not a word in their vocabulary.

That said, I will commend Dr Nasrallah a bit with his editorial piece from same issue, his covenant with our patients that lists what principles should guide new colleagues coming out of residency these days.

Read the whole thing, some of it is a bit of his biological preachings, but, “Do not practice naked pharmacology, psychotherapy must always be provided side by side with medications”, and, “never breach boundaries with patients and firmly guide the patient about breaching boundaries with you” are great to read!

There is more, but, I grow tired, have more time to ponder and pontificate, which I do, so, another addendum post to return to if interested, folks.

What picture captures the point of this post thus far?

Image result for image of doctor crying wolf

Should be titled “BANDY WITH (G)LEE WHO CRIED WOLF” with caricatures of various media cretins of CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post and New York Time editors, and the Left cretins of Pelosi, Schumer, Clintons, and Obama standing behind laughing…