This is going to be one of my shortest posts, as I do want to get back to the last one yesterday.  The IOG report about the profound pervasive failures of the FBI say to be one thing:  Obama and his ilk corrupted every federal department of services in the US government, including Justice and the FBI.

And no one, NO ONE, will take a stand and expose this hideous cretin who was our President for 8 years of the incredible shit he pulled off.

And there ain’t no god damn drug that is going to undue this damage to American psyche now realizing we are ruled and disrupted by so many utterly corrupt bastards, anarchy is only a matter of time here.

Personality Disordered society folks, we have the rulers we deserve, we have the electorate we deserve, and we have the citizenry of indifferent, uncaring, and inactive folks who will just dumb it down further.

And I have two kids who will be screwed by this utter disgusting bullshit of American politics.  Only a matter of time for a Waco or Oklahoma City repeat, count on it!

America burns

Happy Father’s Day, yeah, right…