Intend this to be a short post, as really hope this week goes quick per my taking time off after Wednesday to recharge, a little, before ending this assignment at the end of July.

Just to note what happened to Sarah Sanders Friday night at a restaurant in Lexington, VA, and then what Seth Rogen did to Paul Ryans’ sons, not to Paul Ryan specifically, just reinforces to me the Left and Democrats are a Personality Disordered assimilation of true shit bags.  Really, to throw a woman and her family out of a restaurant, which is what this bitch owner did, because Sanders politics annoy the owner, and Seth Rogen to deny having a picture taken with a politician’s children who WERE fans, again because Rogen doesn’t like Republican politics, shows to what depths of shit bag disgust these folks are to the public.

Here are the two stories if somehow you’ve missed it:

My point here, as a psychiatrist, is I always find it both fascinating as well as at least a bit repugnant when patients come into the office and go into a near full blown bitch fest about a person in their life, and then fully expect me to just agree and commiserate with the patient without having some collateral perspective why this outside person was so cruel and demeaning to the patient.

I get it, sometimes it is probably beyond fully on the mark, but, many times an attentive clinician can pick up what is being exaggerated, what is being misrepresented, and what is being fairly much a full lie.

And the cost?  Well, in the office, it does strain the ability to be empathetic and supportive, but outside the office, frankly we are living in times of the Left and Democrats shrieking “wolf” so much about Trump and Republicans, it is a shame when the wolf of impropriety will show, because people like me don’t give a shit what the Left and Democrats have to say anymore.

Extremism, polarization, and rigidity, it does not sell support and compassion for those who are responsible and appropriate in wanting to hear both sides to a conflict in an issue or principle to the parties involved.

As I write at blog threads, if you are a Democrat and support the narratives and rhetoric being spewed these last 18 months or more, and you claim to be fair and reasonable and objective, well, good luck selling that position to folks like me.

Not that Republicans do much better, but, if I had to chose between them, yeah, I wouldn’t even think for a millisecond to consider a Democrat idea or position.

Wow, isn’t the hate beyond palpable with these folks, we only wait to see what frank violence they will erode into once they realize their words can’t inflict maximal damage to get the country to submit to their goals.

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So hilarious Seth, wait ’til most of America gets the full picture of what a total jerk you are to fans who don’t suck your political genitals…