Addiction is a pervasive malignancy in psychiatry the way the profession is degrading these last 10 years.  We have inappropriately been made the point of contact for addicts, and that is just ridiculous to assume and maintain.

Addicts are just eroding the way psychiatry is practiced, it makes everyone in mental health more and more dumbed down, disinfranchised, and just burnt out.  There is no real effort nor interest for change, for approaching care interventions in a multi dimensional approach, and worst of all, forcing prescribers to just write scripts en mass and then invariably dump such reckless and poorly intended medications onto other colleagues to fix the mess.

And why the analogy of malignancy to this opinion?  Because it is killing the profession, the standards of care for mental health in general, and making it feel impossible to feel effective and of value.

Thus, psychiatrists who still care and are committed to the practice of the profession the way we were trained and saw effective at least into the 1990s, we now know what it is like to be oncologists.  Yeah, we save a few, but watch the many waste away, except with addicts, they are determined to take as many with them when they succumb to their addiction illness.

Misery loves company, an adage definitely created by an addict…

Summer in the USA, will be so much fun…

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