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Starting a new assignment in NW Pennsylvania, so far has been a bit less contentious and more appreciated, will see how things play out once I am settled.  Been thinking of various things, much per the Personality Disordered crap going on in this society, and would ask readers to read this link, from someone NOT a fan to read often, but, Gingrich hits the head on this one:


This point in there elicited a response from me:

“It is hard to imagine a modern-day Reign of Terror happening in America. But consider the recent phenomenon of outrage mobs on social media demanding people be fired and ostracized for expressing un-PC points of view.

Think about the left-wing activists taking over classrooms to prevent conservative voices from speaking. Think about the rash of people being attacked for wearing MAGA hats. Think about the violence of Antifa.

Perhaps it is not so difficult to imagine.”

Why do people continue to underestimate the characterological disordered person who excels in the political arena?  This shit bag woman in New York, Osacio-Cortez, she frightens me, as I don’t think she is outwardly naive and clueless in her comments in media programs.  Nope, I think she is a budding antisocial.

Anyway, another point to note is I am taking an MOC course to be able to have my credits for applying to the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons to maintain my board status, and if the APA and ABPN have anything to do with the content of these questions at Boardvitals.com, well, why I am glad I will NOT be renewing my Board Certification with them.  Really, these questions reinforce things I would NEVER do in the office, quite frightening, again.

Make you wonder what folks are in positions of power and influence with the APA and ABPN.  Maybe not florid antisocial shit, but, charaterological impairment of some level, eh?  So, for now done here, again a post in progress, will get back likely Sunday night…

Image result for images of sarcastic view of Ocasio-Cortez

There is something about her eyes beyond their bugging out that disturbs me…


Addendum Sunday 8/19 9AM:  Hmm, another link that says it well to me, and hopefully for you if you are sick of the elitist shit that really runs America:


She ends with this though:  “The public does have a clue.  It is not ignorant.  It has not sold its soul to the KKK, the neo-Nazis, or Vladimir Putin.  The engines of credible public debate must be reignited, and the temptations toward propaganda through these various interpretive outlets must be rejected.”

Frankly, I disagree.  The fact that the public put up with Shrillary and The Don in the first place makes me wonder, what is character these days, what people possess to be appropriate and responsible to be in positions of leadership and influence, or, just more of what is on a screen to entertain?

Leave you with this George Carlin clip of who really runs America:

Yep, not a pick me up, but, it is what it is…


Addendum Mon 8/20 11A:  As I am taking this MOC course, it never ceases to amaze me how colleagues sheltered in Academic Towers write these protocols and logarithms to diagnose and treat psychiatric patients, when, those of us in the trenches of basic Community Mental Health Care Clinics will NEVER see the light of day to these expectations.  Really, I am going to have a full hour to do a full diagnostic assessment with people who have little if any collateral information to assist in the assessment, much less be a reliable historian in the first place.

Oh, and this pervasive reliance on Paxil as a first med intervention in 2018, really?  And needing to know the statistics to illnesses, how to diagnose somatoform illnesses, mundane Neurology information I will never use in the office, this will make me a more reliable physician for taking a Recert exam by the ABPN?

Surprise that I scored 90% in the Personality Disordered section of the testing??  Like Monk says in the show, it is a blessing and a curse…

More if not later today, then tomorrow to wrap up this post!


Addendum Aug 20 930 PM:  Cortez really is the face of the Left and Democrats, this story says it all for me:


She is such a pathetic, self absorbed shit bag, wow.

“The restaurant employed 150 workers who now are without a job, but that didn’t stop Ocasio-Cortez from making the event about herself.

“I’m a normal, working person who chose to run for office, because I believe we can have a better future,” Ocasio-Cortez added on Twitter. “You can do it too. We all can.”

And there are tens of millions of alleged Americans who will shit and dump on the foundations of this country as fast as one can say “what’s in it for me!?”

I know, as I see these people week to week in the clinics I serve as a temp.  What is in it for them, free drugs, disability without a real disorder that can be honestly diagnosed by being in services for a consistent 6 or more months, and most of all, who the hell am I to tell them to seek care the way the standard of care is set.

Personality Disordered cretins, not all of the patients, but, too many versus what I saw even just 10 years ago…

Sorry to write this, but, people won’t find responsible decent care on a consistent basis in CMHCs by the end of this decade, if already a lost art of care now.  Not that I am the template of what is best and correct, but, I can say without hesitation that over a third of the patients I have treated in the past 14 months are on 4 or more psych meds.  I forget who the psychiatrist was I read at a post 4 months ago, but he said up front in his critique of problem patients, when he sees as a consultant a patient on 3 or more meds, that is the rule out as the problem for him at moment one of the eval.

Amen to that.  So, this post is done.  Doubt I will have one the rest of the month, but, one never knows what ridiculous and absurd shit will happen in politics, or just societal idiocy at its finest.  Stay tuned?  I wouldn’t hold a breath, although I think Mueller will do something desperate by mid September, after all, he has an election to fuck up!…

Image result for sarcastic image of Mueller and Trump

Hard to believe 2 weeks ’til Labor Day, what a summer, eh?!?!…