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What does that term mean?  Well, as an acronym, this is what first came up, (but on page two of the search per the several books written with this in the title cited first)

necessary evil

Something bad that must exist or occur in order for something good to happen.
These days, student loans are a necessary evil in order to get an education that 
leads to a well-paying job.  Some view dictators as a necessary evil who keep the region stable by suppressing more radical elements

The examples in the above definition seem to fit where this post is headed, to some degree, but, I want to start with my profession first.  It seems fairly obvious these days that most out patient mental health programs overtly treat psychiatrists as necessary evils, because, hey, we aren’t received as colleagues or crucial colleagues of guidance, that is for damn sure!  Nope, we are to run assembly lines, get ’em in and out quick, see ’em in masse, and most of all, don’t dare expect other staff to provide genuine needed therapy, ’cause that ain’t gonna happen!

And don’t let any of these other disciplines, other ancillary care providers, other administrative heads tell you otherwise, that therapy is provided, and there is an eclectic approach to mental health care.  Their definitions and expectations are beyond warped and skewed, no doubt!  Providers who aren’t psychiatrists can directly look you in the face and tell you the patient is getting standards of care outside what the psychiatrist provides for medication and medical direction as an extension per being an M.D., but, really, seeing people every 4-6 weeks early on in care is effective psychotherapy in, what damn world?!  Not on planet Earth…

As for the colleagues I replace in my travels as a temp doc, well, they really haven’t done much if anything to deter this attitude by the rest of clinic staff.  Nope, I see polypharmacy being dispensed truly as Pez is provided, pills in masse, tossed out at any and all complaints or alleged symptoms, and really, the latest craze is “I don’t write for Xanax Dr Hassman, but…”, I have seen a resurgence in Valium use as much as prescriptions for Klonopin and Ativan that really defy logic, dosages of 4 or more mg a day of the Klonopin, and Ativan up to 6mg at a time.  And don’t get me started on the use of these meds in patients over 60 years old.  Yep, last I checked, the responsible literature out there still decries the use of benzos in the geriatric population.

Guess these docs who are retiring or just fleeing to the next sanctuary clinic haven’t gotten those memos yet, hmm…

Once again, this will be a post in progress, but, I read this latest column by my fav at the Net, Mr French, and will link it and hope readers find it of value:


I leave the post here today with this point French writes so eloquently, to me:

“It’s increasingly clear that partisans would rather burn their credibility to ashes than allow their hated opposition to even sniff at victory — especially when the stakes always seem so high. What’s a little cover-up when the pope is saving the planet? What’s the importance of an affair and potential felonies when the regulatory state is running amok? In the meantime, we let the very foundations of our culture rot from the inside out, believing that better policies are somehow more important than the state of our hearts and souls.”

Character, it is more than what entertains the masses on screens.  But, don’t our elected officials seem to really represent the constituents that elect them and reelect them, and then deify them if they stay in office long enough to die in office???

Will get to that shit bag McCain either later today or tomorrow, another necessary evil that was way too long tolerated, and now worshiped!?…

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Yep, what I have been saying about voting for lesser of evils…


addendum and finish to this post Sept 4 2PM:

Well, went to a family wedding over the holiday weekend, and boy, was it hot in Central Virginia, I actually sweated through a dress shirt BEFORE the ceremony began, and to tie it in with the theme of this post, is humidity a necessary evil of hot air, or just a pain in the ass that nature throws in!?  But, the rest of the evening was inside with A/C, and the food was good.  Loud music, though, not a necessary evil, but just a DJ who pathetically thinks that louder is better.

Yeah, if you are either drunk and dancing recklessly on the dance floor.  But, some of us like to talk with family we haven’t seen in months, and aren’t really interested in shouting at them 3 feet away.

Back to the points of this post more intended, John McCain, NOT a respected and invested politician who had the public interest first and foremost at heart.  Nope, he was just another narcissist and ego maniacal asshole who was outraged, and I truly know this to be a primary dynamic to McCain, as I have met the likes of him in other arenas, and when a narcissist sees another get the accolades, and the money, the narcissist thinks due him (or her, feminism is certainly creating more female assholes out there these last couple of decades), well, narcissistic rage, what else to say!

Let’s set the record straight on who started the war between McCain and Trump, this seems to summarize the timeline IN 2015 MIND YOU:


McCain started attacking Trump out the gate, and called his supporters “crazies” BEFORE Trump said the idiotic comment about what constitutes a hero.  By the way, while McCain certainly did not do overtly outright wonderful things for others in his time in the Navy, being a POW and tortured the way he was certainly deserves some level of empathy and support.  But, being an asshole the last few years of his term in office really does diminish those feelings, at least by me.

But how does this make it a necessary evil per McCain?  Maybe a stretch here on my part, but, people have said at threads I have been at the last few weeks before and after McCain died, that he had to take on Trump to neutralize the Trump effect, and, had to show there was a need for doing what was right at the end of the day…

I am sorry, doubt any of those thread readers are here, but, what the fuck was right by McCain the last 18 months he was alive, and before he abandoned the Senate to just slowly die at home and neglected his job responsibilities?!  Voting against appropriate immigration legislation (which will lead to the subsequent point below) and not voting to end Obamacare, which is fucking up my life personally and professionally, nah, McCain wasn’t a necessary evil on that one, just a profoundly shit bag evil!

And then his not being in D.C. the last 9 plus months, gee, how many of us can not show up to work for over 9 months and keep our jobs?!  Doubt anyone who isn’t blowing the boss from home or having some other connection with someone else of power and influence to let you stay employed!

Necessary evil in politics.  Nope, just fucking evil, plain and simple.

I could continue with other topics to relate to the necessary evil narrative, but, this one really hits home for me, the death of Mollie Tibbetts in Iowa last month and the subsequent revelation an illegal immigrant is the prime suspect (yeah, he led authorities to the body, can’t wait for this side show trial to see him try to be acquitted!!!).  Have any of you heard the primarily Left/Democrat claims that allowing illegal immigrants into this country is a “necessary evil” if these douchebags even have a moment of clueless transparency to admit it!?

I will leave readers with these two links, first by Donald Trump Jr, and then Mollie’s father in an op ed piece over the weekend, and you figure out what to do with yet another person’s death at the hands of illegal immigrants, who should NOT be in this country.



Frankly, I don’t get this attitude of necessary evil needs tolerated and accepted.  At the end of the day, only evil people want others to accept evil is an option.  NOT FOR ME!

Maybe, just maybe, it is time to accept that there should be NO tolerance nor acceptance of evil.  Contain it, marginalize it, and try to eliminate it!!!


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Sorry to quote The Joker, but, wow, a necessary evil to make the point!?!?  Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha…  (sorry, don’t do lol…)