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Yep, the Personality Disordered folk out there run the country, and I don’t mean simply politically.  Nah, these cretins who have terrible interpersonal skills, who problem solve conflicts and dilemmas like a hammer sees all as a nail, they are just destroying every aspect of society.  And, loving it.

I was first going to write just about the death of therapy, but, after a couple of personal experiences I have had the last few days outside the office, the characterological shit bags who have mastered keeping those who live in fear, who live in doubt, who live in avoidance of conflict, completely in line, yep, they have won.

As I first told you all back in March 2016, well, you folks can read it, again perhaps:


I won’t waste time and space duplicating comments again, but I think I nailed it fairly well, and I am not a hammer, at least in my opinion.  To get back to the comment in the above paragraph about my thoughts of writing about the death of therapy, well, who is primarily behind that?  The patients are a driving force, because they as a whole, even if only 60%, still a sizeable majority, have just steam rolled non physician providers into sheepishly, lamely, and recklessly just herding these patients into psychiatrists’ offices and expecting, no, demanding medication fix their ills.  Pills for any and all ills.  Doesn’t that fit nicely, hmm???

Oh, but it gets better, as I hear at every temp job I have been doing for the last several years now, that the standards of therapy are just to keep them out of psych hospitals, to keep them out of jails, and most conveniently, out of therapists’ offices!  Really, I am not exaggerating, I have had countless therapists say almost word for word every time I face one to explain acute care standards of therapy, they are about seeing patients every 3, 4, even 6 weeks between appointments.  Can you imagine ancillary services for other specialty professions in health care telling the physicians, “No, we are not going to provide care the way you are advising, because we aren’t interested, we aren’t willing, we aren’t concerned to provide care the way it is needed, because that is inconvenient, that is demanding, and that is too time consuming”.

Oh, the patient’s needs aren’t important, eh?  That is to me an underlying element of characterological cause, maybe not by many of the providers themselves, but some of them eagerly agree and cooperate with doing what they are told, irregardless of it being a frank abandonment of care.  We can bet there is a high prevalence of personality disorder in the administrative sides of health care, be it the insurers, the heads of health care organizations and major provider groups, and most important, pervasive in the political shit bags throughout the states and federal levels that are dictating health care decisions.

It is only Tuesday night, I don’t have the strength to go on further for now, after watching this antisocial cretin next door to me at the hotel I am staying out try to manipulate his way out of being thrown out after being completely disruptive and dismissive of hotel and guests  expecting him to shut up and be quiet at 2AM!  He finally left, for the little fear of the authorities per being charged with trespassing, and that is certainly disappearing as more and more cops do really stupid shit, like that female cop in Dallas last week who basically broke into the wrong apartment and shot the tenant to death because she allegedly thought she was in her own apartment.  Hmm, wrong floor, how the hell did she miss that?!  Read Mr French’s take today:


People of power, influence, and control of all aspects of American society, just deteriorating into doing what is selfish, what is benefiting to their own select group or interests, what pushes a partisan political agenda, and what can fuck up anyone who dares be an opponent, one to dissent, one to show the truth to the error of the agenda or plan.

And these shit bag cretins get away with it.  Because they can, because no one of real counter power or influence will protest, because people as a societal whole don’t give a shit if it isn’t on a screen or could mess up their being able to use their screens.

This is the best we’ve got in this country, garbage in, and garbage out, and yep, the public sucks, and forget any chance of hope, hope is now beaten to death, dragged to that unmarked grave somewhere in an anonymous forest, and dumped in with the equally mauled and disfigured faith, shame, and humility, already lost years earlier but held from being dumped until hope was finally contained and extinguished.  Mass grave, how perfect!

Came here for a pick me up?  What where you thinking, or more likely, drinking??

and now the ending image, brace yourselves, not pretty…

That was the human personification of hope, and the hordes of the characterological who were so outraged it would show its face to the people.  OH, and this is a Democrat crowd, no hesitation, no concern, and no desire to listen…