Short post, as spending another weekend at a hotel for an assignment too far from home.

I know one reader here who will laugh at this one:

“Of course, these 27 psychiatrists didn’t really examine the president — not in the way the title would have believed. What they did was watch Trump’s politics, from a distance, listen to Trump’s speeches, from television and radio, and read his Twitter feed now and again and then conclude, based on that, this guy’s crazy.

They didn’t shy from spreading their opinion, far and wide, either.

“We believed Trump’s mental state presented a danger to the public and felt we had a duty to warn,” Lee and Glass wrote in Politico, explaining why the need for a whole book blasting away at the president.

Meanwhile, back on the Psychology Today farm, in December 2016, this from University of California social psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky: A piece entitled, “Obama, Positive Psychologist-in-Chief,” that contrasted the 44th president’s supposed refusal to sink into “cynicism, bitterness and fury” with Trump’s much darker, negative manner of politicking.

Once again with the long-distance psychological summations.”

Bandy Lee, sorry readers, this is one shit bag, douchebag colleague who should not only have her license suspended, but, I think there are precedents she has violated as a citizen inflaming hostile actions against the Office of the Presidency, I would genuinely love to see pictures of her led out of a building in handcuffs.

Just to equally hear of colleagues shitting in their pants, wondering, worrying if the Feds are coming after these shitbag loser providers next!

God, to listen to people shriek “do as we say, not as we do”, and not face any real accountability for such irresponsible behaviors and actions.

Again, we are beyond neck deep in Personality Disordered Society, facing flood water might really be a painful but accepted substitution.  At least you know the enemy and risks when in a flood, I know Carolina residents might take issue, but, wait ’til the flood waters recede and listen to what shitbag Democrat politicians will be sputtering…

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Projection folks, this woman is unraveling, as she can’t handle her bitch friend Shrillary didn’t win, and thank god for that!…