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Don’t ask me why I watched some of Trump’s speech in West Virginia, I had just come home from visiting a friend outside Pittsburgh and got back to the hotel I am at for this current assignment around 8, I guess I hit Fox News when I turned on the TV and went to take a crap, and then I heard the above title by Trump.

Ironic, eh, to hear Trump utter what I have been saying for at least a few years now, and while not thrilled it comes from him, it is now out there in full public view.

The Democrat Party, the party of crime!  Again, we had to put a malignant Narcissist in the White House to expose how hideous the political system of this country really is, Democrats but also Republicans.

I leave with this:  no Wall, no repeal of Obamacare, and now stalling to make the Supreme Court have a Conservative majority of justices, all things the Republicans could have done as majorities of both parts of Congress, and yet, not done.  Maybe there are more people hating Trump than just the hate consumed Demon-craps, eh?…

Republicans get dumped in 5 weeks, we endure 2 years of anti-American narratives and agendas by the Democrat majority, who by the way won’t be able to get Trump out of office for not having 67 Senate seats to enforce the impeachment the Shit bags of the Left will shriek about for months of 2019, and then the majority of Americans realize that they made a real horrendous choice back November 2018.

Then the Republicans return in majority with fewer incumbents to try to fuck things up again in 2021.  Change, what a bitch, eh?!  No pain, no gain, think about it!…

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