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Yep, the Left is ramping things up, and I really am concerned, but somewhat at peace per how it plays out, who gets killed to make the painful but needed point to restore order.

Sorry to readers here, but, we are at a point where a death, or more hideously multiple deaths at one moment, will force pause and reconsideration.  Isn’t this so sad of human nature, we not only have to touch the hot stove, but sometimes leave the hand on so long, third degree burns ensue.

But, my point to this brief comment is this is the Personality Disordered Society I have been railing about for over 2 years.  And wow, the Left is certainly full of them, and there are those on the Right as well, but, what happens if, and I really think when, Democrats have gone too far and their minions just rage like the mob they are inherently?

Who is going to be dead, who is going to try for title of martyr, and who is going to be blamed for all this sadness and mayhem?  Frankly, the blame goes to all of us who didn’t see it coming and just acted like it wasn’t our problem.  But, this country is our problem, and if we don’t start setting boundaries for things that are so overtly wrong, corrupt, and immoral, then we deserve to be putting our hands out to see if it’s hot…

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