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Aren’t the images of beach towns in the Panhandle of Florida after the utter destruction by Hurricane Michael so devastating???

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And that is by an act of nature, maybe God, maybe just Earthen Karma?

Just a quick shout out, the longer Non Democrat Americans continue to tolerate, apologize, even rationalize the utter hate by the Left and Democrats, well, this is the below image that will greet you as Americans in coming weeks, even before the election, if people continue to minimize and avoid the inevitable outcomes from the lust for power by these utter scumbag, shit bag, despot evil losers that are the Left and Democrats:

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Tip to anyone even remotely listening to learn:  sure, a history of violence, certain psychiatric diagnoses, use of substances, and certain demographics have greater likelihoods, but, I think the pervasive repetition of threatening violence should be near the top of the list as well.

And, add the concept of sheer desperation, especially by people in alleged positions of power and influence that could be relegated to nominal if any importance if they lose their prominence.

Trump’s win in 2016 has been quite the study of watching how a profoundly Personality Disordered person can bring out the equally obscene and dysfunctional around the impaired leader.  And now, I think Democrats have rationalized, very pathologically mind you, they have nothing to lose to shriek out to supporters, “Kill or be killed”!!

Hey folks, that shriek is coming, and it will be reinforced by the Goebbels Leftist Media that are equally obsessed to not lose their alleged relevance in this country.

So, whatta ya gonna do, be killed, or figure out when self defense has to be a bit proactive, sorry to write this post folks, but, you need another shooting of Republican politicians, or a protest of non Democrat citizens being gunned down by Antifa scum bags, who are more and more bold in their hate, to realize being silent and indifferent to this pervasive hate will eventually include you…

Today’s Antifa loud shout out of “fuck you and die!!!”


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Hey, Personality Disordered Society, it is beyond here, it is entrenched…