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After reading this story earlier, wow, this is how disgusting, vile, and hateful the Left can stoop to, and as of this writing, not one Democrat person of authority or leadership has condemned it.


Just think about it, these people are so consumed with hate and disrespect, they interrupted a moment of silence trying to honor the deaths of people killed simply because of their religion, while at their house of worship, an alleged sanctuary.

If that doesn’t tell folks how sick and lost the Left and Democrats are as a whole, even if just 50.001%, it is more than half of them as a collective, then I don’t know what else to try to show as an example of deprived souls at their worst.

And the Republicans will milk it equally as vile just to win votes.  My point here, is a bit of a bigger principle:  We have a political system allegedly set to have people represent us and do what is right and responsible, not what is popular, easy, convenient, and oh, to stay in power and create laws and ordinances to just disrupt and deny freedoms, independence, and autonomy.  By both sides of the Republ-ocrats, that is the real one party at hand.

There’s an alleged election in 8 days folks, and frankly, it’s your duty to vote early, and often, and to make sure your party not only wins, but rules.  Count on that to be the real mantra of the people in power in this country, but, go back to your screens now…

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I have a better image,

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Yep, the average American dedicated to a party, the real clown!…