I have to say, the past year has been less than worth the time spent living it, with all the hate and disdain being spewed about by the masses, and what shows up in my office demanding pills to “treat” their ills, sheesh, what a crap out…

So I am coming up on 6 years with this blog, and frankly, not much of value I have had to note of late, I admit it, but, the state of politics really is the equivalent of the adage “art imitates life”, and politics does oh so much imitate life of the losers that are the electorate.  And yeah, I voted this year, a waste of time and energy, but, at least I didn’t vote for a party, but, who am I kidding, I didn’t vote for a person of interest last week.

I will say I was glad to catch what Dan Crenshaw, the new representative from Texas elected last week, did on SNL last Saturday night, the link has a story what Ben Shapiro had to say, as well as the clip from YouTube in the story.  Watch it if you haven’t already, it was a bit of a pick me up, but, won’t be long lasting.


Also advise readers go to the post by Dr Dawson at Realpsychiatry.com that I will link to below, and not to be self serving, but my two comments really are a pseudo post I should have done here, so, consider looking at it in its entirety and deciding if the comments have merit.


Anyway, I guess the point of this post is to note that the characterological pathology that is rampant across the country will not be reined in by simply saying “stop this shit!”  If that worked, we wouldn’t be in the predicament we are in now as a society and country.

Just see it, realize it is happening, and then figure out what you are going to do with it, it being all this Personality Disordered shit that is being excused, tolerated, and defended.  One thing is for sure, ain’t gonna medicate it…

Maybe Crenshaw’s moment will take hold, yeah, who the F am I kidding…

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