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Finishing up another temp assignment, and really, what is there to learn from what is going on in Community Mental Health these days?  Frankly, clinics should just dump half or more of their therapists, just hire 3-4 psychiatrists to do 15 minute med checks, and let the system be the assembly line that these clinics really are these days.  Therapists aren’t doing shit as far as what real, honest therapy work is needed, they just put up a front of seeing patients every 3-6 weeks from the onset of treatment, shove patients into psychiatrists’ schedules to do med checks, or worse, want evals for patients who are just dealing with psychosocial issues, but, it’s not about problem solving, is it??

No, it’s about gettin’ ’em in to be on drugs, get the volume to get the reimbursements, to justify the clinic expenses, and then, just give an illusion there is therapy work at hand.  And, we know this to be the truth, but, the lies and misdirections, they won’t end.

Besides, the other hat that psychiatrists wear besides assembly line worker, is janitor.  I have noted this in past posts, but, nothing has changed, fix the problem with a script, and then, let the therapist continue the magic act, let the illusions of “therapy” be practiced, at the patient’s expense, oh, and the insurer’s as well.

Let’s leave with this gem from that pharmaceutical whore Nasrallah that is the Editor in Chief of Current Psychiatry, in the November issue, shall we?


I’ll let the bastard say it so pathetically, if not hideously:

Another important feature of Psychopharmacology 3.0 is the repurposing of hallucinogens into novel therapies for posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression.1 The opioid system is being recognized as another key player in depression, with many studies showing buprenorphine has antidepressant and anti-suicidal properties2 and the recent finding that pre-treatment with naloxone blocks the rapid antidepressive effects of ketamine.”

Really, let this sink in with people, providers and patients, this soulless creep is now alluding that Suboxone has a place as an antidepressant!

Forget him, forget all these psychiatry whores and cowards, and dump the losers who think that being on opiates has a place in psychiatry.  Reinforces my position to NEVER get a damn Suboxone license, but, how many other psychiatrists will gleefully sign up?!

Cue my buddy Chevy in National Lampoon Vacation, again…(25 seconds into the scene)

Yep, so close, and yet, so far…

Sorry if the post is rude, so have been my last 2 years if not more as a temp!…


Addendum Nov 24 3PM:  Yeah, I was ruder than rude last night, changed some of the verbiage to make things a bit more respectable, but, the point is, there is no place to be saying in a psychiatric journal that opiates have any legitimate impact for treating psychiatric illnesses, apart from pain management that decreases angst and anger…