Yep, I am a grinch, I don’t see anything positive with this holiday season, and being unemployed is a major detriment to framing things in any gleeful way.

Sorry to say, I don’t see mental health care, or for that matter,  health care in general, having much benefit for the public, the way providers are just selling out left and right to appease non clinical intrusions.  And if these relentless shrieks for universal health care, socialized medicine, whatever people want to frame it, I call it Correctional Care as it will be managed as punitively and harshly as one can manage it, if these shrieks wind up creating such a system exclusively managed by politicians, I am out as a doctor.

Hmm, maybe that is why I can’t land a temp job, karma is already trying to prepare me for my next gig, digging ditches.  My wife is watching “A Wonderful Life” as I type this post, and I totally identify with George Bailey, I am worth more dead than alive right now.  Pathetic thing to write, but, what does a person do when after 12 years of training to provide a service, and after more that 25 years trying to treat patients in a caring and concerned way,  no one wants to use you in a health care setting the way you want to provide care?

Think about that the next time you interact with a provider as a patient.  Does the provider really exude empathy and concern, or just going through the motions of satisfying documentation and algorithms of treatment process for a diagnostic code?

How screwed up has medicine allowed itself to become?  There’s a foundation for a new year’s resolution, can I manage to care, or just manage cost.  Believe me, if you folks just lay silent and let the politicians define health care implementations any further, many of you will just wind up wondering if you can manage life…

Doubt many will like the picture, but, neither do I…(couldn’t publish something that I really would like to show that truly fits my mood now)

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Just remember, people shrieking accusations of racism are just finding a less inappropriate way of shrieking “Fuck you” to the accused, and still getting it published in the media…

My one New Year’s Resolution:  that people really rise up and do scream out their windows, but better yet to their taskmasters, “I am mad as hell and not going to take this shit anymore”, and we see bad things happen to bad people.