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Happy New Year…

Yeah, really, NOT for me, but my problem, right?

Two links to really motivate people where health care is headed, especially with these relentless shrieks by the Left and their ilk for “Universal Health Care”, what a shit label to begin with!

First, where politicians will drive health care choices, and if you really think I am off the mark or being an alarmist, well, aren’t these Leftist agendas at the end of the day???


This paragraph from there near the end of the column, well, nice in theory and hope, but, do people as a whole really see doctors this way now?!

“It’s sad and shocking, because doctors are such amazing people.  They not only cure the sick – sometimes, the very, very sick, through medical miracles performed daily – but they also are fanatical about their devotion to the Hippocratic Oath, which begins with “first, do no harm.”  They care for all people, even unworthy people, from injured bank-robbers to people who sponge off the system, putting the saving of human life above all other considerations.  What’s more, the heroism of doctors and other medical professionals was there for all to see during the Paradise fires, where we got stories such as this (Google, take note), with doctors racing through flames on all sides of them to save lives.  Doctors are absolutely amazing people, showing every day that their work is a calling, not a job.”

Sorry, doctors are NOT amazing people anymore, and yeah, I am a doctor, but, to see my profession like this, nope.  I don’t see myself as amazing, but dedicated to principles and boundaries that does separate me from the average citizen, not in a better way, but, a principled and dedicated way.  Think about it, the average citizen, what are his/her principles and dedications in 2019?  Really, think about it…

As do most doctors really present themselves as selfless providers, who take time and effort to listen, assess, and problem solve the problems each individual presents in the office, as of today, January 2019???

The other link, VERY disturbing, and how universal health care will horrendous twist and pervert this line of thinking into being punitive and uncaring:


Having watched some of Twilight Zone the last day on SYFY, well, aren’t the story lines from some episodes eerily echoing this mind set from 60 years ago???  They all end up nefarious and hideous in outcomes, so, what the F would politicians do with this thought of seeing aging as a disease, and thus be eliminated, or, just perversely discriminated, if not just terminated, like, the premise of Logan’s Run, a good flick from the late 1970s…

Leave you with this paragraph from the perverse link:

“Contrary to what most people think, there is no biological law that says we must age. Indeed, as ageing is the most significant risk factor for almost all diseases, the true promise of ageing research isn’t simply extending lifespan; it’s the obliteration of disease itself. And, while, in some cases, the processes for extending life are complicated, in many cases, as the metformin trial seeks to show, it may be as simple as repurposing medications that are already available, in some countries even over the counter.”

2019, will be interesting, from a sick, pathological, heinous characterological perspective that seems to be endemic across the country now…

Hope the scene sums up the failures of immortality!