Had to have my younger daughter shove the painful reality of why it sucks to be an American, to be a doctor, to have a family in the 21st Century.

While talking about saving money by driving an extra 30-60 minutes to a further airport, likely at night and thru an annoying city at that, I noted my concern with her being on the road for a long, sometimes isolated time, just to save money, and then, the line:  “Well dad, don’t care!”

And I felt all the bricks, including the straggling last few that fall on top and just add the proverbial exclamation point of “Oww!”  That is it for people here in this country, “don’t care”.  Why I truly hate my job now, people in charge really live by that adage, “don’t care!”

Why digging ditches really seems lighthearted fare these days…

Image result for image of digging a ditch

Pay attention when at the doctor’s office, does the practitioner, his staff, the ambiance really exude care, or, just cost…