What’s next, California, sunshine?!

Here’s a beauty, not that it’s a surprise, but look how much they are increasing the tax per gallon:


“The measure will increase the excise tax on gasoline by 12 cents per gallon from the current $0.28 and on diesel fuel by 20 cents per gallon, among other fees, over 10 years. The money will be used for repairs to roads and bridges as well as for anti-congestion projects.”

Do the math, over a 40% increase from the current amount!

Yeah, that money is going solely to roads.  I’d tell you about that bridge in the Nevada desert, but better yet, how about that road to Hawaii?  I just have to say, what healthy, functional, attentive person who still lives in California, well, how the f— do you do it!?

Here’s the hideous yet realistic question:  WHEN the next serious natural disaster affects that state, be it earthquake, fire, mudslides, or something else I can’t think of here, well, how many Americans from other states are really going to care about this failed state?

I ask in the title of this post about sunshine, but, is it really absurd and preposterous to entertain these Democrat ostomy bag cretins won’t try to tax citizens being outdoors and using the sun?  Or even more ridiculous, taxing oxygen use?

When will people wake up and see the evil that are the Demon-craps, at least more so as a party than the Repugnocants?

It is sad folks, really sad what masquerades as both representation and alleging to care about the people.  But, haven’t we seen this failed, hideous rhetoric before, and endured the ugly outcomes as well…

Image result for image of failing roads in california

Who needs video games when this is your drive to work…

Obama and Rice, quite the pair

As I was driving home yesterday afternoon, well, back to the hotel while I am working this assignment away from real home, I heard someone talking with Sean Hannity on his radio show (and yes, it is Sean Hannity who is a hack for Trump, but the guest was NOT).  What was said was not only astounding and disgusting, but turns out to be very true.


“Our U.N. ambassador [Susan Rice], champion of the altered Benghazi talking points, helped block attempts by Sudan to turn over the world’s most wanted terrorist [Osama bin Laden] outright or share intelligence leading to his capture.”

You know, two things for me to remind readers who come here:  first, we surround ourselves with those of like minds and agendas, and second, evil loves evil company, especially when the agenda is to simply destroy people.

Oh, and is it just serendipitous or hideous coincidence she was there during another Demon-crap Presidency with antisocial flavors?

So, Susan Rice stayed around after Benghazi because Obama not only appreciated her, but she lied so well, and this last point will piss off the ignorant and clueless reader, but, he needed a shield of using a black woman to do his bidding so these Demon-crap scum could try to hide behind accusations of racism and misogyny.

It is at a point when I hear the charge of racism, I just want to take a shit and throw my feces at the accuser.  That is what such baseless and projecting lies are worth…

Image result for image of Obama with Susan Rice

I hope they nail this bitch, and then this bastard!…

addendum 4PM:  Oh, and the pathetic repetitive hypocrisy of the Left alone, well, look who set the bar for foreign influence, who Lice, er, Rice worked for prior:


“President Xi has to be smiling when he turns on CNN, or has his minions check on Twitter. He knows there is indeed a foreign power that recently spent millions to sway an American presidential election, and a president and vice president who happily held out their hands and let it happen. That power was China, and the president was Bill Clinton.  

If you want to learn how the Clintons and Democrats really view the issue of foreign influence on a sitting president, don’t bother with the Clinton Foundation or its millions of dollars from foreign governments looking for quid pro quos. Look at what happened during Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign in 1996, which was rocked not by one but two scandals with serious implications for foreign manipulation of our national security. “

Again, the Clintons are the epitomy of antisocial shit in politics.  Again, people wanted the lesser of evils, I had to chose, yeah, a Narcissist barely but does beat an antisocial.

The Republicans are more narcissistic than the Democrats, as the Democrats are more antisocial than the Republicans.  Wow, how’s that for an observation?!

Personality Disordered Society, folks, you vote ’em in…

This Supreme Court nomination solidifies my hypothesis we are shoulder deep in a Personality Disordered Society

Nothing long to say here, the dialogue from both sides of the polluted aisle of Republocrats reveals nothing astonishing, outrageous, or incredible to witness.

Just polarized, extremist zealots who want to rule, and control, and dictate what society should do and expect.  This is frank personality disordered shit, folks, rigid and inflexible styles of interpersonal interaction that is just profoundly hideous to endure.

The Democrats are the worst of the pair, but, Trump and his cronies won’t do much to show us alternatives that can be tolerated and respected.  Not from a pathological Narcissist who threatens his own alleged allies in the Congress.

So, if you voted and your vote was based on the lesser of two evils, well, welcome to your choice of evil.  And dismiss my opinion as much as one can claim, the hate and discord is now spilling into all aspects of American life.

Just remember this, both California and Maryland are going to become Sanctuary STATES for illegal immigration by the end of the year.  I honestly look forward to the demise of these two states, the latter I have to leave by the end of 2018, before the copious quantities of shit hit the 10 story sized fan that is their electorates.

Mark my words, letting personality disordered people stay in positions of power, control, influence, and mentoring will cripple society for generations, if it already has not achieved that endpoint now.

Good luck, and remember, silence is death.

Oh, and to tie in the sanctuary issue to psychiatry, watch mental health take on the largest burden of all these illegal aliens who either fled or were forced out of their countries for mental health issues woefully treated and supported.  Think Hispanic countries are tolerant of mental health problems?  Think again!

once again said wisely…

As I have been doing, when said better than I put it, well…


“This is progressivism in a nutshell. We [Louts/Regressives/Libelous] will make you care. You will heed to our agenda. You will abide by our opinion. We are right. You are wrong. And if you don’t like it, we’ll destroy you—and we’ll relish in your destruction. At the same time, I love how Trump beating old, sick, and crooked Hillary Clinton last November is still driving them insane. The election was some four months ago—and these folks are just euphoric at the thought of Trump failing, thus the country, and hoping that the tens of millions who voted for him, especially college-educated women, are punished and subject to suffer because they want America to fail. If they don’t get what they want, they want the country and everyone who doesn’t think like them to burn.”

Hence why I see it as simply evil, there is no inherent interest to help people, just help an agenda.  What are the “principles” that guide Democrat/liberal narratives and rhetoric?

If they had a moment of transparency, it is the above bolded part of that link comment.  Again, look at who the Left surrounds themselves with as allies and compatriots.  Illegal aliens, Black Lies Matter extremists, LGBT extremists, and Muslim spokesmen (maybe a couple of women but really, mostly men for that religion).  Oh, and feminists who find that stay at home women are heinous beings…

Who all espouse agendas of “our way or no way”.  Remember, we are who we associate ourselves with especially with regularity.  Not the crowd I want to hang around…

Good luck with that if you are a passionate Democrat.

We look forward to the Gorsuch vote this week!  Idiots, all of them in the Senate on this one, two wrongs make for a helluva third lousy one!

politicians fighting

Nice illustration of self loathing I noted in an earlier post

Read the full link, but this says it better than I did, I guess:

“I’ve heard numerous versions of this story, but I’ll go with the one reportedly told by Dr. Abraham Twerski, a renowned psychiatrist and Orthodox rabbi. (I’ve trimmed and paraphrased it a bit.) The bearded Twerski goes to the airport in his Hasidic garb — the hat, the long coat, the buttoned white shirt. Another Jew, this one modernly dressed, is annoyed by Twerski and unloads on him: “What’s wrong with you? Must you insist on parading around in that medieval get-up as if it were Purim? Don’t you realize how ridiculous you look? You bring nothing but scorn and embarrassment upon us Jews!”

After letting the angry man continue for a while, Twerski says, “I fail to understand what thee art saying. You do realize that I’m Amish, don’t you?” The modern Jew’s anger quickly turns to embarrassment. “Oh, I beg your pardon,” he says apologetically. “I didn’t realize that you were Amish. You look so much like those Hasidic fellows. You should know that I have nothing but respect for you and your people — keeping to your ways without bowing to society’s wills and whims.”

The kicker comes when Twerski says, “Aha! If I were Amish, you would have nothing but respect for me. But since I am a Jew, you are ashamed of me. Hopefully one day you will have the same respect for yourself that you have for others.”

from here:


Yeah, there’s my interpretation, people who hate those who resemble the hater are just projecting their own disgust of what they are.  Jews who hate Jews, well, what is the better logic than they hate themselves?

I am sure there are other plausible interpretations, but, I think at least from those who claim to be “practicing” Jews who then spew hate and disdain on other Jews are just being subconscious hypocrites, until proven otherwise.

You think about it, I already have.

And by the way, this Pence issue with him avoiding women, well, is it to be scorned and disdained for the recovering alcoholic to avoid alcohol if that could be a weakness?

Gee, admitting our weaknesses and promoting our strengths, wow, what a terrible premise to operate by, we should be ashamed of trying to be responsible and appropriate.

yeah, if you are a Democrat, but, isn’t that what evil is all about…

remember, lies, lack of remorse, putting people at risk, and mocking just blatant common sense and standards of living…

Need a great laugh?

Oh, you have to read this link, and hopefully you will find a floor to catch you when your laughter makes you double over:


Moore’s post on Twitter:

“Historians in the near future will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began, thanks 2 Donald Trump”

And then the hilarity ensues…

My favorite:

View image on Twitter

Wow, it is just amazing what people think of themselves, and then they open their traps to refute their profoundly inane assessments!

Basically the Democrat Party process, eh?…

What an F U moment for North Carolina to show to the country!

I like college basketball, but, after this shit read, well, if I had a say in North Carolina (NC) politics, I would not only say to the NCAA “go screw yourselves”, but look for people to start up an alternative tournament that is honest and direct, that would pay the schools competing in this other tournament sponsored and held in North Carolina.  After all, isn’t that what the NCAA is really about, them making billions of dollars every year at the expense of these colleges and their student atheletes who are just pawns anyway?

Here’s the damn story, what sleezy scummy ostomy bag losers these cretins are, telling a state submit to blackmail or be shunned, instead a loud yet as best polite Carolina FUCK YOU:


So, pay the schools, have a 24 to 32 team tournament at the same time of the NCAA, invite the schools who want to be paid directly, and give out monetary prizes for 1st to four place on top, and watch, some schools who would make the NCAA might say, “hell with it, we’ll have something to show for  participating even if we lose in the first round”.  And believe me, there are people out there who support N.C.’s position, transgender needs do not trump the needs of over 95% of the general public.

It is time for people to show appropriate, realistic, and responsible boundaries and judgment.  People who are transgender have rights and accesses, but based on acceptable expectations and consideration.  The Left/Progressives/Liberals, please, self gratify yourselves to oblivion in your own pathetic, lost, and lawless states like California and Maryland.

We don’t need you, your antisocial and corrupt agendas, and your relentless assault on people who have the right to say no and not interested.

I  really hope I am not the only one advocating for this solution, Carolina cannot and should not cave to flagrant blackmail.  If they do, then they are equally screwed by the losers who will then own the state, and set a precedent that will cripple America even further.

Go Tar Heels,  win the Tournament, hoist the trophy, and then all of you give the finger to the NCAA reps at the game!  Tom Brady 2.0 as an analogy to Goodell et al of the equally corrupt and immoral NFL!  And I am not a Brady fan!

Let’s leave with the 1 gun salute to scumbags out to ruin America:

It was just an accident…

One of the funniest lines uttered in a comedy show was from the HBO classic “Dream On”, when the protagonist of the show, Brian Benben, explains to his ex wife Wendy Malick, that when he had sex with Malick’s sister on the show, “it was an accident”.  Her retort was just hilarious:  “oh, it was an accident, what, you fell and your penis went in and out of her repeatedly?!”

Just like the Maim Scream Media’s handling of reporting the rape case in Montgomery County.  It was an accident they couldn’t cover the story, AT ALL, for the first week after it was reported, but as soon as the alleged perpetrator’s attorney had a defense, that is alleged the victim had texted consent a day BEFORE the rape, wow, that gets front page and wall to wall coverage of Liberal agenda Cable news!

Talk about it happening over and over…

Shame and humility can only be practiced if the source professing it not only accepts those concepts as truth, but then also admits to mistakes and failures.  NOT WITH  THE LIBERAL LED PRESS COVERAGE!  Agenda and narrative for the benefit of the few is the goal, and there is no shame or humility to those goals.

I have yet to read anything prior at the Washington Post about the incident, but, look where it is at the site when it was revealed today:


Just hideous what masquerades as “free press”.  You know what should be the banner for Liberal Media as a whole?  “It’s a shame people expect us to have some humility in our reporting, what should we be humble and ashamed of!?”

Image result for video of Brian Benben saying sex with ex wife's sister was accident on show "Dream On"

Great show by the way, shame HBO screwed up getting it released on DVD, was at least able to get ahold of season 1 & 2.

What Obamacare reveals about our politicians, and why it is time for change

It really does not matter which side of this polluted aisle of Republocrats one is on, they do not give a shit about the American people, that is what transpired on Friday.  As long as they are exempt from participating in the legislation, what the hell do they care happens at the end of the day?!

If there hasn’t been a better time for a third party than now, then I don’t know what the F– to say!  Democrats come 2018, gone.  Incumbent more than 10 years in office, gone.  Not keeping campaign promises repeatedly, gone.  Being a flagrant hypocrite, gone.

Hmm, that seems to apply to what, 95% of the f—-g assholes in Congress today??!!

Oh, and to cue Mr Carlin, if you vote and keep selfish, ignorant, and incompetent people in office, you are part of the problem, you need to shut up, and bend over and take it deep until you are choking on it!

And let’s end with this beauty:


“In the wheeling and dealing, some members of the House Freedom Caucus went to the White House to hear a last-ditch pitch as to why they should support the bill. Bannon walked into the conference room in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and said, according to Axios: 

“Guys, look. This is not a discussion. This is not a debate. You have no choice but to vote for this bill.”
Now, that may work in the conference room of one of Trump’s companies, but it sure doesn’t work with members of Congress. It’s an amateur move to order lawmakers to vote for a bill that could lose them their seats. And they didn’t take kindly to the play.
One member at the meeting reportedly replied: “You know, the last time someone ordered me to [do] something, I was 18 years old. And it was my daddy. And I didn’t listen to him, either.” “
And now the ineptitude and frank personality disorder of Trump and his minions is coming home to roost.  We are doomed with the status woe, folks.
Yep, it is American politics 2017, thanks, Rod…

Once again said better than I can…

Again, why do American Jews hate Israel?  I think the below link has the perfect perspective of why self loathing jewish people are pathetic:


“When I was a Jewish kid around the age of 10, we used to play a lot of cowboys and Indians games.  I always, always, took the role and the part of the Indians — the good guys, the underdogs,  the victims.  After all, the cowboys were the big bad guys who stole Indian land, made unprovoked war using guns against bows and arrows, drove starving Indians far away from their hunting grounds. 

It was an open-and-shut case of mean white men hitting on the noble red men.  And while I didn’t think of my role-playing and sympathies for the victim as particularly Jewish in nature, unconsciously they were.”

Nice opening, we do identify with the underdog, but who is the real underdog these days when the “Indians” that are the Palestinians really believe the only good Jew is dead and obliterated?  Yeah, that’s real negotiation, the Palestinians only real kind offer is “why don’t you Jews just kill yourselves and make it easier for us to take over?!”

But, the author above makes an even better observation about the levels of inappropriateness among Arabs themselves:

“I’ll add that when I was about 14, when I was no longer a child, I learned that “the Indians” were actually a mixed bag.  Some tribes (Iroquois, Apache) were known — to other Indians, not just to whites — for extreme cruelty and domination; jealousy and competition prevented the Indians from uniting time and again; sadly, many were willing to sell their land for trinkets, guns and firewater, or ally with whites in order to kill off rival tribes.

Not a pretty picture, and I was not happy to learn it.  I had to hang up, as it were, my bonnet of Indian feathers and homemade tomahawk.  But it’s all about growing up and seeing beyond simple good guy/bad guy scenarios.”

Once again, people are either disingenuous, dishonest, or just hideously disdainful, and they aren’t interested in resolution, just destitution.

Have you met people who just self loathe?  They are beyond annoying and aggravating, they just promote loathing by those around them as well.  Nice job!

Good luck with having Palestinians back you up!

“what you can’t see will hurt you, count on it!”