Is it about kneeling, or submission?

Wow, just listening to various talk shows today after yesterday’s fiasco of NFL games, you would think something big happened in D.C. and the public is just awash in astonishment and outrage, bewilderment and annoyance, or maybe just fed up and pissed off?  But, nope, it was just a bunch of athletes, some who are probably not even going to finish the season on the field, who thought they could make some statement what is wrong with this country.  Yeah, something is wrong, and it is about ego out of control, selfishness without boundaries, or maybe just fed up that people aren’t sucking these bozo’s genitals and screaming how wonderful it is for the losers to be sucking off these entitled, clueless jerks?!

First what I wrote to a talk show host this afternoon, Derek Hunter at WBAL radio:

“Sorry not calling,but I am not a fan of talking on air, am listening though as home today.  This whole issue really can be simplified to basic selfishness:  Trump:  “I am boss and I don’t like what you are doing, so, you’re fired”; players:  “we don’t like being told what to do, so go f—yourself, and we don’t care what other people think anyway”;  The Left:  “we don’t like a country that doesn’t do what we want, so let’s just whip up everyone into a frenzy that saying no is only for us”; the Right:  “country always comes first and we are the country, so you need to do what we tell you to do, and just reflexively genuflect to the flag”.

Me, I see the middle:  people don’t like standing attention to the flag and National Anthem, then don’t, but it isn’t about you, but about your alleged cause that this country is harming.  Go to the streets, the airways, come to my house and ask me to let you in and hear your view.
But, I want to watch a football game, so play football and then stay on the field after the game, and instead of kneeling in prayer, kneel in solidarity to get fans and other players to hear your point.
Trump by the way is an idiot, once you call people son of a bitch, well, go screw yourself Donnie, and if he wants to come to my house and explain himself, I look forward to listening for what will be likely about 30 seconds and then stand up and walk to the door and say, “thanks Mr President, now get out, I can’t fire you but I sure the hell can throw you out!”
Wouldn’t that be fun?!?!
from Joel in R….”

He then noted the email peripherally and said I was echoing something that Mike Rowe wrote at his Facebook page earlier, so after Mr Hunter read it, I later found something that summarized it (as I don’t do Facebook), and here it is:

Hmm, I am glad other people think a bit like me, not that I am the beacon of correct opinion, but at least some call it as it is, the public sucks, at least for now, for tolerating all this bullshit that passes for leadership, entertainment, and influence.

I like this from Mr Rowe:

“In my view, the real controversy here isn’t about patriotism, social justice, racial inequality, or free speech. It’s not even about the flag or the national anthem,” Rowe wrote. “It’s really only about one thing – what we will tolerate, and what we won’t.”

well, anyway, to bring it to mental health care, it also fits there for providers who really need to decide if and when they will take a stand and stop colluding, if not just flagrantly promoting this quick fix shit of meds for all, talking for few, and patients making real and substantial change below the 5% random chance moment.


8 words that should be the rally cry for the next election cycle.  That’s going to be my campaign slogan as a voter, as well as a psychiatrist, and let’s see if we can’t promote that to those who not only have a working, autonomous brain, but also believe in independence, accountability, and most of all, boundaries that promote productivity, nurturing, and positive direction.  Unfortunately, that will eliminate about half the electorate, but, at least we as a responsible collective can focus on those we can rally around for support and sympathy.

Oh, and I won’t have to kneel in front of them for consideration.  As I associate kneeling with submission and groveling.  Interesting interpretation, eh?  And what the Louts/Regressives/Libelous really intend with this campaign to neutralize, if not eliminate the Star Spangled Banner being sung.

These scumbags really do want to rehash Sieg Heil as their mantra…


Image result for image of americans groveling to Obama

it is what it is, 8 years of antisocial standards now in free fall…



Maybe America is looking more like Sweden, hmm?

One has to wonder, why are so many on the Left/Progressives/Liberals/Democrats so willing to support such overtly antisocial agendas, like Illegal Immigration, Black Lives Matters that is focused on thwarting police action, and non-heterosexual agendas that are just criminalizing appropriate free choice (that last one for me has antisocial elements)?  I’ll tell you why, it at least has some elements of the Stockholm Syndrome, which one can read about below:

It sums it up well for me:  “From a psychoanalytic lens, it can be argued that Stockholm syndrome arises strictly as a result of survival instincts. Strentz states, “the victim’s need to survive is stronger than his impulse to hate the person who has created the dilemma.” A positive emotional bond between captor and captive is a “defense mechanism of the ego under stress”.[6] These sentimental feelings are not strictly for show, however. Since captives often fear that their affection will be perceived as fake, they eventually begin to believe that their positive sentiments are genuine.”

Because the scum that have found ways to infiltrate the Democrats/Left support system have been tremendously successful, and I know not everyone who is a Democrat, Progressive, Leftist, Liberal, can be so clueless and just agree to flagrantly inappropriate agendas and narratives.  Unless, they have been coerced, harshly mind you, to agree or be harmed in some way.  Maybe not physically, but, the threat to be made irrelevant or ostracized so viciously can be effective.

Which leads me to this link from the other day:

Please read the whole thing, but, this should give readers some perspective where the author is going with his post:

“Witness the recent brouhaha over a jointly penned op-ed by two law professors (Amy Wax of the University of Pennsylvania and Larry Alexander of the University of San Diego) who suggested, essentially, that America’s decline can be traced to a rejection of traditional values (or, in the authors’ words, “the breakdown of the country’s bourgeois culture”) and advocated a return to those values.

The professors argued that America did better when we had traditional values and therefore should return to this “cultural script”: “Get married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake. Get the education you need for gainful employment, work hard, and avoid idleness. Go the extra mile for your employer or client. Be a patriot, ready to serve the country. Be neighborly, civic-minded, and charitable. Avoid coarse language in public. Be respectful of authority. Eschew substance abuse and crime.”

Significantly, the authors were careful to note that these “basic cultural precepts … could be followed by people of all backgrounds and abilities.” That is, the benefits of these values and practices transcend race.

Precisely on cue, however, leftist robot — aka University of Pennsylvania Law School dean — Ted Ruger charged to the student newspaper with an op-ed denouncing Wax’s piece as divisive and noxious and rejecting “emphatically … that a single cultural tradition is better than all others.” Charges subsequently poured in from faculty members, students and alumni accusing Wax of white supremacy, misogyny and homophobia. Some demanded that she be barred from teaching first-year law courses.”

Are you kidding me?!  The projection and deflection is so rich and blatant, yet, these morons masquerading as college students are so willing to be manipulated and victimized, because the entitlement and dependency that is growing like a cancer across campuses throughout this country has made me realize college is not a benefit anymore.  No, mindless cretins are what are being cultivated these days.

And one reason for this problem, Boomers who by in large are the parents of this millennial nightmare shitshow population, have created a Frankenstein situation that will not abate, at least for some period of time.  And I write about this not just politically or societal perspective, but, from what I am seeing back in outpatient care.  Patients are so entitled and demanding, not at all seeing flagrant pathetic viewpoints that have no basis for appropriate and realistic interventions, yet, they tell me what I have to do.  They know what they want, hence they come to me?!?!

Yeah, I have to start thinking of another line of work if this shitshow of American ugliness and enabling continues unabated.  Who knows, maybe find a healthy and cultivating community that can try to minimize being beholden to current American viewpoints and directions?  Jim Jones I do not want, but, maybe a collective of people who say what I believe:  if society wants to emulate Idiocracy, or even worse, Mad Max type apocalyptic scenarios, well, I want to be as far away as possible…

Image result for image of Mel Gibson's bad guys in Mad Max movie

Kinda see Donald Trump eyebrows behind that mask?…

Or are they Hillary Clinton’s?!….

Exhibit A this week of how lost Liberals and their “institutions” are!

Harvard is an illustration of Liberal, Left, Progressive thinking, and this story really defies any healthy, responsible logic which is completely absent from Democrats and their ilk.  Please, read, digest, and then vomit if responsibly based in this culture:

“The Harvard Kennedy School of Government, seemingly having no issue with Manning’s record, made her a visiting fellow for the year. In their announcement, the school mentions her court martial conviction, but is much more eager to note her advocacy on behalf of queer and transgender rights, as well as her exposes on Artificial Intelligence.

With the hire, the school was also able to note at the top of the page that this year’s class features their “first transgender fellow.” “

There really isn’t anything else to add to this recent “Shit Show”, as a patient I just saw earlier used repeatedly in the visit.  The Louts/Regressives/Libelous really are just that, a shit show, they just crap on society on a daily basis with such a disingenuous, dishonest, disdainful, and I will add a fourth “D” word, destructive agenda, there is no ability to be preemptive, attentive, and reflecting on what this will do to their role among the people, in this case a university of substantial prestige and influence.

I have a nephew at Harvard, who I have high regard and respect for, and yet, after this latest shit show by his eventual alma mater, all I can say is, how can his parents pay the money they do for an education from a place that is genuinely a shit show??

See the movie “Accepted” with Justin Long?  The irony with the premise is surely funny and pathetic at the same time, he created the South Harmon Institute of Technology, notice the acronym for the school, S.H.I.T., and it was a shit show most of the movie.

I used this picture before, just imagine Harvard freshman as a substitute:

Image result for image of movie Accepted cleaning up South Harmon Institute of Technology

(that’s them opening the door to the bathroom, see the movie to truly appreciate the scene at it’s finest…)

I wish you all well as Fall is about to commence…

Dependency, entitlement, enabling, and the demise of mental health along the way

Well, now I know I haven’t missed providing outpatient care after the one year hiatus I took working for the State of Maryland at their chronic care facilities.  Yep, the never ending pursuit of dependency, entitlement, and enabling has been unchanged from my travels prior.  And what makes it the worst is how providers are the most egregious in promoting these pathetic, pathological, and compromising behaviors not only in the patients, but among clinicians as well.

Can’t say “no” to patients, can’t make patients participate in therapy, can’t hold people accountable WHEN patients overtly screw up, and the most annoying and unredeemable matter of drug seeking that gets legitimized and rationalized.  I hate it, I won’t support it, and I won’t condone it.

And now, let’s take a tangential turn to a couple of ridiculous reads in the usual throw aways, Current Psychiatry, from that shill and pharma sell out Editor in Chief Henry “I gotta hankering for money” Nasrallah, and from Clinical Psychiatry News,  a Glenn M Losack letter to the editor.

First, Shill Nasrallah’s editorial piece “For first episode psychosis, Psychiatrists should behave like cardiologists”, as he makes a case that a psychotic break is “a brain attack”, and how psychiatrists should put all patients on injectable antipsychotics at this moment one, the way I read it irregardless if the cause of psychosis is schizophrenia or just happens to be a by product of a mood disorder, or good forbid occult substance abuse???

Because Shill Nasrallah is in the back pocket of Abilify and Invega, I’ll bet good money that is completely true.  Here’s the lame editorial, read it and creep, er, weep, or is it reap, nah, that’s Shill’s agenda…

(Current Psychiatry makes one be a member, so this other link is a summary):

I’ll type the last paragraph of Shill’s original column, to help my typing skills and to show how ridiculous he thinks:

“As psychiatric practitioners, we must be clinically aggressive during the “FEP [First Episode Psychosis]window of opportunity”, to avoid a second episode, thereby bending the curve of the downhill trajectory that occurs after second episodes.  We must behave like cardiologists, and relentlessly protect patients who suffer a first “brain attack” from experiencing a relapse.  No doubt, any psychiatrist who have a family member with FEP would channel their inner cardiologist and implement the evidence-based recommendations described above, but then shouldn’t we apply the same standard to every FEP patient we see?”

As for this Dr Losack, well, I hope folks have better luck finding the link, as I exhausted my efforts, but will sum up this psychiatrists points to “How to Save Psychiatry”.

First, he tells us of his “quite a lot of experience” per his 60 short term jobs over the past 36 years, working in New York/New Jersey/Connecticut areas in “every conceivable job for psychiatrists”.  This taught him these things:  Psychiatry is in trouble because of the shortage of psychiatrists and he claims there are places offering $50,000 PER WEEK for inpatient jobs [after reading that I knew the remaining three columns would be both hilarious and hideous]; then psychiatry will lose its prestige because of NPs and PAs; next, millions of Americans in rural areas aren’t being treated by docs, that then leads to his next point how telepsychiatry is for him at least the perfect position as he can treat patients from his Manhattan apartment, as he has no costs to accrue working for a Locums.

But, number 5 of his experienced teaching is the most absurd, and this coming from an alleged MD:  “I think it makes absolutely no sense for an MD or DO to do a 4 year residency any longer in psychiatry.”  He goes on to outline how a 2-2 &1/2 years of training that is basic medicine, 1 year inpatient, and 1 year outpatient would suffice.  Oh, and then his theme to all this winds up:  “a psychiatrist could be earning close to $200,000 instead to pay back loans.”

I end with what this cretin is really about, and how it is so disingenuous, dishonest, and rather disdainful for CPN to print this shit correspondence in the first place:  “Locum Tenens has allowed me to follow my passions in music, photography, and travel and earn a decent living doing so”, and then he includes his own links that are printed in the article to follow him?!

Which brings us back to the point of this article:  dependency, entitlement, and enabling is f—-g up everything in mental health care at least, and we have to read it from the pricks like Nasrallah and this New York loser Losack who get exposure in print from popular throw aways.

Sad, isn’t it?

Oh, and a take on the Losack letter from this colleague:

Changing The Three Legged Stool

Good luck this Fall…

funny psychiatrist cartoon

Sums up the characterological crap running the profession.

American Horror Story, just not on TV

While Dr O’Brien was forwarding the trailer for the next American Horror Story, which I will include in this link,

the real horror story is really this link,

“The ACA is actually two laws glued together: a vast Medicaid expansion to cover the poor and a federal takeover of individual insurance markets, previously regulated by states. Since that takeover, individual premiums have more than doubled, and they’re predicted to rise another 25 to 35 percent next year. The mandatory benefit package and community pricing regulation are to blame, according to actuarial experts. Premiums will never go down until Obamacare’s regulations are repealed. That would liberate the middle class to buy affordable insurance without hurting the poor on Medicaid.”

So, where did one hear about how Obamacare was as much a ploy to screw the middle class as any other agenda?  Oh yeah, here, over and over the last several years.

The Horror Story is how the Left, and now the Right in our political system these last 7 months, are not interested in doing their jobs, but just keeping them.  But, how big is that middle class voting block?  I think it is bigger than the Medicaid population who are allegedly benefitting, as they vote less reliably than those in the Middle Class.

Maybe, just maybe, we will see the Phoenix rise in the next 9 months and start to really screw these assholes who think they are eternally to stay in power.

Wishful thinking, perhaps.  But, I think there are people out there who are the embodiment of the message from the movie Network.  Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

The real storm in this country isn’t brewing over oceans, folks…

good luck with this ride

Don’t look back, but, enjoy the view ahead while you are still above the surface!!!


Her book is going to be a primer for laying out the textbook characterological bullshit of the antisocial loser who has no ego for truth and accountability.

I hope she pisses off someone who will make the word “whistleblower” to be the loudest and most consequential outcome any politician could ever experience.

And she not only is putting it in print, but, she is going to crow about it in front of dozens of audiences, who pathetically will pay to hear it!  Wow, talk about pouring salt into a fresh wound, that person who will be outraged will make sure she pays.

And not a dime will be spent, count on it!


You gotta admit, this picture is damn hilarious!!!

Reality check, please!

Hillary Clinton is not going to be President of the United States until she runs for office in 2019-20 and is elected, note I don’t say legally elected, but nonetheless, it won’t be for another 3 plus years.  Yet, the Left who really are unhinged, well, read these two stories and wonder how f—-d up the Democrats have become:


I’d offer what planet these absolute idiots are living on and coming to Earth for some laughs and attempts at taking the planet over, but, this stuff above is not funny, and certainly not going to be tolerated.

Again, marginalize, ostracize, and shun these bastards, and do it harshly when necessary, you can’t negotiate with this level of extremism, as it is behavior of the entrenched Personality Disordered, count on it!

Image result for image of crazy Hillary Clinton

Addendum 4PM: hilarious, this woman is equally evil and inept:

“And as part and parcel of being Hillary Clinton, bad computer security follows. We saw it in her bathtub illegal private server, which may have been hacked, we saw it in her campaign chief John Podesta, whose account password was ‘password,’ and we saw it in assorted claims of Russian hacking.

With Hillary continuing to hang around the same people she always does, it pretty well suggests that bad computer security is a given. Maybe she ought to get some new friends who know what they’re doing.”

You can’t make up this crap any better…

The elephant in the room

Image result for image of violent elephant in the room

This past week really has illustrated, to me at least, how pathetic and ignorant the Left and Democrats really are when they give such hideous mixed messages who they are, what they want, and how they will try to accomplish their goals.

But, I have no interest to reach out and try to negotiate with the Personality Disordered that are the Left/Democrats as per their leadership and people of influence.  Nope, those folks are lost and unapproachable, but, the elephant I speak of are the losers who are so easily mislead and manipulated.  Oh, and I get it, about 67% of those who vote Democrat every single election, they are part of that lost and unapproachable group as much as their failed leaders.

But, there are about a third of “Democrat voters” who still might have a chance at redemption and return to humanity as the rest of us know it to be for healthy, functional folks.  And that is my point here, will these people who are the elephants in the room realize how much they are being played and how they can make some real noise, some real impact in turning things around for the country?

Couple of links to show readers why I know my attitude that the Demon-craps is real and valid, let’s start with this first:

Oh, I don’t think the following bodes well for the entrenched Left:

“Evidence of the liberal tilt in criminology is widespread. Surveys show a 30:1 ratio of liberals to conservatives within the field, a spread comparable with that in other social sciences. The largest group of criminologists self-identify as radical or “critical.” These designations include many leftist intellectual orientations, from radical feminism to Marxism to postmodernism. Themes of injustice, oppression, disparity, marginalization, economic and social justice, racial discrimination, and state-sanctioned violence dominate criminological teaching and scholarship, as represented in books with titles like Search and Destroy: African American Males in the Criminal Justice System, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, and Imprisoning Communities: How Mass Incarceration Makes Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Worse.

A quick perusal of Presidential Awards for Distinguished Contributions to Justice, bestowed by the American Society of Criminology (ASC), shows that the winners were primarily rewarded for their left-wing advocacy. They included a judge in Massachusetts who advocated abolishing the state’s death penalty, an FBI agent who successfully sued the organization for ethnic discrimination, and a former director of juvenile corrections in Massachusetts who closed the state’s juvenile reformatories and wrote a book alleging that the system hunted down black men for sport. The society also honored Zaki Baruti, a radical black activist in St. Louis known for his hatred of police and support for leftist causes.

Recently, the ASC’s policy committee sent a mass e-mail to members, asking for help in countering a Wall Street Journal editorial written by Heather Mac Donald, a longtime City Journal contributing editor and a writer known for eviscerating liberal claims about the police and the justice system. Mac Donald argued that because of increased scrutiny and charges of racism, police had rolled back their efforts to deter crime, at least in minority communities, resulting in rising violence in many cities across the country. She called this the “Ferguson Effect,” after the town in Missouri where the (justified) police shooting of Michael Brown, a young black man, in 2014 ignited riots and gave rise to a new anti-law-enforcement push from advocates, the press, and Democratic politicians. The existence and extent of the Ferguson Effect is an empirical question that can be debated. But it is telling that the ASC had never shown any interest in rebutting the hundreds of editorials that repeated factually baseless claims about police shootings or the racism supposedly embedded in the criminal-justice system. Only Mac Donald’s work was singled out—as was Wilson’s, years earlier.”

and then this later:

“While promoting the report, Travis and Nicholas Turner, president of the Vera Institute of Justice, an advocacy organization, published a New York Times op-ed assailing American prisons and holding up the German penal system as a positive exemplar. “To be sure, there are significant differences between the two countries,” the authors observed. “Most notably, America’s criminal justice system was constructed in slavery’s long shadow and is sustained today by the persistent forces of racism.” Not only does this statement shed light on the authors’ ideological views; it also manages to insult anyone who works in the criminal-justice system and who values public safety and order.”

Yeah, I would really want to compare myself to German efforts, even today!

And then this story, which really is one of many saying the same thing about the pathetic defense of Antifa, which I will be calling Anarcha hereon for the frank Anarchist agenda they are solely about:

I think the author points out well the point how the two extremist sides of our one party system do differentiate:

“First of all, let’s discuss that Vox said that Tea Party protesters were peaceful. Maybe that’s because wanting fewer regulations, taxes, and reducing the size of governmentis not a crazy, right wing terrorist agenda. That was a nice comment to add concerning how peaceful protests have worked out so much better concerning political activism than beating people up. The Occupy protests brought vandalism and scores of crimesto the various encampments, so let’s not cite them as a stellar example, albeit Vox did do a nice job showing how Antifa’s violence is going to hurt their agenda. Not necessarily complaining about that for this bunch of progressive thugs. I would say that the only thing Vox omitted from their criticism of Antifa is not that it plays into President Trump’s hands concerning political violence being committed by the far left, or that it’s not effective activism—all of that is true. It’s that political violence is, well, absolutely wrong. Vox does say that it’s wrong, but through the lens of results and optics. We don’t beat up people because they hold differing political opinions. To commit acts of violence to further a political goal and influence the wider audience, which by the way is textbook terrorism, is wrong. Yes, nonviolent protests have been more effective. Yes, left wing political violence only emboldens its opposition and makes them seem like crazy people to the sensible center of America, but perhaps the No. 1 reason why Antifa is doing it wrong is because when they use violence to stop their opponents, they’re no better than neo-Nazis. You know, the whole violence is wrong thing we were taught when we were young. Maybe that should be the No. 1 reason Antifa is wrong.

But, the Democrats are a party of evil, of pervasive hate, and they are eternally outraged they don’t own the White House, and will stop at nothing to try to regain that part of government, at any cost.

So, if you are a Democrat, and see nothing wrong with the optics and messages your party continues to sell, well, you are most likely an antisocial cretin.  So, I will hope those around you who don’t espouse your beliefs and narrative will figure you out sooner than later, and find creative ways to marginalize and ostracize you!

But, if you are a Democrat and see some problems with your party’s agenda, well, time to roar in the room.  Believe me, the Democrat choir is not the objective for change, but those like you who want to maintain independence and autonomy.

Oh, those last two terms in that prior sentence, those are basically “f— you” and “racist bastard” to the entrenched Left.  Autonomy and independence, not concepts for the Anarchas and Democrat Bastard leaders in this country!

Related image

So, time to make some noise, and some impact.  Antifa, er, Anarcha, they only want one thing, and we saw that well illustrated in a film a few years ago:

This is Anarcha folks, the projection is so perfect in illustration!

addendum Sept 4 10 AM:

Kurt Schlicter is right on the money:

“So now there are really four political parties stuffed into two political party infrastructures:

  1. Right, pro-establishment (The RINOs)
  2. Right, anti-establishment (The Trump voters)
  3. Left, pro-establishment (Hillary’s snobby urban corporatist jerk corps)
  4. Left, anti-establishment (The Bernie/Warren/Stalin Axis of Venezuela)

            This explains why we see the DC establishment unifying to protect its power and privilege – and holding us normals in utter contempt. Most Democrat senators and Republican senators have much more in common with each other than with us – to the GOP establishment, Trump’s clearly the bigger threat than a counterpart across the aisle. It also explains why you hear about Bernie supporters who went for Trump instead of Felonia von Pantsuit. That’s the fault line – the desire to keep or destroy this monstrous status quo. This new axis will reshape the political parties as their uncomfortable coalitions jockey for control of their respective party’s infrastructure (Yeah, the Dems have big problems too). Hell, it may reshape – violently – our whole country if we aren’t careful.”

Repugnocants, and Demon-craps, it really has devolved into choosing the lesser of evils, and frankly, how one can tolerate the concept of promoting, much less accepting evil as rule is just pathetic.

Again, where is this third party to rise from the ashes?…


addendum Sept 4 4PM:  this should disturb any Democrat who has half a brain, but, that would alter the definition of Democrat, eh?:

“The play unleashed a torrent of outrage on social media after the festival published this year’s list of shows. Its head-scratching title was enough for some neighbors to condemn it, but the play’s description is even more provocative: “Can liberals accept that pedophilia is a legitimate sexuality?”

from the quote inside the link, but, it is what it is.

The Left wants to normalize pedophilia.

Another reason to hate the Left with Extreme Prejudice!  Yeah, let’s seek out this group as allies for a cause, how f—d up is that!?

Act of God??

I’ll make the pathetic, ugly prediction:  as Hurricane Harvey most likely destroys the lower half of Texas the next few days (but hopefully not!), watch the final death throes of the Left/Liberals/Progressives (ie the Louts/Libelous/Regressives) destroy themselves in their hideous racist hate vitriol of how this is deserved of the State.  Oh, and it already has started!:

“The Daily Kos writes:

This is shaping up to be another Hurricane Katrina—complete with a devastating impact on black and brown communities. Southeast Texas and the coastal bend regions of the state are expected to be the hardest hit. While Hispanics make up about 40 percent of the state’s population, Texas has one of the largest black populations in the country. And they live concentrated in the areas that are predicted to be hardest hit.

Collectively, black people are the most populous minority in Southeast Texas though they are scattered around. This demographic data is important because it tells the story of who is likely to be impacted. In short, this hurricane is going to do incredible damage to the areas where black people live and many aren’t in positions to evacuate or financially withstand the impact.

If this doesn’t wake up the majority of Americans who don’t defecate, er, genuflect to the Left and their ilk, then what the hell will make people realize the Left relentlessly hates the country!?  And WHEN these bastards go out in the media and try to tell us people in Texas deserve to be punished, god forbid they say people should die, well, what are people going to do with this hate?

Yeah, you can say I am a hypocrite for wanting justice for the Left and their relentless assault on so many fronts to this society, but, try reasoning with these bastards.  You can’t, and why antisocials eventually wind up in jails or graveyards.  But,  write me off, and then wonder later if I am right in this prediction…

Funny, didn’t read how it was deserved New York was damaged by Sandy several years ago.  Funny how the Left projects how racist and horrible the Right/Conservatives/Republicans are, when it is how much hate the Left truly embraces.

Oh, by the way, Houston is a predominately Left City, so where will that rhetoric go once they figure out they are damning their own…

Image result for picture of Hurricane Harvey August 25 2017

Let’s hope this bastard storm just blows over quick and minimally!

Then we’ll see whether the winds of blowhards on the other 2 shores of this country can try to take over and do more damage!


addendum Aug 28 5PM

Only took 3 days:

and these septic tank douchebags, they are people of influence and control amongst us, what the f— is that, you think Tampa University will can this piece of garbage?  No, they will promote his stink ass…

And I know it will get worse, wait for it!


addendum Aug 30 8PM:

At least the bastard above got fired.  Chump change though…

As Dr O’Brien noted in his comment here, then there are the real frauds who are just being disgusting con artists.  First this one:

Sarsour is a lying soulless bitch.  Which sums up the Palestinian cause for everything they touch, even their own people they prey on when there aren’t Israelis around.

Then this one that takes the above link lower:

Can you believe the shit the Left/Progressives/Liberals shovel and then try to throw at anyone who doesn’t jerk off their genitals?  I love the assholes who shriek endlessly that women/blacks/Muslims can’t be charged with racism or discrimination.  What a total and complete joke these losers are, their projection is just pathetic and hideous to endure.

And Houston is a Democrat stronghold from what I know.  So, as I noted at the beginning of this post, the scum who are trying to turn this tragedy/catastrophe into another effort to slime the Right, Conservatives, Republicans shows so clearly how they eat their own.

Again, this is how a Personality Disordered Society just continues to metastasize into a hideous being that will stop at nothing to destroy any and all in their path at self righteous ruin.  What the hell was this story about Melania Trump’s shoes???

F— the curtain reference, just stare at the feet on the ground, better distractions, eh, Louts, Regressives, and Libelous scumbags?!  And this disaster hasn’t even found some plateau to rest on for a brief period yet, so we will endure more scum and villainy from those who just hate.

I leave you will a lame paraphrase from Steven Seagal’s Hard To Kill, when he tells Kelly LeBrock why he is good at restoring himself to fighting form:  “Before I could learn how to hurt, I needed to learn how to heal.”  No shit, but how many people really can understand that premise.

Not the Left/Progressives/Liberals, they are the Louts/Regressives/Libelous!


last addendum here, Aug 31 830PM:

Going to post the link and the last few paragraphs, tell me this is not what I have been saying not only in this post, but about the Left and their ilk:

“There are numerous ways to support the Red Cross’ relief efforts: You can text the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a one-time $10 donation, visit, or call 1-800-RED-CROSS. The Center for International Disaster Information recommends donating cash over supplies in the wake of a national disaster because it comes with “no transportation costs, shipping delays, or customs fees. It also enables relief organizations to spend more time providing aid by spending less time managing goods.” You can also donate to local food banks, shelters, and other organizations; there’s a longer list here.

Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day, so I commend Slate for actually telling this woman that her girlfriend is, well, unhinged. Second, this is the ugly nature of identity politics and American liberalism. Given this bizarre incident, the people who have voiced publicly that Texas deserved the hurricane, or any notion that helping a red state is difficult, it seems that Democratic voters are so burned by their 2016 loss. Screw red states, they deserve it. 

Second, I think they can’t stand to see images of Americans of all races, creeds, and ethnicities helping each other out and supporting one another in the face of catastrophe. This prevents their poisonous cookie cutter-style politics from being effective. To punish people because they voted for someone with whom you disagree is anti-American, illiberal, and just plain crazy. Who the hell thinks like this? And the liberal media says conservatives, Republicans, and white guys are the problem with America. Yeah, sure—keep thinking that.

Oh, and apparently everyone in Texas is a Nazi, according to Charlie Hebdo. Is it vile, idiotic, and absolutely within their right under the principle of free speech to print such material? Yes. But that doesn’t mean we can’t respond and it certainly shows how insane the Left has become. “

This is NOT insanity folks, this is plain f—-g evil.  Again, they don’t even care it is in a city that is predominately Democrat driven.  See the bite marks on the citizens, amazing it isn’t straight out of a Walking Dead scene…

And onto the next post in a few days…


This is example A of evil in this country

First the link:

Really, criminalizing prayor?!  Who are these douchebags in these Court rooms across this country, making appropriate, reasonable boundaries and expectations become criminal acts and agendas?!

Again, why the Louts/Regressives/Libelous are f—-g up America big time.

You think a guy running over protestors was a big deal?  Wait until some cretin shows up at a court house and starts shooting judges, but even worse, the staff who are forced to work for these f—-rs who are destroying America.

By the way, just as an aside, yesterday and today I set a new record for having to write prescriptions for a lame prior prescriber who I replaced, yep, 9 psychotropic meds for one patient, two different people total.  NINE psychiatric meds for one person!!!

And, I am a consultant for a rehab program where I am now, who made me see a person who was two days off a basic 5 year binge of cocaine, to assess what is the psychiatric problem and what meds to implement.  Gotta love this bullshit, diagnosis for what 1500 days of cocaine is masquerading as.

Idiots, we are surrounded by idiots, until further notice!

To those in Southern Texas and Louisiana, I pray for you honestly, and hope I don’t go to jail for caring and worrying for you!!!  Harvey, a name that will live in infamy…


addendum this evening:

Ben Shapiro to add the exclamation point:

I’ll let him end it with his ending, and know this, to fuck around with prayer, if it gives one genuine healthy hope and faith, well, that is just plain evil folks, and you can all figure it out!

“Now, teachers don’t have the absolute right to do and say what they want as employees of school districts. Did the school district have the right to fire Kennedy? Perhaps so. But to suggest that public schools have an obligation to fire those like Kennedy is a despicable, purposeful misreading of the First Amendment, and a blow at Christianity more generally. Kennedy forced no one; his religious practice inspired many. That’s something good. But for the Left, even the presence of religion in any decent light must be proscribed on the public dollar. The Founders would have been appalled by such nonsense.”

Well, alright, I am ending the post on my words, as I’m not Christian, but I respect any religion that wants good in people.  The Left will stop at nothing to promote their selfish, arrogant, misleading, and harmful agendas to fuck America, and being ignorant or just terminally optimistic their faux support of any miniscule cause is allegedly good, well, there were some who thought Nazis and Stalins were for the good of the people.

Yeah, fuck those idiots too, if any are still alive to rue their days of support!

Sorry, the Left needs to burn, and fast if we can salvage what remains good and true for the needs of the many who care for community and planet.  Not a threat to anyone, but, I truly hope there is a karma out there who is as pissed as I am, and can do something to rectify these wrongs.

And I genuinely pray I am right for the right reasons!!!