You have to ask yourself,…

are we as humans really the best species on this planet?  I don’t ask that facetiously, or sarcastically, but honestly.  I think we are inherently flawed, because we pursue pleasure and instant gratification so instinctively, I think we have come full circle in the evolution of the brain and just returned to reptilian levels, just more efficiently.

Certainly those who aspire and achieve levels of leadership in whatever culture develops us, it inherently is tarnished and ruined once power and control is found.

Think about it for a moment.  Those who had come to a point of honest and respectful moments of greatness, be it  MLK, Ghandi, Lincoln, Moses, Christ, (and others including women I can’t list for the sake of time and space) people who spoke plainly yet forcefully for what were appropriate and righteous needs and goals, where did they wind up.  Martyrs yes, but dead way before they should have died.

Healthy leadership is always scorned and terminated prematurely, almost always with extreme prejudice.  Hate and evil equally craves control and worship, but, always at a cost.  What is that mantra, better to be served than to serve?…

These people in D.C., they are lost, again irregardless of party affiliation.  As best said by Carlin over 20 years ago, the shit they shuffle, it always winds up at the same endpoint, garbage in and garbage out, what is best for the few and well positioned.  The people who such impaired cretins claim to represent, nah, these cruel leaders only resent the public at the end of the day.

As I wrote in an earlier post a few weeks ago, inevitably we have to thank a very flawed person that is Donald Trump for bringing out the worst in what has hidden in the shadows of the halls of leadership.  Maybe he won because the subconscious wish to expose the frauds and villains could only be attained by having a fraud and villain who had no overt political capital to lose be in the position Trump is in now?

Oh, the irony is rich, and so figurative and literal in this sentence alone!!!

Why am I writing this here and now?  Because the corruption currently at hand mostly by the Democrats is revealing how consumed they are to restore their positions of power.  One looks at their faces, their mannerisms, their choice of words, it all shows what is the antisocial mostly, some more narcissistic as a prime agenda, but in the end, plain characterological dysfunction.  If people can’t see it, well, I don’t know how to teach it beyond being steadfast in being attentive to the deeds, ignore the words at the end of the day.

Even if the truth prevails, and people are punished if at not least shamed into submission, it will only be a brief respite.  The Republicans will fill in the gaps left by the briefly departed Democrat scum and villainy.  And the average citizen will not only support it, but forget what they were outraged about weeks to months earlier.

Humans, as well said in the movie “Contact”, are capable of such beautiful dreams, and yet equally of such terrible nightmares.  Evolved to do what with this planet?

Screw it up.  Waste opportunities.  Limited vision.

To anyone who has the potential to be a next Lincoln, King, even a Jesus, just watch your back while you face the people.

There will always be a bastard with a proverbial knife behind you…

Image result for image of person about to be stabbed in back

reread this prior post from almost 5 years ago and wonder, was I really off the mark in this observation?  We will be feeling his impact for years to come…



The American Dream, now a nightmare.

I tried to forward the following comment to a column at, but since I don’t have Facebook access, can’t forward it.  By the way, gotta love sites that think the only readers are Facebook subscribers, inherent discrimination, eh?

This is what I wrote, wanted to keep it somewhere for prosperity, if the right word?

“Starting a life or new path based on a lie is plain disingenuous and dishonest to frame as anything else. When people are direct and transparent, they inherently will be more positively received and trusted. So, this narrative that American citizens OWE these “Dreamers” the right to stay and gain citizenship as a whole block of people is, well, equally disingenuous and dishonest for any legitimate citizen to accept as rote plan.

Sorry, maybe there is a legitimate block of illegal immigrants that should be considered offered amnesty; BUT, then as children who were wrongly brought to America by parents who inherently did more wrong than right in coming into America undocumented and unaccounted, it really amounts to 2 wrongs allegedly make a right.

Ironic there, use of the word “right”. Being a legitmate, thoroughly vetted immigrant to attain citizenship rights to be in this country is the right here, figuratively and literally!

When people allow those in power to dumb down and dismiss appropriate, expected boundaries, it only opens the door for an anti-socialization of America. But, we are dealing with politicians who are only interested in KEEPING their jobs, not DOING them!

And pay attention to those who shriek “wrong!” to what I have written above. They are likely to be doing one if not both of the following things: hypocritical losers who tell others what to do but never do it themselves, and/or complicit sociopaths who want to disrupt the foundations of this country to create upheaval and then continue to disrupt and prey on others to only benefit themselves.

Hmm, sounds a lot like the group of losers in the halls of Congress, eh?!?!”

Again, we are doomed folks…

________________________addendum later today 1/22/18:

I mentioned this in my last post per a column about that fraud masquerading as the State of California Attorney General and what a complete bag of shit he is for that shit hole that is the Golden (what, due to everyone taking a piss on the street!?) State.

This column clarifies it succinctly for me:

“Who benefits from tolerating mass illegal immigrants? Sacramento politicians crassly believe they’re currying favor with Latino voters by obstructing Trump. Let’s start with California’s wealthy elites, who occupy amazing real estate on the Pacific coast while enjoying the spoils of cheap labor and millions of working-class people struggle. This helps explain why California has, by one U.S. Census Bureau metric, the highest actual poverty rate in America. Most Americans would likely guess that dubious distinction would belong to Mississippi or West Virginia, but for millions of people, the Golden State has become a “Paradise Lost,” a land spoiled by counterproductive government policies.”

So well said!


Addendum Tues Jan 23 830A:  I think this adds to the theme of American Nightmare, not that this is really new, but, in today’s news at least:

“The Senate committee investigators found several pieces of evidence to support the connection between ObamaCare’s expansion and the opioid epidemic. For example:

  • The number of criminal Medicaid drug fraud cases was 55% higher in the four years after the ObamaCare expansion went into effect, compared with the four years before the expansion.
  • More than 80% of the Medicaid-opioid cases turned up by investigators were in Medicaid expansion states.
  • Drug overdose death rates are rising “nearly twice as fast in expansion states as non-expansion states,” the report finds.

What’s more, data from the Centers for Disease Control show that opioid overdose rates turned upward in 2014 — the year of the ObamaCare expansion. The data also show that of the 15 states with the highest overdose rates in 2015, all but two were Medicaid expansion states. Of the 15 states with the lowest overdose rates, eight had not expanded Medicaid.”

Gee, another example of Obama’s beneficence for the people.  Hey folks, this man never ceased to figure out ways to literally kill Americans, if he could!

Democrats are treasonous bastards!


, ,

Starting this post from my phone, and I will be writing more once I get to my desktop Friday night.  But, tonight is a night that is the warning shot of real Civil War reignited in America.

The Democrats once again want to tear this country apart simply for slavery.  What disgusting selfish, evil scumbags these partisan shitstains show themselves to be.

It is time for honest caring citizens to wake up and realize we are deeply in trouble if this continues further.

Again, the lying, lack of remorse,  pervasive harm and pain, and mocking of well accepted standards and boundaries,  this is the basis of evil, folks.

And these Democrat bastards expect the true citizens to not only say thank you for being irrevocably screwed, but then expect victims to just bend over for more.  Wow, and realize that about 65 million Americans really believe in Democrat causes!

November 2018 is too late to make a difference.  Sorry, violence is going to happen, not by me mind you, but sanity can only be pushed around so long.

Hope I am completely wrong!!!

And these soulless Democrat leaders just smile so cruelly when they utter these hideous narratives…  Sleep well tonight.


Addendum Friday 8AM:  it is so sad what Americans accept as leadership.  Sorry, these morons and cretins are not representing me.

This will be a short post, sorry to those who come here…


last addendum here, 4PM Friday:

several links to make my point about the depravity of any redeemable soul to the democrat party, the Demon-craps I have gleefully called them for years now:

First, why California is a shit-hole:

Run by supermajority Demon-crap rule, this one notes why Demon-crap policy rivals the attitude of Methadone clinics:

“A cynical interpretation holds that this is a feature, not a bug. Just as California’s prison-guard unions have fought reforms that might reduce the prison population — fewer prisoners, fewer prison-guard jobs — California’s poverty bureaucrats have a similar incentive. “In order to keep growing its budget, and hence its power, a welfare bureaucracy has an incentive to expand its ‘customer’ base — to ensure that the welfare rolls remain full and, ideally, growing,” Jackson writes.”

Yep, dependency is a shit-hole agenda, no matter how it is formulated.

Next, staying with California Shit-hole agendas, doesn’t this one make anyone not only in the state, but all else in the other 49 states want to say in so many words, “who the fuck are you protecting, you scum bag attorney general cum dumpster?!”

“As the Sacramento Bee details, the new law:

  • Requires employers to ask immigration agents for a warrant before granting access to a worksite.
  • Prevents employers from voluntarily sharing confidential employee information without a subpoena.
  • Requires employers to notify their workers before a federal audit of employee records.
  • Gives the attorney general and labor commissioner exclusive authority to enforce new provisions of state labor laws.
  • Prohibits employers from re-verifying information on employment verification forms, unless compelled to by federal law.

Wow, I would think citizens would rather literally burn or drown in mud slides than be dragged into the California legal system and face these treasonous bastards who are to represent the legitimate American citizens.  Sorry to readers, but, FUCK every Californian politician who supports this smegma laden agenda!

Moving on, and I am sure readers pray I go somewhere more respectful, the feminist movement that is mostly a Lout/Regressive/Libelous, and Demon-crap laden group, well, the super-sized colostomy bag fallout from the idiot who went after actor Aziz Ansari because she has no clue that casual sex is just that, casual and has no meaning!

I think this link sums it up nicely:

This said by Ben Shapiro, one of the few realistic commenters in society of late:

“I think the #MeToo movement has been good for the country, but I think that what it’s really pointed to is the need for a set of rules that makes some sense, and so far I haven’t seen a set of rules that make a lot of sense from people on the Left, who alternatively suggest that consent is the only standard and then will suggest that even in areas where it seems consent has been given, that men are supposed to read the non-verbal signals.

That’s the in case in this Aziz Ansari case. The woman was saying that she gave non-verbal cues; well, it seems to me that being naked in a guy’s apartment and performing sexual acts on him at least twice is a pretty solid non-verbal cue that he might take the wrong way. So it’s bizarre to me that if you’re going to set a certain standard and the only standard is “I consent to be here and do this,” that you’re somehow going to change that standard because you feel pressured or awkward. Again, you got rid of all the traditional standards and now you’ve built up this false standard in its place that’s sort of legalistic in nature and it’s not holding.”

Yeah, mind reading, that is typical of Axis 2 idiotic expectations.  Why I know in my heart a sizeable portion of the Feminist movement is characterologically impaired.

And finally, a column by Mr Shapiro himself, why the Demon-craps are just a bunch of douchebag/shitbag treasonous assholes of epic proportions:

I like Ben Shapiro because he is no nonsense, he calls any and all idiots and abusive jerks on their behaviors and agendas irregardless of party or partisan affiliation, and he simply wants people to think before they act!

I think when you read the following from his post, you read that he notes Trump is an idiot, the Republicans are callous selfish jerks, which is why they let him represent the party in the first place, and how the Democrats are just evil calculating fuckers who want to rule, at any cost:

“So, how can Democrats emerge with a victory here? Only by banking on two possibilities: first, the possibility that Trump is so toxic that the public will blame him for things that obviously aren’t his fault; second, the possibility that Trump wants to golf so much this weekend that he simply signs off on a continuing resolution that contains a cave on DACA. That’s always a possibility — Trump has been played by Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) before, as with the budget negotiations late last year.

But if this shutdown fight continues, it will be difficult for Democrats to continue a government shutdown and stonewall funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program simply to get a win on DACA, when they could easily negotiate the DACA matter separately from the continuing resolution.”

But, honest and attentive politicians know this, don’t let petty politics degrade into the shit-hole that is Washington DC today, and realize that true American citizens are a higher priority than those who came here ILLEGALLY, and that is the operative word here, ILLEGALLY!

I end with this, irregardless of how rude, insensitive, or dismissive readers will interpret it:  people who commit crimes and insults on the society they live in deserve nothing but contempt and ostracizing if the offenders continue to maintain their perspective of illegality and immorality is the only narrative and agenda.

Sorry, if people think that starting life or goals on lies, deceit, and manipulation to take advantage of others deserves respect and support, well, FUCK THOSE WHO THINK THAT WAY!  Why we have prisons and graveyards at the end of the day.

Yeah, used this picture before, and now, and likely later:

Again, Civil War is around the corner, good luck folks!……


Flying in America, what a pain!

So, I took my first round trip by plane this past weekend and back yesterday, to points South for anyone interested in some specifics, and now I know why I like to travel about every 7-10 years as best to avoid!

How do regular travelers who can’t fly first class do it!?  While my trips down and back weren’t the worst experiences I have heard in my readings and conversations in the past 16 years since 9/11/2001, it wasn’t fun either.

Just one thing:  when is it “right” or “appropriate” for other travelers to say something to a parent who’s kid is literally screaming like a damn banshee for more than 5 minutes as the plane is taking off?

Me, I said out loud “reminds me of the scene in Airplane when they line up to deal  with the hysterical passenger, slapping, punching, and others in line with weapons”.

Yeah, I was joking, but, where the hell were the stewardesses in this fiasco?!  Oh yeah, my bad, flight attendants.  Or, remove the “l” in the first word of that title?…

Maybe these folks on the plane should wear black and white stripped outfits…

I love that scene!  Anyway, hope your travels are uneventful!

Back to the usual posts this weekend!

The opioid crisis is many things,…

First, I advise readers to peruse this column by Mr French:

In there was this:

“Moreover, the challenge is compounded by the fact that the crisis is worst in the communities most disconnected from social and economic support. I wrote last October about some disturbing findings from Senator Mike Lee’s invaluable Social Capital Project. Less-educated individuals are more likely to overdose, but look at the statistics on marriage:

Married and widowed Americans account for 68 percent of the population but only 28 percent of overdose deaths. “In contrast, never-married and divorced Americans made up about 32 percent of the population, but accounted for 71 percent of all opioid overdose deaths.”

In that piece I wrote about the necessity of family repair as a means of confronting the crisis, but I fear that using those words doesn’t sufficiently convey the complexity of the task. Family repair is an immense cultural challenge, yet success in that immense challenge isn’t foolproof. The best of families can still face the scourge of addiction. The most loving wives lose their husbands. The best parents still lose their children.”

That is quite the observation, eh?

I am not going to dwell on addiction issues ad nauseum here, because if anyone reads here with any regularity, it is obvious I am outspoken about addiction from what I deal with day in and out doing outpatient work.  Addicts are selfish, destructive, and inconsiderate louts at the end of the day.  They have no motivation to change or accept they have a problem until they crash into their own personal abyss.

And even then some can’t climb out of such a hole.

Addiction is a multi-dimensional beast, and thus has to be approached for treatment as well as in persistent efforts to squash it as a societal consequence in a multi-dimensional manner.  Again, a bio-psycho-social problem, requiring bio-psycho-social solutions.

I find it both hideous and hilarious that so many in the medical field persist in throwing chemicals at a chemical problem as the sole intervention, until proven otherwise.  Gee, fighting fire with fire, it works, what, 1 out of 20 times, which is statistical random chance?  Good luck playin’ those odds, folks!

I think David French hits it square in the nose in the end:

“Each of those things is important in its own right, but even as we keep our eyes fixed on Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, we cannot forget the larger challenge that faces us all. Too many of our nation’s citizens live in the depths of hopelessness and despair. We in the media and in politics respond by shying away from uncertainty and complexity and focus instead on the things we can change. So we talk more about lesser matters, and while our attention is turned elsewhere our friends and neighbors slip further and further away.”

There are many examples of why our politicians, forget what pathetic party they belong to for just one minute, have no clue how to truly represent their constituents at the end of the day.  But, letting this opioid situation just stagnate and continue to take lives, one has to wonder, is this politicians’ efforts to prune down the population they see as expendable?  Yeah, a harsh proposition, but, I think the deplorable comments from Shrillary and her ilk legion speak volumes why the Left don’t give a shit anymore about anyone else but their own choir of shriek show scumbags.

(oh, and now that CNN and other idiots are writing and saying shit all over media outlets, I guess George C lost one of his 7 dirty words not said in public, sorry, Georgey…)

Deeds not words folks, sometimes the silence is deafening.

No posts over the weekend, will be doing a walkabout for next 4 or so days…

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Louts and Regressives are real idiots, so who is of diminished capacity…


, ,

So this book released by Michael Wolff basically calling Trump incompetent, mentally impaired, and even comments now of diminished capacity, well, where did these idiots from the Left (Louts), Progressives (Regressives), and Liberals (Libelous) go when they tried to pin the scarlet letters “SH” for sexual harassment on Trump and Roy Moore from Alabama?  Hmm, Conyers, Franken, and assorted other cretins who are firmly from the camp of Louts/Regressives/Libelous are out of power, control, and influence for exactly the shit they were shoveling onto the Republicans (Repugnocants), Right (wRongs), and Conservatives (Constipatives: ie full of shit).

Remember when someone reported there were meds being used by Congress/Senate politicians that included dementia meds?  You can’t just pursue selected accusations of diminished mental capacity without opening the door for the whole body of politicians being scrutinized.  Oh how I look forward to seeing Pelosi and Waters being exposed as impaired losers in coming months.  Anyway, getting back to Wolff’s excrement, er, expose he had released today…

We’ll start with this link to show the damage control already in place:

One thing Wolff wrote in the Prologue:

“Sometimes I have let the players offer their versions, in turn allowing the reader to judge them. In other instances I have, through a consistency in the accounts and through sources I have come to trust, settled on a version of events I believe to be true.”

Gee, already accounting for people to challenge his version of truths.  This guy is the real moron here, his projections of what Trump is allegedly guilty of really apply to many of this bozo’s cronies who hate Trump with a zeal people had for Hitler (yeah, I’ll go there as an analogy, I’ll get back to why in future addendums…), and his unethical behaviors as an alleged journalist/reporter will be exposed AGAIN.

Anyway, I’ll be writing about this sack of shit literary attack dog effort over the weekend, and hope readers will start with what alleged colleagues are doing to continue to violate Goldwater Rules making overtly diagnostic comments and advising political actions.

Geez, if this doesn’t make the APA look even more pathetic, I don’t know what can.

Read this joke of a journalistic interview report and watch the video of this moron politician from Maryland, my home state of assholes and antisocial jerks, who double talk so much it is amazing for people to understand the diarrhea spewing from his mouth!

Not making a diagnosis, but she (the unethical bitch from Yale) is just saying he is dangerous and unable to handle the duties of being in office.  WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT!?!?  It’s a diagnostic impression, folks!!!

But, you think the APA will hand out punishment for this bitch psychiatrist’s violations of standards of ethical expectations?  No, because most if not all of the APA hierarchy can’t be heard because they have their mouths so firmly pressed on Democrat/ Liberal/ Progressive genitals or anuses.

Think that last sentence was crude or harsh, stay tuned…

Rod Serling


First addendum, just 10 minutes later:  Read this and see why I have every right to be outraged by these lying sack of shit psychiatrists who have agendas and partisan goals, oh how I hope she is exposed to be a Democrat hack!

“Since then, I have been among the many who are shocked and saddened by President Trump’s behavior and can well understand the impulse toward protest and activism that motivated Dr. Lee and her colleagues to formally express their views in this book. However, as a physician and psychiatrist, I cannot condone and must strongly criticize these actions as unprofessional, unethical, and irresponsible.

I embrace the First Amendment and subscribe to Voltaire’s famous quote: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” However, the matter of Donald Trump’s mental status is different from the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement, or abortion rights in which physicians have historically expressed their strong support for social justice. In opining on the POTUS’s mental health, we are using our professional credentials to express a medical opinion when we have neither the right nor the evidence to do so.”

Read the whole column and figure it out for yourselves…


Next and last addendum, 12N Sunday 1/7/18:

This story gathering steam from this book is just so pathetic, by this moronic author, by the possessed Louts and Regressives who will stop at nothing to see Trump ousted from the White House, by Trump himself who shows how entrenched his narcissism truly engulfs his narratives and agendas, and finally the idiots behind him who feel they can ride his coattails as long as possible, as long as they can benefit as equally selfish and narrow minded.

Hey folks, this is what I have been railing about for the last couple of years, this is the hallmark of the country’s Personality Disordered Society.  We elected a narcissist to avoid another 4 to 8 years of more antisocial shit the Democraps have fully embraced.  But, the message I see much brighter than the petty piss ass bickering from both sides of the real one party Republocrats is that evil will likely endure at the end of the day.

I have a read for those interested, albeit from over 6 years ago, but, I think it still applies, and boy, I bet the author is just shaking his head in disbelief watching how Trump is the poster child for his article:

So much to want to copy, but I will just go with this one paragraph:

“One of the primary characteristics of narcissists is their exaggerated sense of entitlement. It’s hardly surprising then that so many politicians (or narcissist-politicians) somehow think they “deserve” to game the system. After all, from their self-interested perspective, isn’t that what the system is for? In their heavily self-biased opinion, if they want something, by rights it should be their’s. So, nothing if not opportunistic, they take from public and private coffers alike whatever they think they can get away with. And given their grandiose sense of self, they’re inclined to believe they can get away with most anything. Sad to say, in today’s world of capitalistic politics their judgment isn’t that skewed. Which is to say they’re much more often right than wrong.”

But, there is more to read and absorb there, hope it’s worth your time.

I want to finish this post noting the sheer hypocrisy and self serving agenda that Bandy X Lee is illustrating in her quest to be the leader for taking down Trump.  I apologize rather halfheartedly in my earlier comment here about her, but really, she is being a bitch with her faux claims she has no political agenda.  Sorry, loser colleague at Yale, but if she couldn’t see the antisocial shit in Obama and Hillary Clinton sooner, there is the real injustice to the people.  But, deeds speak louder than words, and for this unethical and immoral psychiatrist to have the unmitigated gall to speak to Congressmen/women as a representative of psychiatry needs to be dealt with, real fucking quick!

But, the APA has the same agenda as Lee, so I hope they all go down in flames for taking such a dumbass role in trying to screw up politics even more!  Another shining moment of history repeating itself, and I’ll bet some of the assholes at the APA were around when they lynched Goldwater, yep, some of these fuckers just can’t die fast enough!  Yeah, rude and crude, but, frame it respectfully?!  Hell NO!!!

Lesson I learned in trying to thwart Narcissists and Antisocials, you best be ready to be hurt in some fashion, because one cannot enter than arena and try to be the mensch or respectful person when one is to be challenging someone of such Personality Disordered magnitude, who has no interest or ability to figure out where is a balance to minimize damage.

Trump is not primarily going to screw up America, nope, he will drag as many equally dysfunctional idiots and losers who want to jump into that ring and start flailing around, with one eye looking for any cameras to get into that spotlight.  It takes a village to raise and serve the idiots!

To bring it back to psychiatry in general, that is why so much of this “treatment resistant” bullshit is just ruining peoples’ lives, and not just the patients.  One cannot medicate personality disordered issues that are a primary drive to the dysfunction bringing these people into treatment.  And I will go to my grave knowing that medication makes Personality Disordered people worse.

So to conclude from my humble yet outraged opinion, don’t buy this asshole Wolff’s book.  Just watch the news every couple of days or so, find a site that has a nice mix of reflections, mine are and .  I think Guy Benson and Ben Shapiro, respectively the head editors of these sites, really have a reliable read on this shit show, especially Shapiro.  Just remember the adage about what to expect if one gets into a knife fight.  You’re gonna get cut!

Again, 2016 was about lesser of evils.  I can’t for the life of me imagine what this country would be like with Shrillary running the country.  Oh yeah, I have the image that captures it nicely, regular readers will know it:

Meanwhile, this pathological weather here on the East Coast, wow, 3 damn degrees this morning outside Baltimore.  Hell has frozen over, folks!!!

Image result for image of snow on palm trees from Grayson storm

That is South Carolina folks, and not just a dusting…

And we’ve only just finished one week of 2018, how wonderful…

Finally, someone writes this…

in the below link, this was said:

“While we reflect on our experience with this defendant, we are unsure of the lessons to be learned. We ponder whether psychiatry does a disservice when not being clearer about what constitutes a serious mental illness. We wonder if we exacerbated the confusion by the removal of “Axis II” categories from the DSM, implying that severe personality disorders are no longer different from, say, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Rarely do we hear psychiatrists point out that unusual behaviors do not equal mental illness. We are often too pleased in advocating for more resources by saying that all crimes, all substance misuses, and all annoying behaviors are forms of mental illness when, in reality, the criminal, the addictive, and the less common are not always biologically based mental disorders or even the real problem, for that matter.”


Oh, at the end was this:

“Psychiatry’s difficulty in verbalizing the difference between those disorders harms the public perception of mental disorders. As a result, we have a forensic system similar to the rest of the community health care system – with an abundance of individuals with severe mental illness not referred for treatment or evaluation, and several patients with personality disorders bogging down a system with very limited resources.”

You think so, these personality disordered cretins are bogging down the system, just ask those in the State Mental Health inpatient system…

if they are still working there…


New Year’s resolutions, anyone?

Again, brief post here, just wondering, what do people really want to accomplish differently, more effectively, responsibly, hell, even appropriately for 2018?

Myself, I am genuinely looking to end my time working as a psychiatrist by the end of next year.  Why, if one is interested to ask?  Frankly, why does anyone with a soul stay in this line of work when it has been so whored and cowarded (yeah I know, not words) for so long.  After 7 plus years of Temp work, I have seen very little that is redeeming, rewarding, validating, or even professional as a whole most of the time.  Not a complete indictment of my colleagues, but a fairly general one.

Also, I hope to prepare to move out of Maryland by the end of 2019 if possible, but that one is not my sole decision.

Finally, as I think presenting things in thirds is a healthy perspective in much of my travels, I hope to be as least reliant on much of the population here, again that is realistic for me and family   I think it is painfully obvious that we are in the midst of a very pathological Personality Disordered Society, and the rigid, inflexible systems that such individuals bring to interpersonal relations is nothing less than painful and dysfunctional.  Amazing how the losers try to dump it on Trump, when the projection and deflection by much in the Media and Louts/Regressives/Libelous is so excessive…

Happy New Year to all who come and read here, thank you for your time and interests, and I hope you all have a better 2018, even if you felt 2017 was a welcome, rejuvenating year for you.  I can’t imagine how one could have pulled it off…

'I didn't know they had board-certified panhandlers.'


just read it!

wow, amazing what agendas accomplish, eh?

“As Senator Cruz explained in a passionate speech on the Senate floor, one of the provisions that was to be eliminated from the amendment was particularly important — it would allow parents with a child with disabilities to use a 529 plan to pay for educational therapy, which can often be prohibitively expensive.

How could the Democrats vote against that?

“We’ve got right now a motion to waive this mean-spirited, vindictive point of order that discriminates against homeschoolers and carves out kids with disabilities,” Cruz charged. He argued that the vote “ought to be 100 to nothing.”

Nevertheless, not a single Democrat voted for Senator Cruz’s motion. Not one. The Democrats knowingly and proudly discriminated against homeschooled kids and kids with disabilities, in many cases destroying their access to quality education. Even by the Democrats’ woefully low standards, it was a shameful display.

Next time Democrats attempt to take the moral high ground on some issue related to education or welfare, Americans should remember exactly what they did here. When given the choice to help children with disabilities, they chose partisanship. When given the opportunity to make life better for millions of children, they chose to RESIST.

Shame on them. Shame on all of them.”

Yeah, merry freakin’ Christmas…

Good luck to you all, readers!

After waking up and reading my last post from last night, I am done commenting on pretty much anything and everything for now.  Seeing how much the FBI, special counsel run by Mueller, and anything and everything coming from Democrats/ Liberals /Progressives/ Leftist propagandists, I have to disassociate from this morass of agendas, disruptions, and plain power seeking and maintaining control fairly much anyone with a chip in the game is playing.

Frankly, I don’t know how anyone who honestly and responsibly is trying to maintain sanity in this country can do so continuing to follow this bullshit from all sides of this shit slinging show!  Again, I honestly would love to watch the major players go after each other in an abandoned field and just bludgeon themselves to death with their skulls as the only weapons provided!  Pay Per View coverage of such an event, I would purchase it in a heartbeat!

And I genuinely don’t care who is insulted, outraged, or disgusted with this.  Corruption of this magnitude cannot, should not, nor ever tolerated or rationalized.  We are beyond doomed here, folks, and to stay silent, well, I hope readers can live with their choices.

Me, I hope to find that proverbial island to seek asylum by the end of 2018.  What that means I have to relinquish, well, all choices are on the table for me!

waiting for a job

Happy Holidays, be safe and well as one can be and seek…