Can’t take a vacation from this…

Have you heard about Charlie Gard?  If you read the Maim Scream Media, then no, but maybe read these two links I have read in the past 24 hours:


The latter said this:

“Worse yet, and an outrage that boggles the mind, is that the NHS refuses to release Charlie into the care of his parents. Charlie’s mother and father want to bring him to America for an experimental treatment that could help his body work more normally. They have even, through an appeal for charitable donations, raised enough money to bring their son here and get him treated. But the NHS has said it will not release the child, and every court has agreed.

This is the apotheosis of big government. The British state has become the Alpha and the Omega. It has nationalized a child and, implicitly, other children whom it might one day cut off from the love and care of their parents.

This is the logical conclusion of a single-payer “public” health system, a government deciding who is allowed to fight for his life or his child’s life, and who is not.”

This story should not only bother anyone with a healthy conscience, but terrify all who think that government inherently does what is right.  It will come down to death panels, and pay attention to the shriekers who deny this.  They are the ones who will be coming for you in the future, count on it.

Think about that above sentence copied:  “…the NHS refuses to release Charlie into the care of his parents.”

Again, read up on the movie “John Q”:

It will happen, and happen here, sooner than one might think…

Charlie Gard was born in October with encephalomyopathic mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, or MDDS. It has left him crippled and with brain damage. He depends on a ventilator to keep him alive. (Family handout/PA Wire)

Addendum July 8 2017:

This should put the exclamation point on this story and my post:

“Yet that wasn’t their attitude a week ago, before the protests, the statements from President Trump and Pope Francis and the general global disgust that a purported place of healing would throw away a baby like so much used garbage solely because they had no idea how to treat him and didn’t want anyone else to treat him, either. This hospital under its socialized medicine regime was so cold-hearted that in addition to wanting to pull the plug on the child a week ago, it also refused to allow the baby’s parents to take their little one home to die with dignity. They really really wanted the baby to die in an icy institution instead. Under their ‘care’ of course.

It was even more morally repugnant because money was not an object in this case – the parents had raised money to get their baby treated in the states and there was a willing doctor who would try out a therapy that has helped children with similar genetic mutations, albeit not as severe. The very idea of trying the therapy on the baby with Gard’s condition had a sound theoretical rationale, and even if it had not worked, would yield medical knowledge that could save the next kid with the syndrome. Yet the London hospital had already made up its mind that the child was a vegetable with no feeling and yet curiously in pain, both rationales for their taking the power steps they did against the baby’s parents. There was also an Italian hospital that offered to take the baby and treat him with dignity which included simply promising to keep him alive as long as possible without pulling the plug.

Against these ameliorating factors, the London hospital didn’t particularly care at first. They must have spent thousands to arm themselves with court victories from Euro courts (run by Europeans from countries with long histories of genocide, assisted suicide, euthanasia, involuntary sterilization and eugenics) to ensure their legal ‘right’ to kill the baby. But the hard rule of courts was a complete failure compared to the photos of the baby’s devastated, grimly determined parents, which circled the globe. There is power in imagery and the images of these parents may have been the element that made the hospital realize it had a public relations problem and was about to go down in history as ‘that killer hospital.

Yep, once in a while, the power of the Net and social discourse does in fact prevail in positive ways.  Shame, humility, and sheer threat of ostracizing did work.

And why socialized medicine is just antisocialized agenda at the end of the day…

Fascinating how that term “socialized” or “socialist” really is just cloaked terminology for antisocial narratives and rhetoric.  But, do people really understand that these days, no.

Hope your summer is going well………

FYI for chronically ill patients and supports in Maryland…

Just to let anyone interested to know, if you or someone you know has a chronic mental illness in Maryland, and should need to be hospitalized for a significant duration of time, most likely needing to be in a state hospital, prepare for this recommendation:  the patient will need to commit some type of crime and have to go through the court system to be able to stay and get some level of care.

This is the bullshit that has devolved per some stupid ass garbage lawsuit filed in the State a year or more ago that has led to legitimate, appropriate patients being prematurely forced out of State hospitals so the criminals, er, alleged patients in correctional facilities, can get in and basically take over the f—-g hospital.  This is no exaggeration, as I have been working in State hospitals the past year, and these Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearings have become nothing more than a joke.

If you are genuinely mentally ill, you are living on borrowed time for care, unless you have committed a crime and either pleading Not Criminally Responsible (NCR), or are sent for evaluation because you are Incompetent to Stand Trial (IST), or some other judicial determination, so the ALJ can’t find some creative, moreso lame and disruptive, way to send the patient out, almost always prematurely.  Oh, and these Public Defenders allegedly there to represent patients, well, good luck with that perspective.  At the current hospital I am at, the Public Defenders are just lackeys for the State to enforce patients get the F— out.

Oh, and as notice to my colleagues who work in Maryland, especially in hospitals, yesterday’s ALJ hearing had a judge set a new precedence for Voluntary patients, hospitals cannot demand or expect to get a request for discharge in writing.  Nope, this fucking judge ruled that just asking orally is enough to force an action to either allow discharge or certify the patient.  And all the administrative staff did was just sit there and say nothing to this pathetic, incompetent ruling.

Gee, and what do you think will happen across the state once this gets out?  Care will become more adversarial than it already is, and voluntary admits will plummet to near zero so hospitals can protect themselves from suits claiming neglect and malpractice after ALJs prematurely force discharges that lead to negative outcomes back in the communities.

So, good luck getting care in Maryland hospitals, especially State run ones.  Me, I am done in three weeks, and will never entertain working at one ever again.  People joke about the inmates running the asylums, well, it really is an accurate statement now, just ask Springfield Hospital staff, and now Thomas B Finan Center as well.

Wow, to watch my patient be forced off hospital grounds by security because the patient did not want the quickly arranged disposition to a crisis bed, because I could not testify the patient was asking out to go to a delusional placement that did not exist.

Simply because the Public Defender hack job used a defense I did not accept a request to leave orally alone, but documented the patient could put in 72 hour notice in writing, and the patient had that skill but chose never to write it the 8 weeks there.

You think I am pissed?  How many words does this picture say it!?:

Image result for image of angry man

And that’s a nice one, had plenty better that were really ugly…

Oh, and this is most likely my last post for a while, I am so burnt out with the societal bullshit alone, I have nothing more to say than what I have posted this past year that reflects Personality Disordered ugliness beyond run amok…

Have a nice summer…


Why can’t the Democrats be attacked for their “representative’s” actions?!

First of all, don’t be stupid, the Democrats would be merciless if one of their own was gunned down by an overt Republican supporter.  Umm, look at what they did when Gabby Giffords was shot, and by the way not by any Republican or Right wing nut job, but, those first couple of days, what the f— were liberals and Democrats screaming about?!  So, this is what antisocials do folks, they vilify at the drop of a hat, because, they are villains and love to project and deflect.  It is the nature of the beast that populates that party.  And now we see what they spawn.

So, f— the Democrats and their ilk.  They have been spewing such hate and endless calls for violence, even though they try to downplay it when it becomes so over the top.  Did I miss the Republican supporters carrying around Obama’s head, or having plays in New York City having a Black Man be a Caesar-like character who gets stabbed to death?

No, and now the fall out should, and to me MUST play out.  Because only when they are overtly tied in to this scumbag’s relationship to their narratives and agendas, will they be so shamed and humiliated.  Or, is that possible with antisocials??

Nah, folks, the Democrats are the poster children of hypocrisy, wanting civility and “bipartisanship” to rule the day.  Until their next cause comes to fruition.  Who knows, who will be the faux martyr to take the hit so they can then rail about how, once again, the Republicans and the horrid Right did something heinous in retaliation.

But, will that be true if someone attempts to kill Democrats?  So many of these alleged “attacks” on the Left/Liberal/Progressive folk turn out to be hoaxes, so, how would we know such a possible incident is real?

And I am NOT calling for retaliation or innocent people be killed.  Nope, I don’t subscribe to the Democrat playbook.  But, I do know this, if the Democrats are given a pass on this incident without some accountability for the narrative they have relentlessly been driving since the election last November, well, then this country as a whole really is fucked in the head.

Cue the picture that reinforces that ending to the last sentence, National Lampoon Vacation fans should recall the scene after Aunt Edna is dropped off:

hmm, and once again the mensch is screwed…

Addendum June 15 8:30PM:

What a nice exclamation point to this post:

I despise looking at Nancy Pelosi’s face, it is the mother of Satan.

” If you’re fixating on Trump while a member of Trump’s party is fighting for his life because a left-wing assailant’s bullet pierced his internal organs, you’re doing it wrong.  Badly, badly wrong.  If the Right is always going to be widely and loudly blamed for violence against liberals — even if they’re not remotely responsible — and also partially blamed for left-wing violence against their own, is it any wonder that many conservatives turned to a figure like Trump?  If the media stacks the deck in such an enragingly unfair way, the incentive to act in good faith dissipates.  That’s that’s truly tragic for the country.”

The Louts/Regressives/Libelous, they are the biggest f—-g septic tank of disingenuous, dishonest, disdainful fecal mass on this planet.  It really makes a person have to wonder when someone will pathetically, hideously respond in equal fashion and take out a Democrat politician next.  And I for one will not shed one drop of sadness.  Welcome to the second Civil War, and the Democrats, well, they haven’t changed a bit since they brought on the first one over a hundred and fifty years ago.

Personality Disordered Society, both sides of the polluted aisle of Republocrats contribute, but, in the end, the Left and their ilk truly rule in number…

Which is why I wrote this post in the first place last night, why do they get a pass?!

A little late, Ms Parker

First the Link:

“But what to make of the rest of these Americans who seem unburdened by such concerns? Or this president, who still can do much harm? More than two dozen top psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental-health experts hope to provide some answers with a book due out this fall — “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.”

They don’t diagnose Trump, which ethically they can’t do without examining the patient. They do, however, discuss his symptoms, which lead them to conclude that Trump is a “complex, if dangerously mad, man.” They also propose that his mental illness is affecting the nation’s mental health as well.”

Where were these F—–s when Obama was President?  Oh yeah, if not keeping their lips fixed to his ass, then maybe to his genitals?

Yes, rude and inappropriate, but, why I rail about the Personality Disordered Society, and how the apologists and defenders aren’t any better than the person or narrative they pathetically support.  We had an elections 8 months ago to chose between the lesser of evils, so, where were these “colleagues” when that was apparent??

But, will she write about what is likely a Left/Democrat supporter who tried to gun down Republicans at a baseball stadium earlier today and how the Left are more fucking crazy and antisocial than even the most hard core schmucks from the Republican/Right side of this polluted aisle that rules us?!

No, she will have her lips pressed to her leaders’ pelvic regions, count on it!

Again, Bill Clinton started this downfall, as what is sex, hell, what is “is”?!?!

Image result for image of caricature of CLinton being given oral sex


Why personality matters

Watching all the bullshit from both the Left and Right who run this country, it really is important to pay attention to putting faith and support on assholes who are just inflexible, rigid douchbags.  Oh, don’t like the foul language with the start of this post?  Well, why are so many people tolerating the foul language by such prominent public figures in the first place.  If my Senator spoke like that bitch from New York this weekend, well, I would send an email that basically would say, “shut the fuck up and do your job in D.C. and stop thinking you are auditioning for Bill Maher!”

And that is what is so evident with these pricks and bitches running around telling us how to think, how to live, what to listen to, what to buy, and what to expect.  They redefine hypocrisy.  They act like God forbid they have to practice what they preach.  Oh, and they don’t give a rat’s ass about the common folk who live here, no, they seem to care more for those who don’t these days, moreso the Louts, but, the Right-Ass, er, righteous, they really don’t have much of a clue as well.

So, my point here is just this:  pay attention to how people carry themselves, and when they polarize issues, when they make gray matter stark black and white, when they just dismiss any discussion that does not exactly fit their narratives, well, it’s time to leave the room.  Again, we need to marginalize and ostracize these fuckers.

Gee, the way I wrote this post, maybe I should run for public office…

Active terrorism in the U.S.A.

Forget bombings, shootings, stabbings, vehicular attacks.  We have ongoing, intensive, and quantifiable terrorism going on in this country today, and tomorrow and further if it is not addressed now.

Really, how much longer will folks in London tolerate this moron:

“Others are unimpressed with Khan’s urban hipsterly claim that terror attacks are the new normal, or, in his words “part and parcel” of living in the big city. He sounds like Bill de Blasio.

What it shows is that the urban elites are grotesquely out of touch with the lives of ordinary citizens. They dismiss terror deaths as ‘tragic’ suggesting the victims had some role in their own deaths as in the definition of tragedy.

They claim global warming is a bigger problem than the immediate and deadly threat of terrorism.  For them it’s easy to do that. Taking action on global warming makes them feel good, costs them nothing and only threatens the livelihoods of farmers and fishermen and miners, not their own. As for terrorism, that’s no problem for them, either – you’ll never find an elitist like Khan strolling on London Bridge on a Saturday night for terrorists to take down. With his bodyguards and the protective bubble he lives in, terrorism is for little people.”

Yes, the Democrats, Left, Progressives, and Liberals are active terrorists, they just aren’t actively killing people right now.  No, their narrative and rhetoric by the politicians, media, and other well publicized societal figures are just pervasive apologies and defenses for those who want to see certain Americans and others not beholden to the Left/liberal/Progressive causes dead, just not directly by the speakers’ hands.

These scumbags who minimize, deflect, and rationalize violent terrorism are just extensions of such terrorists, and so, will Americans who abhor such pathetic and ugly narratives and rhetoric going to realize, time to tell these scumbags to shut the f—up!?

‘Cause if people don’t wake up and realize the Left, Liberals, Progressives, and Democrats are just enabling and promoting more real violence, well, what will you do when the narrative and rhetoric emboldens a violent prick who affects your life?  And not just talking about Islamic extremism folks, no, there are other causes the Louts/Regressives/libelous support here in America that equally wants to see bodies on the streets.  Start with the Black Lies Matter crowd, who don’t want cities to have a police force?…

Stove is hot folks, stop debating whether to touch it.  Either turn the damn thing off or use it for some appropriate purpose, like, cooking some of these creeps up, not literally mind you, but get the pot hot and figuratively put it to some use?

Marginalize and ostracize, it does work, if you do it right!!!

Image result for image of ostracizing a person

Frame the picture this way, maybe the folks in blue are saying “why do we listen to that guy telling us we are Islamaphobes and racists, when we don’t tolerate violence and senseless slaughter”…

Pay attention, evil loves to have pretty faces be their spokespersons…

why sexual identity disorders are just that

Yes, this is a pathetic and rather hideous story, so, read it and then wonder what the hell is going on at institutions of misguided learning:–at-grade-school-talent-show-n2335437

At the risk of outraging some, I firmly believe that the majority of those with sexual identity disorders, even if just 50.01%, are dysfunctional, unhealthy people.  And those are the key terms there, what is healthy and functional in parading this behavior in front of prepubescent children?  That is where the LGBT lobby better get it’s act together if they really want to be taken seriously and be respected, or, enjoy the return of ugly and inappropriate discrimination.  But, to protect one’s children, I will say without hesitation, inherently necessary discrimination to avoid dysfunctional and unhealthy people!

And that is not discrimination at the end of the day.  It is marginalizing and ostracizing inappropriateness and disruptive agendas.

Let’s end with the crux of the article above, eh:

“This is about age-appropriate behavior – and what happened in that auditorium was not age appropriate.

“The superintendent was the emcee – and she has a responsibility to protect all children,” she said. “That wasn’t a child performing. It was an adult.”

Moving forward, I recommend the school district adopt a policy to govern future grade school talent shows:

If a drag queen wants to spread his legs and show off his G-string he should do that at a nightclub – not a public school talent show.”

Shame and humility, not traits found in Personality Disordered people…

Addendum Sat June 3:

Once again, on cue, someone writes a column that I read, at least, validating my points here:

Oh, just read this and ponder:

“Transgenderism, previously known as Gender Identity Disorder, was categorized as a mental illness by the World Health Organization until December 2016, but has now been reclassified as “Gender Incongruence”. So too for homosexuality, which was classified as a mental illness until 1992 by the World Health Organization, and has since been declassified as such. In both cases, there was immense political pressure for the reclassifications; the fact that psychiatrists who were previously under no political pressure had historically always considered transgenderism and homosexuality as mental disorders speaks volumes.”

Now I have had issues with psychiatry labeling homosexuality as a psychiatric disorder, but, it does need said, and here it is by the above author:

The Center for Disease Control reports an alarmingly high incidence of sexual violence within the homosexual and transgender community, especially by people’s own “partners”. This indicates a dangerous propensity on the part of many members of the “LGBT” crowd to commit sexual crimes. Read the statistics, and decide whether or not it is safe to allow transgender people the right to use restrooms, locker rooms, and changing facilities of their choosing. If anything, after studying this and other studies about intra-communal “LGBT” rape statistics, I submit that allowing these people into any mass-use locker rooms and changing facilities is a risky move, absent tight safeguards.”

[just bolded the first two sentences to make sure they stand out firmly!]

Sorry, I do believe that those with non heterosexual sexual interests are at a higher risk for mental disorder issues, I will not call it flagrant mental disorders outright, but, it is what it is in my travels.  But, before all the extremists go on their rants and make their over-generalizations as attacks, not all non heterosexual people are mentally impaired.  The extremist ones are though!

Life is about choice, and life is about respect of boundaries.  Both have advantages and disadvantages, which is the point of life.  Watch out for those who disregard either or both.  Shame Natural Selection can’t resume some substantial role in humanity, but, part of what the Personality Disordered has wrought on  the species, eh?  And think about that, really!!!

This is Obamacare’s endpoint

Again, read the link first:

From a Washington Examiner story quoted in the article:

“The most common reason for leaving medicine included regulatory burdens and electronic health records. Nearly 63 percent indicated that they have negative feelings about the future of healthcare and only half of all physicians would actually recommend a career in medicine to their children. Many of my colleagues feel they have no voice and have no way to impact healthcare policy – even in their own institution.”

Well, so, who’s gonna care for the public in the next 10 years, forget by 2030?

Democrats never had any interest in improving health care, and if you really believe they did, well, you are a moron.  Sorry, I could say it more candidly, but, what does that accomplish, because the defenders/apologists for Obamacare have no interest in really looking at the situation any differently.  They are a cult, Obama is their Jim Jones, and they gleefully will take the cup of Kool-Aid when asked!

And the Republican answer is equally a joke and offense.  These politicians, they have no f—-g clue what they are doing to health care, because their legislative assaults do not affect them, at all.  Oh, except when trying to be re-elected…

So, let’s recall what Ayn Rand wrote about 70 years ago, and then wonder, did she come from the future in Doc Brown’s Delorian?  It is the epitaph for American medicine:

“I have often wondered at the smugness with which people assert their right to enslave me, to control my work, to force my will, to violate my conscience, to stifle my mind—yet what is it that they expect to depend on, when they lie on an operating table under my hands? Their moral code has taught them to believe that it is safe to rely on the virtue of their victims. Well, that is the virtue I have withdrawn. Let them discover the kind of doctors that their system will now produce. Let them discover, in their operating rooms and hospital wards, that it is not safe to place their lives in the hands of a man whose life they have throttled. It is not safe, if he is the sort of man who resents it—and still less safe, if he is the sort who doesn’t.”

Read that last sentence over and over, it is the destiny of America…


Hate needs marginalized, NOW!

Kathy Griffin’s hideous story is just the latest of the hate mongering by the Louts, Regressives, and Libelous.  But, it reflects how these idiots really need to be marginalized, if not just brutally ostracized by anyone with half a brain of appropriate decorum and responsibility.  Really, holding up a fake severed head of the President, what moronic ideation was at hand with this plan to publicize such a sick message?

But, it comes back to my point about being in the midst of a Personality Disordered Society, this pervasive tolerance of promoting harm and hate of anyone who does not excessively genuflect to the Left, it has to end, NOW!

Sorry, I know one of the predictors of violence is the repetition of threats, and why that even has to be debated is just pathetic with colleagues who act like verbal behaviors are not worthy of action.

What is sad, and I don’t care who is outraged by this opinion, we have lost over 30% of society to entrenched disregard for the real needs and protections of boundaries.  Not all are from the Left, but, more than 50% are from that side of the polluted aisle of Republocrats, and that percentage will grow further as long as this hate and extremism goes unabated by the majority of Americans.

God, the hypocrisy of the Left is stifling…

Image result for image of Obama beheaded

yeah, hideous, but, why different in the eyes of the Louts?…

addendum Wed 8PM:

Another example of the douchebags that are the Louts:

they go after children, think it is funny, and then act outraged when they are called on their despicable, deplorable behaviors.  Again, why the Left/Democrats are fucking ugly antisocial cretins who need to be so marginalized/ostracized, their gonads not only ache, but hopefully just wither and become sterile so they can’t have any more offspring, and just die off eventually, to become extinct.

Fuck these scumbags, I really won’t have any concern or sorrow should I read someone who makes the mistake of taking some of these bastards out.  Because bad things need to happen to bad people so some learn and back the hell off!!!

You think my criteria fit here?  Lies, lack of remorse, criminal or just reckless behaviors causing harm to innocents, and mocking appropriate boundaries.  Jennings, I hope your bullshit today makes you so irrelevant by the end of the year, when you die, people will say, “who the fuck was that guy?” when your pathetic obituary somehow makes some relevant press…


addendum June 3:

Image result for image of Kathy Griffin head cut off

One had to know this shithead was going to make it our fault she screwed up!

And as my colleague noted in comment here, another example of the Personality Disordered loser projecting her shit onto us.  Our rebuttal is a three step process:

Grab shield to deflect said waste products from striking true victim, then step back, and wait for attacker to step forward to try and assault further and walks into own shit pile and slips and falls into it…

Always a good laugh in the end!!!

Image result for image of person laying in a pile of shit

Why this is antisocial…

First read the link:

Then, digest what the Democrats are really doing to the electorate and how it meets at least my definition of what is antisocial behavior as a disorder:

*the Lie that it is affordable, really, $400 BILLION dollars a year, and what is this additional $200 Billion a year that claims there is already $200 billion in place for it to be implemented as a possibility.

*the Lack Of Remorse, that this will cripple people with tax burdens so heinous that the only people who will remain in California WON’T have the money to be taxed to begin with, so, where do these magic funds come from then?

*the forcing of disruption if not downright criminality to make this happen, someone will be cheated, coerced, and disrespected to see this craziness to fruition.  And finally,

*the mocking of boundaries and dismissal of the reality of limits that healthy, functional, and appropriate people try to abide by daily.

So, again, to those who live in California now, how the hell do you put up with this crap what appears to be a weekly shit sideshow?!

Image result for image of train riding off a cliff

thought the train analogy fits well here…