Isn’t it fun living in a Personality Disordered Society? This week alone??


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Wow, the precedings this week have been nothing short of just repetitive absurdities trying to make sense of the senseless behaviors of the Cluster B’s especially.  After all, for those who have had the experience, what does one do trying to have an intellectual debate with a 5 year old hell bent on classic defenses of denial, projection, deflection, minimization, splitting, and reaction formation?  Good luck trying to redirect a child by words alone, and that is a truism at the end of the day, let the dissenters rail away.

But, we have a predominance of people in our electorate who don’t care what is really sensible, what is really acceptable, what are real and appropriate principles to guide folks in healthy choices and goals.  Nope, we have an electorate as a majority that only votes per the instinct of flushing a toilet, just push the tab/check the box/mark the line by the name on the screen that has the (D) or (R) by it.

Common Sense, Decency, Pride and Ownership, and Accountability are all dead and buried, in unmarked graves as I have noted over and over.  And this is not about a Freak Show any more, nope, we have denigrated into a Shriek Show, the November 8th scream fest by the Democrats who have regressed to screaming to the skies that night, again, wow.

And this is explained and reported by the assorted media sources as adult issues.  Nope, this is infantile bullshit at logarithmic levels.

We’ll end with this from Wikipedia regarding more appropriate, mature, and responsible Defense Mechanisms, enjoy:


  • Acceptance: A person’s assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition (often a difficult or uncomfortable situation) without attempting to change it, protest, or exit. Religions and psychological treatments often suggest the path of acceptance when a situation is both disliked and unchangeable, or when change may be possible only at great cost or risk.
  • Courage: The mental ability and willingness to confront conflicts, fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, despair, obstacles, vicissitudes or intimidation. Physical courage often extends lives, while moral courage preserves the ideals of justice and fairness.
  • Emotional self-regulation: The ability to respond to the ongoing demands of experience with the range of emotions in a manner that is socially tolerable. Emotional self-regulation refers to the processes people use to modify the type, intensity, duration, or expression of various emotions.
  • Emotional self-sufficiency: Not being dependent on the validation (approval or disapproval) of others.
  • Forgiveness: Cessation of resentment, indignation or anger as a result of a perceived offence, disagreement, or mistake, or ceasing to demand retribution or restitution.
  • Gratitude: A feeling of thankfulness or appreciation involving appreciation of a wide range of people and events. Gratitude is likely to bring higher levels of happiness, and lower levels of depression and stress. Throughout history, gratitude has been given a central position in religious and philosophical theories.
  • Humility: A mechanism by which a person, considering their own defects, has a humble self-opinion. Humility is intelligent self-respect which keeps one from thinking too highly or too meanly of oneself.
  • Identification: The unconscious modelling of one’s self upon another person’s character and behaviour.
  • Mercy: Compassionate behavior on the part of those in power.
  • Mindfulness: Adopting a particular orientation toward one’s experiences in the present moment, an orientation that is characterised by curiosity, openness, and acceptance.
  • Moderation: The process of eliminating or lessening extremes and staying within reasonable limits. It necessitates self-restraint which is imposed by oneself on one’s own feelings, desires etc.
  • Patience: Enduring difficult circumstances (delay, provocation, criticism, attack etc.) for some time before responding negatively. Patience is a recognized virtue in many religions.
  • Respect: Willingness to show consideration or appreciation. Respect can be a specific feeling of regard for the actual qualities of a person or feeling being and also specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem. Relationships and contacts that are built without the presence of respect are seldom long term or sustainable. The lack of respect is at the very heart of most conflict in families, communities, and nations.
  • Tolerance: The practice of deliberately allowing or permitting a thing of which one disapproves.

Thanksgiving is only 12 days away, won’t those family events be so much fun if there is any real diversity of political and social opinions in the same room.  Sorry, not on call that day, I am in my home and away from the deterioration of society I will have to return to the following Monday…


Oh, if only it was so simple…


yep, a psychiatric post


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I read two articles in the October issue of Clinical Psychiatry News, and would like to share the reads and my take on both.

First by Jennie Smith, the cover story “Palliative Care Reimagined”, talking about a new approach to dealing with what the author calls “severe persistent mental illness (SPMI in the article)”.

Several comments in there to digest:

“Neither Dr. Trachsel’s survey respondents nor those who attended his presentation seemed comfortable with the idea of extending the term “palliative care” – which is often and incorrectly associated with well-defined end-of-life scenarios – to serious, treatment-refractory mental illness. In those illnesses, disease trajectories may be less certain and futility is harder to define. They and other clinicians, however, did voice general support for the underlying concepts of promoting quality of life and decision-making autonomy for patients with SPMI, as well as palliative care targeted at the medical illnesses often acquired by those with SPMI.

According to Dr. Irwin and Dr. Lapid, reducing symptoms, acknowledging that there is no cure for SPMI, and focusing on optimizing patients’ quality of life would be core components of palliative care.”

Note in the second paragraph the key wording, “there is no cure for SPMI”, and that is quite the comment to write in a psychiatric article, as doctors while saying outright there are no cures, well, we do act like we can provide them at the end of the day, eh?

Certainly with the way psychiatrists write for polypharmacy like it is the second coming of Christ, well, what is that agenda about, folks?!  Makes you wonder if we are, to a degree, prescribing chemotherapy for some patients??

Further on, “Patients with SPMI die 25 years earlier than do their peers without SPMI. Most of the premature mortality associated with SPMI, which cuts across age groups, is attributable to chronic diseases rather than to violence or suicide. Less overall engagement with the health care system, leading to late treatment or undertreatment of disease, is one explanation for the premature mortality found among some people in this demographic. 

In addition, studies have shown that individuals with SPMI have less access to palliative and hospice care. One study, for example, found that people with schizophrenia and a terminal illness went into hospice half as often as did people without SPMI (Schizophr Res. 2012 Nov;141:241-6). In a recent editorial, a team of psychiatrists and pain specialists called such disparities “unacceptable” and demanded cross-collaboration to resolve them (Gen Hospital Psych. 2017 Jan-Feb;44:1-3).

Dr. Lapid said one reason people with SPMI – with or without a life-limiting comorbidity – end up with less access to palliative and hospice care is that “the art of what we do in hospice and palliative care, advanced planning – is not something we do well or routinely in psychiatry.”

Hmm, maybe some of my colleagues are beginning to realize that we can’t save every single person who comes to our attention, especially the ones forced into treatment.  While I NEVER give up on anyone who wants, even if a trivial amount, some intervention for care, there are people I have met in my travels who I have to honestly, and painfully admit, are not going to make it in society.  NOT advocating for premature death or euthanasia, but, advanced care services really have altered the natural selection process, and how much has health care really made responsible and appropriate strides to help the population as a whole?

Yes, that last sentence is quite the comment, but, it has to be said, and this article I have linked is probably going to have the load of responses by colleagues in upcoming issues.  For me, this post is my reply, and I can only hope some psychiatrists might take a little pause and wonder, however briefly before discarded, are patients really benefiting from full court presses for years, giving treatments that have as much risks as benefits??

The article ends with this:

“The approach used by psychiatrists treating patients with SPMI is very palliative in approach, Dr. Irwin and Dr. Lapid said. Psychiatrists reduce symptoms and acknowledge that SPMIs are chronic diseases for which there is no cure. To palliate is to make comfortable, to reduce symptoms, to reduce distress and pain, and to relieve suffering and optimize quality of life.

“In cancer, we’ve been telling people for 30 years, ‘keep fighting, because tomorrow there could be a new cure.’ But there’ve been very few new cures,” Dr. Irwin said. “And while some people want to fight to the end in case that cure comes, there are many who would have rather known that there really was little chance and might have made different choices.” In psychiatry, for psychiatric illnesses, he continued, “we need to really start thinking about the course of a person’s life, their quality of life, and the likelihood that they will get better or meet their goals, and what is a tolerable symptom burden for them. Because in the end, these questions apply to all patients.”

Not easy situations to ponder and approach, but, the term “quality of care” is something I hear less of in psychiatric circles of late, and that really bothers me, because life is about quality first, quantity second.

Anyway, to the second article, somewhat related to the first, is by Nicolas Badre MD, “Ethics in compulsory treatment of patients with severe mental illness”.

I am not going to duplicate much from this article, but, I found the assessment by Dr Badre to possibly miss a very valid alternative diagnostic option, that being George might have in fact a Personality Disorder, perhaps Paranoid or Schizoid P. D/O.  At least the doctor did not press meds, and the outcome of this man’s stay in correctional services seemed less harsh and punitive than it could have been.

At the end Dr Badre writes, “George reminds me that life, including schizophrenia, is more interesting and complicated than a set of genes, pathways, neurons, or neurotransmitters. Our patients’ lives may be convoluted with delusions, often stemming from truth or impaired affects, which are nonetheless genuine. I don’t know what will happen to George, but his past 50 years suggest that he will continue to have friends, and he will continue to live without being impaired by his delusions. Strangely, I worry less about him than many of my other patients.

Many mental health providers have advocated for a wider and easier access to involuntarily medicate our patients. I think that there is a misguided belief that involuntary antipsychotic treatment will lead to a rise in their use. However, if Carl Rogers, PhD, and others were right in stating that our relationship with our patients was the ultimate factor in their recovery, at what cost are we willing to jeopardize this? My fear is that this cost will be the loss of trust, which is so necessary in treatment. I hope that my short relationship with George did not scare him from ever seeing a psychiatrist again. In some ways, I suspect that by simply listening to George and withholding forced treatment, he will be more inclined to seek treatment in the future.”

I found that last sentence in the first paragraph rather indicative of why I suspect the patient probably had more Axis 2 factors than considered, worry less about him than many of other patients.

Often clinicians, more so subconsciously, do in fact realize the empathy and concern for patients in our care is there for people with illness we can have some impact, and the patients inherently are more cooperative and accepting of our efforts.  Most Axis 2 patients do not have those interests and abilities to work with providers, and thus why I sense Dr Badre, as I interpret, betrays his real feelings and conclusions, although with his vignette George does seem to have some success with progressing with Dr Badre’s help.

Anyway, to wrap up this post, I wonder why psychiatry doesn’t have more discussions like this in various periodicals?  Maybe because we are too busy selling meds for every ill and discomfort, because that is all we are good for these days, for the most part.

But, at least I was fortunate to have these reads this week.  And now readers can have them as well, and wonder what is best for the people.


Ironic I found this picture from a prior post, my feelings exactly with coming up on 5 years with this blog, and yet again wonder if I should continue or not…

A year later, what has changed?


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Sorry to any reader who is politically attentive, not only has the country survived a year after Donald Trump won the election a year ago today (well really 365 days later but what is an extra day, eh?), but yesterday’s selective elections reflect the same things now.  If the candidate is an incumbent or an extension of an incumbent leaving office, he or she is likely to lose.  Or, the sheer rigidity and inflexibility of party loyalty will lead to the voter to vote for whomever has a (D) or (R) after his/her name.  Or last, the public is what sucks, not the Trumps, Clintons, Bushes, or other entrenched names out there politically, like Kennedys as an example.

So, I think readers who truly champion for real representation, for honest service to the public, and for accountability for what politicians are doing, or more likely NOT doing in office, well, such readers are a minority.  You are outnumbered by entrenched Democrats, who only want crap for this country, and Republicans, who can’t do much of anything for this country.  The choices are acts of commission, or omission, and for things that only hurt America at the end of the day.

Again, only a third party or group of people who are truly independent of these real one party frauds of Republocrats will impact for the better.

I leave with this, the Democraps unilaterally forced Obamacare on the country, and then the Repugnocants chose to not make any real changes to this failed law.  So, as of January 1st 2018, unless something shows up to lessen the burden, I will be paying over 21,000 dollars a year for premium costs for health insurance, and each of the three members of my family have a 6,500 dollar deductible to meet before insurance payments will kick in.

Affordable Care Act, no, it was the Asinine Crap on Americans plan, and the Democraps really hate middle class Americans, and think this will give them more opportunity to pervasively ruin people when the ‘Craps allegedly regain the House and Senate next year.  Well, we’ll see if we will have a John Q moment in coming months, when more Americans can’t afford health care coverage, and then someone in their family has a serious health care crisis that then leads to a serious financial crisis.  (Google John Q the movie yourselves, have done so in past posts)

When Democrat politicians get shot and killed, hmm, maybe we’ll see them start to rethink their agendas?  NO, you won’t see change.  Personality Disordered folk of this intensity won’t change, because as long as they stay in power, they honestly don’t care about anyone else.  Hence why we have the electorate we have, because they vote for the representation they want:  Selfish Arrogant Dishonest politicians, who are exactly that moniker:  SAD!  Carlin was right, and why it is time to wonder if it really matters to vote if one is interested in representation, not resentment!

Do people think we’ll go another 4 weeks before the next massacre in America…

America burns

Another post in progress…



Time for another post that I will be adding to over the weekend, but will start off with what is hopefully an easy claim:  many people who utilize community mental health clinics these days have no investment for real change to become healthy.  Nope, these patients under 50 years old who are on disability, or eternally living with family, working through some type of legal process, or some other secondary gain that has no interest in restoring healthy, functional mental health, they HAVE to be sick, to stay sick, and to relish subconsciously at least, alleged benefits from being sick.

Hey, I shared this perspective with my chiropractor this morning, and he wholeheartedly agreed, as he sees it as well, mostly from the legal angle alone.  And so, what can providers really hope to gain going to the office every day and seeing what I know to be more than 80% of the patients coming in just wanting to be impaired?

Really is a set up to burn one out, eh?  So, the overall point to this post being crafted over the next couple of days is simply this:  how can health care in general survive when people don’t have an interest to really return to sound, consistent good health?

I’ll leave readers with the definition of secondary gain:

“an indirect benefit, usually obtained through an illness or debility. Such gains may include monetary and disability benefits, personal attention, or escape from unpleasant situations and responsibilities.”

The power to be sick, quite fascinating, and pardon the pun, quite sickening too!


Addendum October 29 6PM:

OK, I am veering into politics a bit, but I don’t see it as ridiculously tangential:

I think an important read, but will share these points from it to show how the Personality Disordered that is prevalent on the Left/Progressive side of ugliness in cultural banter is creating quite the shit show throughout society.

“1) The Politicization Of Everything: Want to watch football? There are players protesting the flag. Turn on a Hollywood awards ceremony? There are actors making political statements. Want to go to the bathroom in peace? Well, first, we need to know if you’re okay with sharing it with someone who feels like the opposite gender today. You’re just a regular person telling an off-color joke you heard? Better be careful; that could turn into a front page scandal if the wrong group gets offended. Want to buy a Halloween costume for your kid? Well, you better make sure it’s someone of the same race or people will be upset. Want to go on a date? If you date someone of the same race, you may be racist. Ready to marry your honey? Then you better support gay marriage or you’re a homophobe. I can remember a time in America where you could just live your life without paying attention to politics at all if you wanted and that was a good thing. Remember that old saying? Never discuss race, religion or politics in polite company? Well, because of liberals, you don’t have a choice anymore.”

2 points later is this:

“3) Victimhood: Only in America do people get so excited about the idea of being a victim that they will even fake hate crimes against themselves to get that status. Only in America are there women publicly crying that they were sexually assaulted and traumatized because a 93 year old, wheelchair-bound President pinched their butt. Only in America do we have to come up with things like white privilege and institutional racism because there’s not enough real racism happening to allow liberal minorities to feel like victims. There was a time in America when people wanted to feel strong, capable and able to handle their own problems instead of being victims. There still are people like that today and they’re called conservatives.”

Which I think reinforces the pathetic rationalizations and minimizations that go on in my office day in and out.  People do not want to problem solve, they just want an excuse why they should get a free pass!

Then finally this:

6) “Non-Judgmentalism”: We’ve heard so many liberals talk about how important it is to be non-judgmental that it has seeped into the culture at large. When there’s a choice between what’s best for society and best for a particular individual who has done something wrong, we always default to protecting that individual. How’s that working out for us? Since the stigma around getting a divorce, having a child out of wedlock or having an abortion has faded, are we better or worse off? Are the kids who are aborted or who get raised by a single parent instead of a family better off? Are the guys who are extremely hesitant to get married because they fear divorce better off? Are we better off because people no longer wonder whether doing something horrible in public will hurt their good name or ruin their family’s reputation? The very fact that we are so unwilling to draw a line in the sand and say “That’s right” or “That’s wrong” has mired our culture in degeneracy. Maybe if there were more people who feel bad when they do things that “wouldn’t make their mothers proud,” there would be a lot more decent human beings.”

I purposely bolded just those two sentences there to show what I see repeatedly every week:  little if any shame, no humility, and bold rejection of appropriate and healthy boundaries.  Which is what the Personality disordered does, especially the Cluster B folks.

So, how do people come into health care settings and act like either they will dictate the treatment interventions, or dismiss any real efforts to implement a path for improvement, or worst, just basically come across as telling people who are dedicated to helping people try to help themselves “I want and like to be sick!”

And people think Single Payer Health Care will make things better?!  Good luck with that plan…  one more addendum tomorrow to wrap up the post.


Addendum Oct 30 11AM:  Sooo, where are we today with all this hostility, anger, and rigidity in negotiation?  I think it is what this culture has wrought, deeply flawed people who wind up in positions of power, influence, and control that have no interest in helping the public, but just aiding in entrenching these people who want to stay indefinitely in leadership.  As in, people who just want to keep their jobs or their status, and not do anything of genuine substance to do their jobs and try to help the public and those who depend on said “leaders”.

Which comes back to my point here, people really don’t want to change and do better, to make a real difference, to try to improve the world even in just one’s little spot in it.  People by in large are lazy, indifferent, and have near zero frustration tolerance, that last trait has infected me a bit but I am working on better tolerance of late.

So if I am wrong, and misinterpreting the situation, then all these people who are not having a real opportunity to be heard and have access to ways of change, will step up and show me my mistakes in observation.

Not holding my breath with that postulation…

Which is a shame with the way clinics are failing in large numbers these days, and they are, I see it every 3-4 months the last 5 years or so.  Think about it, who with a genuine interest to help people can survive in these environments of quick fixes, demands of doctors being “yes” people to any and all requests, and signing off on all these disability requests and other socioeconomic “perks” to having any alleged Axis 1 Mood or Thought Disorder??  Oh, and some are so bold to even admit they have a primary Axis 2 disorder, and want a disability determination for that!

I’ll end with this pathetic joke, Attention Deficit Disorder is not a disability diagnosis, but, incredible how many get in your face to claim otherwise these days!!!

Less than 4 weeks to Thanksgiving, and my 5 year anniversary to Can’t Medicate Life blog, again wondering if I can keep it up longer…

Such a great picture!

Ya wanna see Single Payer Health Care now?! Come to your nearest Community Mental Health Clinic…


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CMHCs are the prime example of what Single Payer Health Care will look like for your somatic care providers in coming years.  Oh, and it is coming, cue the Jaws theme please, because too many people have bought into the illusion that good things come for free.  After all, they voted for Hillary or Donald last year, so what does that say about what, 100 million people out there who will be using these alleged free health care services that those idiots have sold us before, during, and after the election???

Hey, I am back working in these trenches, and I would hazard to guess that over 85% of the patients in CMHCs are either Medicaid or Medicare funded.  Oh, and guess what, with all the private practice providers now refusing to take any new Medicare patients, hell, they are even refusing to keep the ones they were treating before the Medicare bureaucracy become full Freddy Kruger on doctors, all these Medicare patients are overwhelming CMHCs.

And let’s have a moment of candor, well, you think it is just about reimbursement that is making private practitioners to hold up their crosses and silver to banish the hordes trying to storm the office doors?!  Well, I’ll let imaginative readers come to their own conclusions, I have to be PC in what I write here these days,eh?!

My point to this brief post is simple:  CMHCs are being made to be the legion of doom for what politicians really want to make health care do for them and their bean counter loser Igors.  Frankenstein is to be unleashed, for what psychiatry primarily via the APA really has been formulating in their castle of hideous creations gone bad in years past.

And who do we really have to thank for all this madness?  No, not Vincent Price, he has been dead for years, but his maniacal laugh should be the soundtrack for this brief rant that will be the epitath for mental health care.  Here is who I meant!:

Happy Hollow-screams, for what you hear shrieking are all those patients who think they are being allowed complete free and total access to all care options, only to learn as they foolishly refuse to turn around and see the Alien of government control who is really going to give them what they deserve.  The figurative thrashing of just getting scripts from a formulary at best from the early 2000s, access to a therapist for 30 minute therapy sessions every 4 to 6 weeks, and being told what diagnosis they are to be given from a selection of maybe 30 codes from the DSM-Jive that did have too many to  begin with anyway.

But, the public wants Single Payer Health Care, so, enjoy the Monster Mash!

Try these on for size



If people continue to let the logic of the Personality Disordered set the pace for society as such cretins seem to be succeeding these days, well, listen to these examples for what will be acceptable explanations for despicable acts:

“people who have too much nice stuff don’t share it with the rest of us, so I took their things so I can have them too.  I didn’t steal things, I took my share”

“that woman wouldn’t have sex with me but yet showed up dressed like she wanted to, so I took her unspoken offer and had sex with her.  I didn’t rape her, I just had sex that she ignored as my interest.”

“people who won’t help me, won’t care for me, will let me die eventually from neglect or lack of concern, so they are killing me.  I didn’t kill that person, I prevented them from killing me later.”

“that building was such an eyesore, and offered nothing of value for me, so it shouldn’t continue to stand in the community.  I didn’t commit arson, I was just starting new community development by not waiting around for others to act.”

Hmm, what do readers notice in those examples?  The hideous “logic” of the antisocial at least, and it can be extrapolated to the logic of other Personality Disordered cretin, I could draw parallels for the Narcissist, the Borderline, the Schizoid, the Dependent, the Avoidant, and the rest in Axis 2 as well.

My favorite by many of these characterological disrupters is the defense of projection, and I leave readers with this simple observation:  the people who scream “racism” and “supremacy” and “misogyny” are the real offenders to the accusation.  But, we live in a society that has embraced the adage “hear the lie enough and it becomes truth”, because people can’t look up from their screens long enough to honestly and appropriately evaluate the situations at hand.

Good luck staying ignorant, uninformed, and uninterested in the daily conflicts around us.  Because one day they will involve you, and hope your abilities to problem solve and gain some appropriate resolution work.  Because the defenses of the immature and pathological really don’t work well with healthy appropriate people.

But, damn, my assumption we have more healthy and appropriate people among us, certainly not reflected in our elected officials, EH!?!?  What is it George Carlin said 20 plus years ago, it’s not the politicians who suck, but, the public?

How’s that hope goin’ for ya these days, hmm?

enjoy, this is the best we can do, folks…

Consumed by hate


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I can identify with this post title, because as I am coming up on 5 years of this blog, it really has deteriorated into being consumed by hate, hate of the antisocial and other flagrant Axis 2 garbage that is destroying this country.  And that has been a big mistake, but, how can we who are inherently trying to be good, be responsible, be dedicated to helping others help themselves, not be eroded into becoming what we are trying to fend off?

What does Harvey Dent say to Bruce Wayne in “The Dark Knight”, something like


Yeah, irony from art imitating life, hmm?

This is a post in process, so bear with me if interested to come back over the weekend or return Monday, hopefully upon it’s fruition?

Anyway, nothing new in my latest escapade as a Locum, more providers who just inherently sell the message of “better living through chemistry”, today once again trying to be told to medicate grief,

…. we’ll leave it to a well know cartoon character to remind us about “good grief”

lucy as psychiatrist


addendum Sat Oct 14th:  so, I woke up this morning and perused through my usual sites for “laughs”, and found these two columns:


I think they are both good reads, for the points they make in general, and how it applies to the point of this specific ongoing thread.  The first by William Gensert said this at the beginning:

“To the Democrat of today, all things are political and everything can be framed within their vision of how the nation, and indeed, the world should be run. That this country, in particular, should be run by them is at the core of their beliefs — the identity politics, the idea that there are no legitimate leaders except their own, full control of the economy, where people live, where they go and how they get there, what they do, what they eat, and lastly what they think, are merely tools to facilitate their total control.”

Which is why I am erroneously fueled by hate, as I despise, vehemently mind you, those who think they can eradicate independence, autonomy, and freedom of choice.  Those who want total control are scumbags, and don’t deserve to be negotiated with when they have no interest to negotiate.  Wake up people, when you deal with veiled tyranny, being a mensch doesn’t make the pain and agony more tolerable!  At some point, you have to say not “when”, but just plain “stop!!”, and “who do you think you are!?”.

And just look at the non verbal cues by the leaders of these agendas to control and rule, the likes of Bernies Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and even Chuck Schumer of late, they have such hate, disdain, and cruelness to their stares and expressions to their faux voiced claims of tolerance and hope.  They make me sick!

Oh, and the masked expression to McConnell, and the deer in headlights looks by Ryan, they are almost as lame and pathetic to have to witness.  And to any reader who thinks I am a Trump advocate, the man is such a moron, and that’s where most of these loser politicians who try to fake outrage when caught saying something negative about Trump but want to continue to benefit, write it down if he offends you!  I have, will continue to do so, and hope for the best outcome, he grows bored and annoyed and just resigns in his pathetic misguided thoughts of being harassed and demeaned to go out the door.

Let’s be honest, anything can “be taken out of context” these days, but, when it is print, and well thought out before it is typed or dictated, well, then it is what it is if you take the time to expend energy to voice opinions on paper or screen, eh?!

As per what Michael Reagan said in the second link, well, the whole piece is so on the mark for me and this post intended now, but I will just replicate this one thing, and please read the whole column and digest it for what it intends (and it is not long, so your weekend won’t be lost!), I hope:

“No matter where I click, there’s no escape from liberal politics and the media’s nonstop drumbeat of Trump Hate.

Even TV weather reports have become polluted.

I think every hurricane, thunderstorm, wildfire, drought, flood, snowstorm, heat wave or heavy dew that has negatively affected North America since June has been blamed on humans, their cars or Donald Trump’s energy policies.”

And that is so true, these slime from the Left make everything the fault of their enemies, opponents, dissenters.  Which is the behavior of the Personality Disordered, so I hope readers here give pause to that perspective.  When someone starts blaming people or a group for something that is so outwardly random and unintended as a slight on our species, well, where do you go once having to read or hear such bullshit!?

And bringing it back to the point here, it is about consumed with hate.  I don’t have an answer how to effectively and pervasively handle and make progress with people who profoundly hate.  Yeah, you start with efforts at common ground, but, do we really have it here with two extremists groups that have sizeable influence with people of power, control, and setting policy?

No, we don’t.  And why it would be nice to channel that anger and outrage into something positive and effective, like, a third party?  That hopefully will be my direction with the next segment here.  Any history buffs who can offer perspective or examples of past societies that found a third way and saw it progress somewhere effectively, please opine and elaborate, I would appreciate it!

I like this image and message, maybe something to boost my spirits this weekend, and maybe yours as well if you feel similarly…


addendum #2 today Saturday the 14th:

maybe an aside or just an example of my anger, this from another blog that I don’t think really problems solves all the angles to this matter of too many mentally ill patients falsely or cruelly incacerated,

my comment, which for now posted:

“Respectfully, having worked at two State Hospitals in the past year, and watched them be relentless filled with people who are moreso criminals primarily than mental health people cruelly over prosecuted, I don’t get this rationalizing how people are being denied essential and acute services when those demanding the admissions have no clue how to triage these inmates!

Oh, and that is the key point to this comment, I didn’t read your mention of the recent judicial ruling making all our State Facilities have to take on more inmates and then wade through the morass of figuring out who is genuinely mentally ill, versus who is faking it and just terrorizing patients at whim!

Hope readers look at the link, and then figure out what is really at hand here, is it solely about too many people being incarcerated versus denied genuine care needs, or, a judicial system that once again wants to simplify treatment needs to make it easier for the judges and wardens?!

Again, always fascinating and repugnant how many health care providers stay silent and thus complicit to not challenge poor administrative judgments. Why mental health is a terminally ill profession, based on my humble yet vast experience of near 25 years now.

But, we can naively continue to hope for the best, in a system that really punishes hope and independence because those are not acceptable outcomes for people who crave power and control. Hey, just my perspective, I could be wrong. Just ask those politicians/judges who allegedly represent you how much they are appropriately educated and advised on mental health issues these last, what, 15 or so years?!

Or better yet, maybe talk to real mental health patients stuck in State Hospitals and left to fend for themselves in defacto jails/prisons without appropriate security and consequences for real life crimes going on inside those walls!!!

Yeah, let’s read that next column!!!

Joel Hassman, MD”

We’ll see if the comment stays, who voices more interest if not equal outrage, and further comments advising how we protect the real mentally ill, or just continue to allow mentally ill politicians and judges f— up mental health care, simply because these cretin leaders can!

Oh, and read up on the story Thursday Oct 12th about the pharmacy that is delivering medications that include meds for Alzheimer’s folks.  Yeah, to people actively in Congress.  THAT IS DAMN FRIGHTENING TO LEARN, EH!?!?

stay up to date as able…


Hate to turn this post into a multiple times in one day addendums, but, this story bothers me as much as that pathetic bastard in Seattle who verbally assaulted a group of Christians a week or so ago and has gotten a free pass for no consequences that I know.  The story today that shows the bottomless pit of slime that is the Left?:

This was the Restaurant’s Facebook post:

And then the gestapo response goes on and on.  Yeah, while the point of this post is to address unrelenting hate, it is hard to not hate back these losers who think only of themselves and their “causes”, which at the end of the day are not principles or real benefits to a general society, but just selfish wants and in the end the most hypocritical lies of alleged tolerance and concern for public welfare.

I’d end with some hostile comment, but, let’s have the asshole from that Seattle coffee shop end this addendum, eh?

Yeah, those tolerant LGBT folk, I respect so much.  Cue Toilet flush noise…


Last addendum for this post, Sat the 14th, 3PM:

I think I will have Peggy Noonan finish my post, and again advise readers to read her whole column, but her ending says it perfectly for me, in my interpretation, the pervasive Personality Disorder mostly from the Left alone has made the rest of us angry, fearful, and most sadly, as intolerant of the Left’s endless shitting on the country, and thus why many NOT on the Left have guns:

“Americans have so many guns because drug gangs roam the streets, because they have less trust in their neighbors, because they read Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.” Because all of their personal and financial information got hacked in the latest breach, because our country’s real overlords are in Silicon Valley and appear to be moral Martians who operate on some weird new postmodern ethical wavelength. And they’ll be the ones programming the robots that’ll soon take all the jobs! Maybe the robots will all look like Mark Zuckerberg, like those eyeless busts of Roman Emperors. Our leaders don’t even think about this technological revolution. They’re too busy with transgender rights.

Americans have so many guns because they know the water their children swim in hasn’t gotten cleaner since Columbine, but more polluted and lethal.

The establishments and elites that create our political and entertainment culture have no idea how fragile it all is—how fragile itseems to people living normal, less privileged lives. That is because nothing is fragile for them. They’re barricaded behind the things the influential have, from good neighborhoods to security alarms, doormen and gates. They’re not dark in their imagining of the future because history has never been dark for them; it’s been sunshine, which they expect to continue. They sail on, oblivious to the legitimate anxieties of their countrymen who live near the edge.

Those who create our culture feel free to lecture normal Americans—on news shows, on late night comedy shows. Why do they have such a propensity for violence? What is their love for guns? Why do they join the National Rifle Association? The influential grind away with their disdain for their fellow Americans, whom they seem less to want to help than to dominate: Give up your gun, bake my cake, free speech isn’t free if what you’re saying triggers us.

Would it help if we tried less censure and more cultural affiliation? Might it help if we started working on problems that are real? Sure. But why lower the temperature when there’s such easy pleasure to be had in ridiculing your mindless and benighted countrymen?”

You cannot negotiate or reason with people who live, and mostly will die, from embracing and espousing a level of hate we have seen cause past world wars, millions of deaths within societies, and fracture relationships that should have been enduring.  Sorry, I was not a part of this, the ones who gleefully and repetitively supported either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump are major causes to this problem of consumed hatred, and frankly as I have written several times before, I implore all the extremist scumbags who want only their way to meet their equally embattled opponents on the other side of an abandoned field and kill each other, just using their skulls as weapons.

Sorry, call me a hypocrite, but, I see no healthy resolution with the sustained raw hate that grows logarithmicly every day of late, moreso from the Left, but, there are contributions from the Right as well, count on it.

Oh, and as I said earlier as well, add PPV in showing this shit show mob scene in a field,  and watch the country’s debt level drop significantly from the proceeds.

And then maybe some return to normalcy, whatever the hell that is!?!


Read this piece of shit, from Berkeley yet again, and I genuinely grieve for anyone who is actively supporting or preparing to send one’s children to college in America as of now.  This is what I have been writing about, Personality Disorder not only run amok, but actually terrorizing people of healthy, functional ability in this country.

“Shaiken’s [the professor] words fell on deaf ears, as one protester smugly stated: “Understand your privilege.”

The students told Shaiken that they were going to take their complaints to the Department of Ethnic Studies, to which the professor responded: “You are more than welcome to do that.”

Just as the group was leaving, one stayed behind to tell off the rest of the class:

I don’t know why you’re still, like, sitting down, y’all. I don’t understand. I really don’t understand. Y’all can take your f**king test, but people are dying out there. … Y’all can take your test, but this [university is] protecting white supremacists, and y’all are protecting them, too.

Can any reader here over 40 years old imagine taking over the class and telling the teacher how to conduct his course?!  “F” for the punk’s grade, which for me would be the most deserving “F*** yourself, student”, and perhaps later escorted to the campus gates and be expelled.

Not today, the “students” of many campuses really think they run the academic rules.

I hope as many businesses and professional organizations in California hire these ignoramuses masquerading as young adults from the University of California at Berkeley, and then watch said businesses and organizations be destroyed.

Wow, the audacity of hope, yeah, this is what 8 years of that antisocial shithead former President Obummer has wrought, just like his predecessor Democrat serial rapist Billy C redefined what “is” sex for the generation of teens in the late 1990s…

strapped patients

Graduating class of 2018 at Berkeley, hire them all!!!

More opportunities for victims…


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So Harvey Shit-stain’s outing as being a serial sexual harrasser, if not abuser, has finally been done, hmm, what about this angle?:

Hey folks, if we as clinicians don’t report child abuse, we could lose our licenses to practice, and while this jerk-off’s (ironic term there eh?) victims have been adults, that we know of to now at least, well, what about all those enablers, especially in the media, what are they culpable for, at least civilly?!

I hope this is considered by the victims, at least in the past 10 years?

Why the Las Vegas Shooting happened.


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It has been almost a week since the shooter killed 58 people and injured many hundreds more via bullets or panic from pandemonium.  And as of today, there is no outward motive from law enforcement or those who closely knew the shooter (and note I will NOT be using his name, infamy does not deserve notoriety!)

Well, I have my hypothesis, and it will most likely be wrong or expanded beyond by good police work to come after what I will offer here, but, I am a fan of Occam’s Razor, so here it is:

*he was a prolific gambler for years and also was observed to be outwardly drunk in public of late, so a likely risk of addiction/dependency characteristics

*he collected firearms for years, so an element of OCD or hoarding behaviors that could be representative of cluster C traits

*he was an introvert or isolative to some degree, irregardless of his traveling that is noted, so he had a secretive element of possible cluster A characterology

*His father was an outward antisocial/sociopathic type as described in retroactive accounts, so a genetic factor to such personality disorder of cluster B

So, to summarize, my gut tells me this was a guy of Personality Disorder unspecified type of multi types of clusters A, B, and C, and add the addiction side and focus on firearm elements, and the only element I can’t conclude right now is why October 1st and in Las Vegas.

Predictors of violence, folks, the only one he doesn’t have is a history of violence, and that befuddles me to no end.  And what is even more frustrating is we probably won’t have an irrefutable answer from someone or something for months to years to come…

Just to be wary of copycats hereon!

addendum Sunday night:  watch about the 4 minute mark of this video of today’s “Face the Nation” per Mary Ellen O’Toole’s comments, and focus on her comment that personality disorder is NOT a mental illness.  Thank you Ms O’Toole!!!

It is going to come down to interviewing his friends and family at length.