What Obamacare reveals about our politicians, and why it is time for change

It really does not matter which side of this polluted aisle of Republocrats one is on, they do not give a shit about the American people, that is what transpired on Friday.  As long as they are exempt from participating in the legislation, what the hell do they care happens at the end of the day?!

If there hasn’t been a better time for a third party than now, then I don’t know what the F– to say!  Democrats come 2018, gone.  Incumbent more than 10 years in office, gone.  Not keeping campaign promises repeatedly, gone.  Being a flagrant hypocrite, gone.

Hmm, that seems to apply to what, 95% of the f—-g assholes in Congress today??!!

Oh, and to cue Mr Carlin, if you vote and keep selfish, ignorant, and incompetent people in office, you are part of the problem, you need to shut up, and bend over and take it deep until you are choking on it!

And let’s end with this beauty:


“In the wheeling and dealing, some members of the House Freedom Caucus went to the White House to hear a last-ditch pitch as to why they should support the bill. Bannon walked into the conference room in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and said, according to Axios: 

“Guys, look. This is not a discussion. This is not a debate. You have no choice but to vote for this bill.”
Now, that may work in the conference room of one of Trump’s companies, but it sure doesn’t work with members of Congress. It’s an amateur move to order lawmakers to vote for a bill that could lose them their seats. And they didn’t take kindly to the play.
One member at the meeting reportedly replied: “You know, the last time someone ordered me to [do] something, I was 18 years old. And it was my daddy. And I didn’t listen to him, either.” “
And now the ineptitude and frank personality disorder of Trump and his minions is coming home to roost.  We are doomed with the status woe, folks.
Yep, it is American politics 2017, thanks, Rod…

Once again said better than I can…

Again, why do American Jews hate Israel?  I think the below link has the perfect perspective of why self loathing jewish people are pathetic:


“When I was a Jewish kid around the age of 10, we used to play a lot of cowboys and Indians games.  I always, always, took the role and the part of the Indians — the good guys, the underdogs,  the victims.  After all, the cowboys were the big bad guys who stole Indian land, made unprovoked war using guns against bows and arrows, drove starving Indians far away from their hunting grounds. 

It was an open-and-shut case of mean white men hitting on the noble red men.  And while I didn’t think of my role-playing and sympathies for the victim as particularly Jewish in nature, unconsciously they were.”

Nice opening, we do identify with the underdog, but who is the real underdog these days when the “Indians” that are the Palestinians really believe the only good Jew is dead and obliterated?  Yeah, that’s real negotiation, the Palestinians only real kind offer is “why don’t you Jews just kill yourselves and make it easier for us to take over?!”

But, the author above makes an even better observation about the levels of inappropriateness among Arabs themselves:

“I’ll add that when I was about 14, when I was no longer a child, I learned that “the Indians” were actually a mixed bag.  Some tribes (Iroquois, Apache) were known — to other Indians, not just to whites — for extreme cruelty and domination; jealousy and competition prevented the Indians from uniting time and again; sadly, many were willing to sell their land for trinkets, guns and firewater, or ally with whites in order to kill off rival tribes.

Not a pretty picture, and I was not happy to learn it.  I had to hang up, as it were, my bonnet of Indian feathers and homemade tomahawk.  But it’s all about growing up and seeing beyond simple good guy/bad guy scenarios.”

Once again, people are either disingenuous, dishonest, or just hideously disdainful, and they aren’t interested in resolution, just destitution.

Have you met people who just self loathe?  They are beyond annoying and aggravating, they just promote loathing by those around them as well.  Nice job!

Good luck with having Palestinians back you up!

“what you can’t see will hurt you, count on it!”

It’s about ENFORCED care, not Involuntary care, but, that won’t sell books, eh?

For those who go to Shrink Rap, also known as http://www.psychiatrist-blog.blogspot.com, they just can’t stop pushing their book “Committed: the Battle over Involuntary Psychiatric Care”.  Now they have a separate site just for their book.  (you can go to the above link and find it yourself, will not sell their message here)

Umm, does the word “pretentious” fit here, or am I being too critical?  (and yes, one can accuse me of being judgmental without reading the book, but, I got the gist in reading reviews they gleefully added at their initial blog site…)

But, they have made a little mistake, and with one of the authors, Dr Hanson, who is a Forensic Psychiatrist, well she should know better than what they are peddling.  As I have been working in the State Inpatient setting now for 8 months with another 3 to go, it is about enforced care, not involuntary care.

Because the State of Maryland, as well as many other states I would suppose, have just made psychiatry a weapon of at least figuratively, if not really literally punishing people.  At one hospital, Springfield Hospital Center, over 95% of the patients are court ordered to care.  Think about that percentage for a moment, the State has used a facility that was previously intended to treat chronically ill mental health patients now solely for forensic use these past 10 or more years now.  So, if you or a loved one has a serious mental illness, like schizophrenia, and haven’t committed any  crimes, it is highly unlikely such a patient can get needed intensive care services that inpatient care often is essential to access to get stabilized.

Nope, you will instead need to commit some type of crime, maybe just trespassing or minor destruction of property, don’t advise some minor assault, but, after getting arrested and spending time first in a county or city jail, then you can have a judge court order you into an assessment for competency, or better yet, define if you are Not Criminally Responsible (NCR).  If you were to go to some General Hospital or Private Psychiatric Hospital, and had a chronic, impairing mental illness, they would only keep you in the hospital for at best 2-3 weeks before finding some creative way to discharge you back to the streets.

Well, sometimes a patient does get kept for a month or more, but that is because such a patient would need to be so pervasively and persistently dangerous to oneself or others, usually by repetitively harming oneself or assaulting staff and other patients on the unit, that the liability to release such a person puts the hospital at risk too!  Gee, more legal issues to drive clinical care decisions!!!

Wow, gotta love the system the way it operates now.  It isn’t about doing what is best and most effective from a clinical care point of view, but, what is legally, administratively, and bureaucratically convenient and protective.  Hmm, why politicians were able to force Obamacare on us, eh?

That’s another post, so, back to Enforced care, just remember this, again from my opinion point of view, inpatient care is about what you have to do, not what you chose to do.

Imagine being hospitalized for a cardiac problem and having to take meds and see the cardiologist once a month for 5 years.  Get the perspective now?…

Image result for image of person chained to a desk

Apologists, Defenders, and Enablers of burning the foundation of America

If you haven’t heard yet, and if you depend solely on the Maim Scream Media as your news sources you haven’t, a 14 year old girl was raped at her public school last week here in lovely Maryland by at least 1 illegal alien scumbag, who was a 9th grade student at the young age of 18 years old, along with what people still maintain is a minor cohort perp of 17 years old, also in the same grade.  This happened in Montgomery County, just outside the ripped-skirts, er, outskirts of Washington D.C., who basically has done nothing else but defend allowing illegal aliens to continue to feel wanted and consoled.  Not the legal, vulnerable Maryland/American citizens who pay the taxes and then live in fear.

So, what do these f–k -hole State Politicians then do this week?


Yep, openly focus on making the STATE OF MARYLAND a sanctuary for these scumbag aliens, who just want to prey on honest, caring people.  And, the majority of Maryland citizens deserve to be raped, pillaged, and murdered, because they keep these f—-g incompetent and uncaring scumbags in office for decades!!!

Mike Miller has been the leader of the State Senate for at least 20 years, and has  been in public office since 1971.  No, that is not a misprint, he has been in public office for 46 fucking years, and his legacy will be felt for at least another generation or two even if the bastard dies tomorrow!

And his scumbag cohort in the Maryland House of Delegates who has been in office for just a junior 30 years, Michael Busch, well, this MIKE AND MIKE show has decimated the State of Maryland.

And they truly, honestly do not give a shit about Marylanders who do not gleefully suck their genitals and wipe their assholes daily.  They are the epitomy of what is wrong with this State, and why this bill will pass.  Because after Governor Hogan appropriately and responsibly vetoes it, they will go full court press to tie it in with false and hideous allegations that it is Trump’s fault, and the moronic Maryland constituents who will just continue to fellate and finger the pelvic areas of their representatives will buy it.

And if there really is justice and/or a God that cares about the people, watch the State ignite and burn, maybe literally in this year’s election, if not in 2018.

The obscene projections by Demon-craps is getting so ugly, I really think we have politicians who honestly are bordering on psychotic.  Which is scary…

If you are a Maryland citizen reading here, and will vote again for the Democrat legislators who support this above legislation, please die.  Because you have no soul, no compassion, and no fucking clue!

Just talk to the parents of that 14 year old girl who’s life is forever altered by two scumbags who should have never been inside those school walls in the first place.

Oh, and google “Montgomery County School Superintendent & public announcement of the rape incident” and enjoy the links.  Why Montgomery County is a shit hole, and deserves to be made way of Sodom and Gomorrah, again if there is a God.

Yes, I am pissed and now gleefully planning my escape from this failed state, literally and figuratively per that term…


Addendum Friday night 10PM:

Nice endpoint to this post to show what a slime Montgomery County has as a Superintendent for the schools:


Read it and see what a creep he was in milking the prior school system he worked in before moving on to bigger and more disruptive counties…

Gotta love these f—-rs, charge the citizens with being racists after illegal aliens rape a legal citizen, what a stale colostomy bag slime!

Let’s add the mug shot to finish the post!

Rockville Rape: Montgomery County School Superintendent Paid $275,000 Per Year, Rakes in Massive Benefits

Yeah, me being a jerk, he looks like a loser!  Is it me, or doesn’t he fit the bill of what a racist looks like!?  Let’s hope real justice prevails and he will be looking for work come late June…

Finally, truths are revealed!

Wow, what a day, these following links show just what we are dealing with, in order of chronological appearance:

First, this column this AM:


Yep, right on the mark, entitlements are addicitive, and having watched people up close and personal act just like a chemical addict to get their “fix” on staying on entitlement programs, it is woeful to watch.

Then this during the Gorsuch Comedy Hours brought to you by Democraps, haplessly and horrendously focused on smearing this man:


Read up on it, ALL OF IT, and see how disgusting these Senators are, trying desperately to appease their equally failed constituents, who just want Republican blood, even if it is honest and direct behaviors.  Antisocials aren’t interested in anything honest and direct, and these old, lame, pathetic scumbags who are Democrats, please just die!

Finally, this in the later PM, from that Narcissistic asshole in the White House, who is finally showing who and what he really is:

Lots of liberal columns, but, I wanted to read a conservative opinion, and here it is:


Wow, we truly have a Republocrat party in control of this country, and 50-60% of Americans just are worried about their party, not the people.


We all burn in the end, folks…

I’ve defined evil enough, what are your definitions and experiences?

I typed in “evil” as a search here at my blog and over 6 posts came up, so, I guess I have tackled this topic enough already, so maybe it is time for readers to share their opinions and perspectives, eh?

And yes, I say this over and over, but it just never ceases to amaze me how deplorable the Democrat party has become in their lust for power and control.  They say the most hideous shit possible since Trump has taken office, and people say nothing overall to the rants and ravings of the Pelosis and various U.S.Senators who only God knows why they are still in office.

So, pine away, I would like to hear from others what they have to relate…

Image result for image of evil

A brutally honest post (warning, language is harsh and rudely honest)

Just so any reader here with regularity doesn’t know already, I went down to Washington D.C., on my own, back in November of 2009 to personally protest this monstrosity that became to be Obamacare.  Didn’t wait for the large weekend crowds, didn’t give a shit who was there to protest as well, and there wasn’t anyone else there that day.  Just me, my two sided sign saying NO to this garbage attempt to fuck up health care, and my hand outs to anyone interested to talk to me and understand what I was protesting.  And a few people did talk to me, I gave out about 6-10 handouts that day, walked from the White House to the Capitol and then back to the Subway stop I took to get to D.C., was there about 4 hours or more.

[Took the rest out this morning, too rude even for me ]

edit from Saturday March 18:  my point in my rant last night was I knew then that allowing politicians to dictate health care choices and needs was a complete, utter loser, and now today, the Democrats continue to show they have no clue, no interest, no ability to see how devastating their legislation has been for the majority of Americans, even if only 50.1% of them!  And they as a party don’t care, at all!!  It’s only about staying in power, staying relevant, and promoting agendas, not principles, and certainly not what is best for the public welfare.

Which is simply evil to me.  And now back to what I wrote last night…

Trump versus Hillary Clinton, what a shit show that turned out to be.  And lets face it, people are too stupid to realize what a joke was played…

Set up by this bastard, by the way!!!

Addendum 5 minutes later (from Friday night originally):



The last sentence of the link says it all:

“Unfortunately, this legislation does nothing to prevent those who are currently vulnerable from succumbing to addiction – and for some politicians, that’s simply of no concern.”

These bastards don’t give a shit about the country, just the illusion they do, and how to make another damn dollar at the same time.  THIS IS EVIL FOLKS, AND IF YOU DON’T OR CAN’T SEE IT, WELL, BEND OVER AND PUCKER UP!!!


Why (anti)socialized medicine will do nothing else but ruin the practice of medicine


Read it all, and then there is more to this failed ideology by the corrupt Left and those who just want to further erode American foundations of living, literally in this case!

Again, these f—rs want you all to be in a system the politicians will not participate with their constituents.  How sickening is that, and no, not looking for a pun, but some scalps come November 2018!

The Left are the most hideous people among us…

Leave health care providers with this from the above link:


 7. The NHS provides insufficient care for mental health. A UK Guardian survey found that over 72 percent of consultant psychiatrists consider the NHS’ mental health care for those under the age of 18 to be “inadequate (58%) or very inadequate (14%).” It’s not hard to see why, as patients under the age of 18 will periodically deal with A&E staff who treat them in a dismissive manner, which only worsens their condition. Patients under the age of 18 also suffer from “a lack of inpatient beds” and “delays in their condition being assessed.”

In general, the mental health results have not been stellar for the NHS in recent years, as the Guardian highlights: 

New NHS figures show that the number of deaths annually among mental health patients in England has risen 21% over the last three years from 1,412 to 1,713.

The number of those killing themselves or trying to do so has also increased, by 26% from 595 in 2012-13 to 751 in 2014-15. It covers both those being treated as inpatients for serious mental health problems and also those who are being cared for while still living at home.

Figures obtained by Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrat MP, show that the overall number of “serious incidents” – involving unexpected or avoidable deaths, serious harm, injury and abuse – has climbed 34% to 8,139 a year. They have become so common that one trust, North East London foundation trust, had a total of 633 last year – almost two a day.

The aforementioned numbers are the result of patients facing “a byzantine system of long waiting times, lack of psychiatrists, overreliance on pills as an easy solution and a sense of limbo for all but the most severe cases,” per the Guardian.”

Yep, allegedly this could be ammunition for the antipsychiatry crowd, who, ironically at the same time want the system to be exterminated anyway, so, this is the endpoint the MIA folks will guarantee in the end, who belong to the Left as a sizeable majority.

Dontcha just luv it!?

The Democrats are just Turd-heads

Gee, and it takes CNN to note this?!


“What they’re [Democrats] not doing is offering any constructive ideas on how to alleviate the widespread and worsening pain inflicted upon American consumers by the failed, partisan healthcare scheme they lied about and rammed through during President Obama’s first term.  As we’ve noted before, Democrats don’t have any good answers for Obamacare’s millions of victims, who substantially outnumber the success stories they’re so eagerly showcasing these days.  Incidentally, President Trump was smart to invite real people who’ve been hurt by the failing law to the White House for a listening session; Republicans would be wise to keep these people front and center throughout this debate.  But Democrats have no good answers because there are none. They passed a bad law that isn’t working, and the “fixes” they occasionally mutter about are politically unviable, stale and recycled — or they double down with even heavier-handed government coercion and intervention.  Democrats’ dearth of meaningful ideas in the face of the terrible mess for which they’re exclusively responsible has gone mostly unnoticed in the press coverage of the current fight.  But not entirely unnoticed.”

I am going to be writing a post in coming days about what really is evil, and frankly, this ongoing piece of shit legislative assault on more Americans than not is just another example of evil intentions by this political party of Demon-craps.  They love illegal immigrants, stand behind the anti-law enforcement agenda of the Black Lies Matter folks, and for me at least, gleefully want the teachers’ unions across the country that are bankrupting our children with shitty education standards to stay in power and set precedents.  And yet, the loudest shriekers for this educational agenda, where do they send their kids?  To very expensive, elitist private schools.



For Franken to go after DeVos so vehemently, when he is so f—-g hypocritical, just goes to show honest attentive citizens how pathetic and disgusting Democrats really are!!!

American citizens who voted for Trump want him to drain this alleged “swamp” that is the polluted aisle of Republocrats in D.C., start by stop voting for these incompetent, corrupt, and clueless incumbents, ALL OF THEM IRREGARDLESS OF PARTY AFFILIATION!!!

It’s the public who sucks, not these politicians alone!!!

road to hell

Addendum March 15 7PM:  Oh, I forgot one other group the Democrats gleefully wrap themselves around as passionate allies, that being ISIS/Radical Islamic Terrorists, as pervasively fighting what I feel is a rightful ban on people coming from known Islamic terrorist sites that Trump is trying to limit immigration to this country.  What is their twisted logic in fighting this effort, as this faux, shameful rhetoric this is a Muslim ban, just fucking lame!

And it even includes my disgusting home state, for now!


“The new version of the ban details more of a national security rationale. It is narrower and eases some concerns about violating the due-process rights of travelers.

It applies only to new visas from Somalia, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya and Yemen and temporarily shuts down the U.S. refugee program. It does not apply to travelers who already have visas.”

Hawaii leads the fight, for California, Oregon, Washington, New York, and good ol Maryland, who really strives to be California of the East!

Again, who are apologists, defenders, and frank supporters of hate, violence, and overt mayhem?  They might as well be the terrorists themselves…

Oh, they already are, cue Berkeley for the latest similarities?


And this is an article from Rolling Stone, not a typical bastion of conservative reporting, yet, in it this at the end:

“”I had a faculty member of the campus call me and say, ‘You must ban him,'” he recalls. “I said, ‘We’re not allowed to do that, he is protected by the first amendment.’ They say ‘No, he’s not.’ So I say, ‘Why do you believe that?’ and they said, ‘Because he’s wrong.'”

Hmm, sounds awfully similar to what ISIS says, so what is that saying again, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”?  And ironic, eh, how most of the terrorist acts in this country are in states that are ISIS friendly, California, New York, Massachusetts, and just waiting for Maryland to have it’s defining moment!

Don’t think these Islamic enemies really differentiate what political party their targets are, Demon-craps!  I truly feel for Conservatives and responsible people distrusting of extremist Islamic rhetoric living in these hell hole states…

Berkeley, the new standard of Fear, er, Free speech…….


addendum #2 March 15th:

Another soiled colostomy bag in America who the Democrats embrace, use as a spokesperson, and revel in his shit rhetoric:


“…pimp your wife (the First Lady) and make her work for us

I am sorry, first his uncle Shit Dog makes a video basically sending the message to assassinate Trump, then this punk is emboldened to put this out?!

If I were Donald Trump, I would [edited this in AM 3/16]– personally deal with this cretin and make him an example of what happens when a citizen brazenly threatens not only the President, but his family members!

It is time to deal with people who really think that advocating for violence against the President is NOT a First Amendment right.  Nope, it is a serious wrong, and done often by the Left.   Yet, where are the alleged responsible and appropriate people who are Democrats shouting this shit down?!

There aren’t responsible and appropriate people who are Democrats, thus the hideously loud silence from the Louts/Regressives/Libelous.  It is what they are, it is what they do, and it is what they want.  And it is why I will continue to shine whatever light I can on these evil people.

This is how evil thrives and gains traction, people just stay silent and thus complicit, and why we are in the state of garbage that both sides of the aisle of Republocrats want to keep this country in place.

Divide and conquer, and so many simply allow it!

Again, we live with 30% of a population that is beyond redemption, and I genuinely wait to watch them go down during their next act of open violence to try to threaten us into submission.  It is only a matter of time before bad things happen to bad people, and that is a shame to see it have to play out that way.

Hey, am I the only one here outraged by that above shit Tweet!?…


Don’t trust legislation with peoples’ names attached to them, right?!

Obamacare, Trumpcare, Allaffordablecare, Idontreallycare, these fancy, personal, “cute” names to legislation, it’s just a red flag for “How to f— over the American people” laws and acts.

Again, you let politicians and bureaucrats set the terms for health care, they will screw it up, just like the Democrats did back in 2010, who were then quick to excuse themselves from having to participate in the law.  Now the Republicans are just echoing the same BS, and have the gall to tell their own constituents, who didn’t want much of anything to stay in place that is this shit hole legislation, basically what Bruce Hornsby said in his well known song, “That’s just the way it is”!

Some things will never change, he then sings that lyric, and then finishes with “Ah, but don’t you believe them”.

Don’t believe them, any of them!  Too many of them are old, archaic, entitled, arrogant, and just plain clueless to what real citizens need and expect.

Dr O’Brien shared in the last post a point from the movie “Animal House”, and the point is not just at these lame and useless politicians, but the equally lame and useless citizens who put these losers there and re-elect them like, once again, pushing the flush lever of the toilet.  Stop shitting on Americans, fellow citizens!!!