The IOG report yesterday says it all, corruption is endemic and enduring…

This is going to be one of my shortest posts, as I do want to get back to the last one yesterday.  The IOG report about the profound pervasive failures of the FBI say to be one thing:  Obama and his ilk corrupted every federal department of services in the US government, including Justice and the FBI.

And no one, NO ONE, will take a stand and expose this hideous cretin who was our President for 8 years of the incredible shit he pulled off.

And there ain’t no god damn drug that is going to undue this damage to American psyche now realizing we are ruled and disrupted by so many utterly corrupt bastards, anarchy is only a matter of time here.

Personality Disordered society folks, we have the rulers we deserve, we have the electorate we deserve, and we have the citizenry of indifferent, uncaring, and inactive folks who will just dumb it down further.

And I have two kids who will be screwed by this utter disgusting bullshit of American politics.  Only a matter of time for a Waco or Oklahoma City repeat, count on it!

America burns

Happy Father’s Day, yeah, right…



Less than amused musings

Some of the garbage I read in psychiatric literature, well, it is not standards of care and accountable principles to the profession, yet, it somehow gets into psychiatric print, and that is frightening.

Where to begin, hmm, it’s Thursday night June 14, and I am a bit tired after just finishing up the last post per an addendum about the failures of justifying illegal immigration, which I feel is a nice transition to this post.  First, this pathetic read in the May 2018 Current Psychiatry mag (which I get in mid June?), a comment about the Goldwater Rule and free speech, by this Dr Sidney Weissman from Northwestern University, in that great town of Shit-cago, er, Chicago, well known for the breeding grounds of that wonderful antisocial former President Obama, and all that Black Lives Matter if killed by white cops but not concerned when murdered by fellow black antisocial cretins.

Sorry, got distracted per the last post content, what this questionable psychiatrist Dr Weissman wrote, well, you read (I hope the link works):

This is the paragraph that just pisses me off to no end:

“The diagnostic criteria for some personality disorders are based only on observed or reported behavior. They do not indicate a need for an interview. The diagnosis of a personality disorder cannot be made solely by interviewing an individual without knowledge of his or her behavior. Interviewing Bernie Madoff would not have revealed his sociopathic behavior.”

Uh, yeah, you can’t pick up on Personality Disordered impairment from just one interview, but, what the hell is this idiot teaching at a residency or medical school?!?!  Partisan shit, my money is all on that!

Responsible and attentive clinicians know this, sir!  We have to meet a patient several times, and need collateral contacts often, and most of all, see the past history of alleged treatment interventions show mass failures WHEN the prior providers either missed or just ignored the Axis 2 factors in the presentation.  DUH!!!

Axis 2 diagnoses are NEVER made responsibly in the first visit.  But, this guy wants to covertly claim calling Trump a personality disorder and a danger to society is not only fair and appropriate, but should shove aside the principles that history showed irresponsible and reckless with what happened to Goldwater.  No, unfortunately we have to once again hear shitbags like this guy and that Yale idiot B.X. Lee continue to shriek like the kid in the field looking for laughs, not wolves!

But, Henry Nasrallah and his Current Psychiatry pawns let this get printed.  Shame on them, but, I sense shame is not a word in their vocabulary.

That said, I will commend Dr Nasrallah a bit with his editorial piece from same issue, his covenant with our patients that lists what principles should guide new colleagues coming out of residency these days.

Read the whole thing, some of it is a bit of his biological preachings, but, “Do not practice naked pharmacology, psychotherapy must always be provided side by side with medications”, and, “never breach boundaries with patients and firmly guide the patient about breaching boundaries with you” are great to read!

There is more, but, I grow tired, have more time to ponder and pontificate, which I do, so, another addendum post to return to if interested, folks.

What picture captures the point of this post thus far?

Image result for image of doctor crying wolf

Should be titled “BANDY WITH (G)LEE WHO CRIED WOLF” with caricatures of various media cretins of CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post and New York Time editors, and the Left cretins of Pelosi, Schumer, Clintons, and Obama standing behind laughing…



The criminal is not complicated…


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(UPDATED JUNE 14 as now completed POST…)

That is a line from the first Batman movie with Liam Neeson who played Ra’s al Ghul, the leader of The League of Shadows, which also shows the blurring of the boundaries of what is intended as good vs evil in the end.

The full quote:  “But a criminal is not complicated. What you really fear is inside yourself. You fear your own power. You fear your anger, the drive to do great or terrible things.”

This is likely another post that will be in progress over the next few days, as I want to make sure I get all the crucial points noted.  What drives me to write this post is simply how horrible and hideous fairly much all in politics, and the media, as well as entertainment, have been fully outed by the Narcissist in the White House.  Amazing how hate and anger can reveal what drives people to believe and act on the foundations of their soul at the end of the day.  Maybe that could be said of me, but, my goal is to educate and empower people to be healthy and functional.

If that means for others to be evil in the end, well, also my equal point, to have choices.  After all, if we are denied reasonable and fair choice, that does not inspire one to be invested and hopeful, eh?

I know I have written this over and over, but, new post, and some readers might be new to this blog, so, read and ponder what defines evil for you, here is my definition:

  • repeated lies, to a point not even knowing what is truth to the liar
  • causing harm and disruption to others, even if not felonious in outward intent
  • Showing no remorse for the consequences of the lies and harm caused
  • and, mocking/disdain for healthy boundaries accepted and practiced by society for generations

I am not interested to debate nuances or specifics, this is what works for me, and it does work, be it in the psychiatry office, out in the community, travels across the county, and what I read and hear in the media sources I hope I can trust overall.

So, what do you see and hear in your travels these days?  It is nothing less than equally hilarious and hideous what people spew about Trump, when so much of it is flagrant projection or deflection from the accuser’s intents at the end of the day.  Trump is a textbook narcissist, but, he is not an antisocial the likes of Hillary or Bill Clinton, or what I have written here about Obama for the last 4 plus years.

Our 2016 Presidential election was about choosing between the lesser of evils, and while I did not vote, because I don’t want evil in any form, I do agree that a narcissist offers a bit less harm and chaos than the antisocial.  Hey, the folks out there who passionately belong to the Democrat or Republican parties, what I see as just the one party of Republocrats, they basically agreed to offer the country Personality Disordered Shit Shows of Cluster B pathology.

So, now what?  The Antisocial Demon-craps regain footing and cause even more mayhem and destruction with their flagrantly evil alliances, or, the Narcissist Repugno-cants continue to do nothing and show no interest in the average American, their motto of “can’t and repugnant” certainly defines them accurately for me?

I’ll finish with a comment said before and again, we have over a hundred million voters who will defend and shriek endlessly their party’s narratives and goals are more important than defending the public.  Partisan platitudes and extremist goals must be maintained and forced on all, independence and autonomy and free choice are not for those who are lusting for power and control.

Think about it, it is not complicated to me…

Image result for Liam Neeson telling Christopher Bale the Criminal is not complicated


addendum from Sunday June 10 11AM:

So, I have been thinking about what is oozing around in American dialogues that is generated from Left leaning disruptive sources and sites, and frankly, much of it is plain bullshit if not plain evil intent.

Oh, and if one thinks I solely hate Democrats, last night I watched the movie “American Made”, and it reminded me of why I have despised the Republicans so much, the way they manipulated Reagan to abuse and disdain the public the way the Democrats do now, so, both parties suck.

Anyway, let’s take a quick gander at the primary allies the Democrats court and abuse, shall we?

  • Illegal Immigrants, and don’t like the term “aliens”, distracts from the point.    These are people who think they can come to another country they do NOT have any legal standing to reside for a duration of time, and then act like the country owes them respect and support.  I’m sorry, that is evil to me, the premise of establishing residency is a lie, they continue to tell lies to be able to stay and take advantage of the country’s infrastructure, then many of these illegal attendees commit crimes that cause harm and disruption, show no remorse, and boy, do they mock the boundaries of our society!  And the prime group the Democrats are wooing, at the frank detriment of honest and genuine American citizens!
  • Next, the extremist Muslim faction.  Yeah, not going to waste time explaining this group’s agenda beyond either you are fully with them, or better off dead.  No difficulty getting the point their intent is evil for anyone who dares to cross them…
  • Antifa is another one who does not need much of an introduction or explanation to what they are about and intending.  Kinda forgot about them as they were out of the media reports, until last week when they surfaced in Portland.  Yep, these are folks who are so outstanding and trustworthy, starting with their full black attire and covering their faces, and then creating the violence, coming with weapons, assaulting the police as much as their original intended targets.  Anyone who would want to write here that Antifa is being misrepresented, don’t waste your time, I will NOT be respectful in a rebuttal.
  • This next one will stir some anger in some folks, but, I have written about the Pro Choice crowd that shrieks any and all abortion is not only fine, but expected by women who deserve the full freedoms God allegedly has intended them.  HAH!  Abortion is not a form of birth control, it is not a choice after the second trimester unless medical complications arise, and certainly not a right that government should control and force on citizens.  Folks really need to listen to the dialogue of the average Pro Choice supporter, forget Planned Parenthood for the moment as their representatives are true shit bags of insensitivity and cruelty.  Pro Choice leaders really say the most stupid, insincere, and outright misrepresentation of any dissenters, and they lie about their agenda.  Frankly, I think the harm and disruption part is easy to document, and wow, the absence of remorse and disdain for anyone who believes in life and accountability, quite a frightening group these days, to me at least.
  • Another group that annoys people I target, but, they deserve it per their rhetoric and attitudes these days, are the LGBTXYZABC… crowd who hate heterosexuals, much of them are zealots who I think redefine Axis 2 character pathology these days.  Sorry to those who think I am over generalizing, but, I have met so many non heterosexual folks in my various travels for the past decades and find that they have issues beyond sexual identity struggles.  I am just going to leave this group with this:  people who think their lifestyle choices trump everyone else’s is as rude and insensitive as it can be, almost as bad as the Muslim extremists, but, Muslims hate non heterosexuals, so , the real disconnect by the Democrats trying to put these two groups in the same tent…
  • Black Li(v)es Matter, wow, do I need to discuss these folks who not only hate everyone else who is NOT black, and they do hate Hispanics and Asians, but, their platform to end having a police force, what other agenda beside the frank criminality most in this group gleefully pursue with a zeal that is beyond frightening.  One word:  Chicago.  Boy, the fact they completely ignore the African American community there while going after isolated incidents of possible real police misconduct elsewhere, well, I hope that group goes the way of the Do Do soon…
  • Finally, for now at least, Hollywood elitists.  While this is a group that has variables that should not label the whole crowd as evil, I think the pervasive silence about Harvey Weinstein was a real defining moment how these people operate, even the ones who are not outwardly evil and indifferent to the public.  It is really a shame there are some actors and comedians I used to enjoy and respect who could now die tomorrow and would not care at all for their loss.  Certainly won’t support their current or future projects, and that includes not going to movies much any more.  I look forward to seeing gate returns of summer movies really plummet the next couple of months.  But, that means a lot of other people need to show their displeasure and lack of support of these faux concerned celebrities by not going to the movies, not watching shows or even networks in general.  We’ll see if that can educate the masses of crap out West…
  • (was going to note my disgust with the Parkland crowd of teenagers, but, they are not an indictment of teens overall, so, just mention it peripherally here to remind readers how Democrats are courting teenagers as spokespersons for the Left cause, you folks decide if it is a concern…)

Seems to fit my narrative at least to what is evil these days, so, comes down to what you folks think from your appraisals and expectations, hmm?

Getting back to the Tom Cruise movie “American Made”, wasn’t bad, and that is from someone who is NOT a Cruise fan since the late 80s flicks.  See it and decide for yourselves it he pulls it off…

Image result for american made

One more addendum in the next few days, probably Wednesday if not later, so hope folks will note at the top of the post when I add on here…


Last addendum, Thursday June 14, 10PM:

One last word on the flagrant criminality of the Left, henceforth the Sinister, as they have no interest nor clue what is best for the American people, just The Sinister Six (yeah, a rip off of a Spiderman concept, but, it fits…).  The prime group the Sinister pine for, illegal immigrants, this really fits the title of this post, the criminal is not complicated, and the blatant expectation that starting a life on a lie, well, pathetic and lame.

All this faux shrieking about the insensitivity of Trump and the Conservatives, Republicans, and then the real shrieking about xenophobia and racism, well, just shut the fuck up you Sinister Shitbags.  Really, encouraging people to come to America without any vetting, without any documentation of what they can bring to the country of value and responsible impact, and then drag children who those coming in the past few years KNOW will be taken from the “parents”, give me a freakin’ break!

Yeah, not complicated, the Sinister and their ilk want any and all that are criminal, immoral, corrupt, and just plain disingenuous to be their allies, their henchmen, their legion.  So, when you read of me referring to the SSS, the Sinister Six Shitbags, it is noting the Illegal Immigrants, the Muslim Extremists, the Black Li(v)es Matter anarchists, the Pro Choice Fetalists, The Anti-Heterosexual LGBTers, Antifa, and The Follywood and Media elitists, remember these folks.

They are the bread and butter of the Sinister Leftists, and they want nothing to do with American principles, American boundaries, American foundations.  They hate those who do not genuflect to the Sinister Causes, which is just one:  Obey the mantras, do not question their failed order, and certainly do not offer any thought of independence and autonomy.

Image result for image of the Sinister Six

Have a nice summer???

Every so often…

someone writes a column or post, and it just sums up what I have been writing here for the past 2 years at least.  Personality Disorder is running rampant, and those who want to defend it say the most pathetic things to justify the behavior, those who want to ignore it just continue to bitch and moan how things are unfair and outrageous yet hold no one accountability to the causes, and those who are the culprits to the chaos, well, they certainly don’t want those to know what it is at hand.

Take this column from American Thinker today:

I think this sums it up perfectly from the author:

“But at the same time, these church parishioners also possess a social deficit: the inability to understand what other people are thinking and feeling.  These left-wing parishioners have an inability to understand that other people do not think and empathize as they do.  Their failure to understand a basic truth about humanity, that not everyone thinks the same way, that not everyone has the same feeling of respect or community that everyone else does, is also a social deficiency that blinds them to the truth: that they can try to be the very best of friends with the local pimp, the local drug-dealer, the local liquor store-robber, or the local insane person wielding a metal bedpost sharpened into a knife, but their feelings will never, ever be reciprocated.

Perhaps that’s to be expected when parishioners fall so far off the mark that they look for their God in a recycling bin rather than in the Bible.”

Recently someone commented at another post here, basically defending the British decisions to have a child put to death, because the government and their Universal Health Care system can’t handle individuality, much less parental rights.  Please, go the thread of “Who can you trust” and read the commenter’s writings.

It is both sad and disgusting people will support and defend things that are inherently indefensible.  Because either they have been so dumbed down being told lies that have hideously become truths per the incessant shrieking, or, these defenders really don’t regard life and freedom as choices.

Anyway, getting back to the above link, I will say at the risk of being viewed as insensitive and harsh, I hope to read of these churches being preyed on so viciously, that the congregation is basically destroyed, maybe not literally, but their house of worship will become a place of More-shit.

People really think letting antisocials be the directors of policy and principles, well, all I can say is, watch some apocalyptic movies, because that is the real reality we are headed if this lamebrain attitude persists.

God, hate the police, embrace the villains.  Are people really this fucking stupid?!…

Related image

If you don’t recognize it, the defacto court in the movie The Dark Knight Returns, as that is where we are headed…

Declining Birth rates and the rise of Personality Disorder…


, ,

Start with this paragraph from a very related article I read 3 days ago:

“Yes, I know that correlation isn’t causation. But I do think it’s worth exploring whether our declining birth rate may be yet another symptom of the despair that grips so many American hearts. When you lose hope, do you want to bring a child into this world? Do you have the energy to care for and sustain a separate human life? I’m not positing sadness as the reason for declining American fertility even in an age of material prosperity. But I think it’s a reason.”

from this link:

I hope people read it.  This there too:

“Our nation faces a mental-health crisis. In many ways, our culture is increasingly marked by depression, anxiety, and despair. The numbers can feel so big, so shocking as to be overwhelming. I’ve written many times about the “deaths of despair” that are actually decreasing life expectancy in the world’s wealthiest and most powerful nation. When more Americans die from drug overdoses each year than fell to enemy fire in the whole Vietnam War, we know we face an extraordinary challenge.”

And yet, I don’t think this is just Axis 1 mood and anxiety disorders, nope.  I think this is indicitive of levels of selfishness, lack of interest to care for others, and frankly, a sign of the level of antisocial discord I know is growing near logarithmically these days.

But, readers will come to their own conclusions.  Good luck with ones that can instill some hope and faith…

Characterological people can’t have kids and be even close to functional.  Sorry, that is said from several viewpoints, not just as a psychiatrist.  Well, I guess the silver lining to this opinion is we will have less genetically born Axis 2 folks to deal with in the coming couple of decades at least???


Happy Memorial Day weekend, if that isn’t a misnomer…

Who can you trust?


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Wow, isn’t it just amazing and marvelous how we are led by such cretins and criminals?

People who read here with any regularity should know I have no respect for either party that cruels, er, rules America, but, come on, what the Democrats seem to have done with flagrant corrupt agendas with the 2016 election and then trying to overrule the election results, wow…

Every day I work, I see more and more Personality Disordered garbage masquerading as alleged Axis 1 Disorders, and yet, let’s have a moment of candor, this isn’t a skewed representation of the population.  NO, we have more and more characterological bullshit roaming around the communities just basically terrorizing those who have some insight and judgment.  And thus why we have the representation we have in political positions…

I have been writing at thread I visit at various sites I frequent, it isn’t we have such pathetic and disgusting people in power and influence, but, we have tens of millions of people who are voters and supporters of this partisan bullshit, both sides of the polluted aisle of Republ-ocrats mind you, who gleefully support this brazen effort to mislead, misrepresent, and just plainly lie to us what is going on.

Frankly, it is so hideous people shoot up schools.  Instead, I really want to read how disgruntled and disgusted citizens show up at State and Federal Capitals and just shoot as many politicians and political hacks at political agencies.  That is a terrible thing to write.  But, when these cretins and scumbags who could be targets see their brethren are at risk to be taken out by the constituents these shitbag rulers are harming daily with their laws and agency actions, well, some in political bureaucracy might want to come forward and be a whistleblower.

Imagine we are witnessing the political corruption of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  By Barack Obama and his hideous lackeys in place for 8 years.  The antisocial shit show this utter bastard Barack Obama has created will truly ruin the country further.  And nothing as of now will happen to him.  At least, not by those who have the power and authority to act against him.

But, I sense someone who has had his/her life ruined by this creep might want to consider taking justice in his/her hands.  Not me.  I have worked in correctional facilities, I have no interest to spend the rest of my life in prison or buried 6 feet under and ruin my family name.  But, I have no problem writing here, if someone kills Barack Obama, I will look up after reading or hearing the story and say in so many words, “one less fucker of absolute antisocial quality to worry about!”

As I see these antisocial cretins more and more in my travels at work, out in the community, and read countless stories on the Net of these pathetic creatures out there preying on honest, responsible, appropriate citizens.

Shame there really isn’t a Thanos type soul out there who could rid the Universe of half the life forms that are possibly ruining the planets.  If only such a power could just take out the real soulless, uncaring, and ruinous slime that are destroying civilizations.

And tomorrow, we get to read and hear of more corrupt and immoral behaviors and actions by people who think their narratives and perspectives trump justice and accountability.  Again, anyone who associates with the Left and Democrat party, you are a sad human being.  Hope there isn’t a Thanos who can read a soul.  We’d lose 60-70 million folks from the Left alone who won’t be missed by me at least.  OH, and probably many millions on the Right who aren’t any better either!

Flame on, Johnny Storm…

zombies at the clinic

American voters…

The weak of the Left…

The last 4 days have shown how corrupt, immoral and consumed the Left and their media lackeys are in trying to foster a level of utter disdain and hate for Trump and anyone who dares to support him, even speak remotely positive of him.

First on Monday the disgusting narratives of the alleged murdering of Palestinians by Israelis who were absolutely defending their lives when the Palestinians were rioting and outwardly shrieking the desire to kill Israelis simply because Jerusalem is their rightful capital.  I am not going to waste any more words than this:  if people say they want to kill you and come at you with weapons, then, good luck!  Cue Steven Seagal in “Hard To Kill”:

Yep, love the end!

And then today, how yet again all the Maim Scream Media twisted and polluted a legitimate comment of how completely and utterly despicable the MS-13 shitbags are, calling them animals, and the Media claiming he was calling all of illegal immigrants animals.  Sorry folks, it is time to call these scumbags and cretins of the media who are just trying to demean and sullen the President of the United States what they are:  complete and utter fucking scumbags.   Simply because they don’t like him at all, he won’t sell their false message of wanting to ruin America like his antisocial predecessor Barack “I’m Muslim Dammit” Obama did so pervasively, and they can’t accept their equally shitbag antisocial successor Shrillary “Lady McBeth II” Clinton lost the election 18 months ago.

Folks better wise up quickly and accept either the general media in this country is beyond corrupt and immoral, or, love their daily bullshit lies and deceit.  Hey, I’m just one man on a planet of billions, but, I know what I see and hear, and it is beyond disgusting.  The media is evil, and they will succeed if people don’t figure out how to effective marginalize and ostracize their hideousness.

Again, how do people who claim to be responsible, attentive, and concerned for the public welfare belong to the Democrat Party, agree with Left narratives and principles, and support these humans in any form?  Being clueless, naive, or just plain desperate, well, not a defense to me!…

25 seconds in…

Consequences of consumed hate, and Not wanting to get AIR…


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This is a two part post, but, will be completed in this one writing.  I have to say to whoever is interested, I am so tired of the bullshit that masquerades as politics for the people, and, what masquerades as patients coming to clinics for care.

First, the politics.  If readers are not aware, a major candidate for Governor here in Maryland died suddenly Wednesday night, his name was Kevin Kamenetz, and he was the Baltimore County Executive, my county for the moment.  I offer the Wikipedia entry about him to help readers have some perspective:

The reason I write about this is simply I have no feelings for his death, apart from his leaving a wife and two teenage sons, that is tragic and painful, but, this guy was a diehard Democrat, and the Democrats these days, well, sorry to say, who cares.

I could write a few paragraphs about why this is so sad and yet so non emotional for me, because the Left and their ilk are so consumed with hate and disdain for anyone who does not fully genuflect to their narratives and causes, and from what I have gleaned from Kamenetz the candidate, he maintained these narratives and causes.  So, I leave readers with this song from the Broadway play “A Chorus Line”, and hope you will listen to it fully, because I identify with the singer’s perspective.

By the way, this is a great soundtrack, I highly recommend it.

But, her point was she was made to think and act in ways she did not instinctively want or pursue, and the end when she finds out the teacher died, well, this is why I thought of the song when I heard of Kamenetz’s death.  I felt nothing, and that was sad.

Here are the last lyrics for those who don’t want to listen to the song:

“And a voice from down at the bottom of my soulcame up to the top of my head and a voice from down at the bottom of my soul, Here is what it said: This man is nothing! This course is nothing! If you want something go find another class. And when you find one You’ll be an actress. And I assure you that’s what fin’lly came to pass. Six months later I heard that Karp had died. And I dug right down to the bottom of my soul And cried… ‘Cause I felt nothing.

Republ-ocrats really are soulless and just selfish bastards.  Just to note to readers, I don’t discriminate party, I can’t wait for John McCain to die.  The pathetic insulting shit he has been shoveling this week alone, well, if you can’t do your job, then retire or request a replacement serve for you.  But, being the completely narcissistic bastard he has been for years, he has stayed in position as Senator for Arizona while he is dying from glioblastoma, and frankly, I hope he screws up things for Arizona for months to years to come.  Because their inaction and tolerance deserves consequences!!!

They should have demanded the Governor force him out and place someone to be in Washington to do the job.  NOT be a schmuck and just shit on people from his death bed!

Anyway, to the other point, why I don’t need nor want AIR, that applies to what I am forced to serve at my recent assignments, and that are:

A-ddicts, Inflexibles (personality disorders), and R-egressives (developmentally and intellectually disordered adults).   These patients are at least 65% if not more of the population I am treating at community mental health clinics these days.

How fascinating nearly NONE of them primarily need meds as interventions.  And yet, the administration of these sites DEMAND these folks been seen and served by psychiatrists as the primary providers.  So, what do I do when I show up every day at 8AM?  Look forward to people demanding drugs, if not the patients themselves, then these programs who want their “clients” medicated to be quiet and subservient.  And people ask me why I show all the features of burnout.  Gee, being forced to treat people the wrong way, that really motivates and encourages my efforts, EH?!?!

And I leave readers with this column I read earlier today, by a columnist I find interesting and enlightening.  Please read and decide if you like it:

He sums it up so perfectly for me, why so many patients are beyond hope and efforts, because the level of entitlement and expectation to be served, not treated, is why mental health is dying, and so few providers have the gall to admit it!

“There is virtually no material poverty in the U.S. Eighty percent of households the Census Bureau labels as poor have air conditioning; nearly three-quarters have a car or truck, and 31 percent have two or more. Two-thirds have cable or satellite TV. Half have at least one computer. Forty-two percent own their homes. What we have in our nation is not material poverty but dependency and poverty of the spirit, with people making unwise choices and leading pathological lives, aided and abetted by the welfare state. Part of this pathological lifestyle is reflected in family structure. According to the 1938 Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences, that year 11 percent of black children and 3 percent of white children were born to unwed mothers. Today it’s respectively 75 percent and 30 percent.”

People don’t have example by those close to them who have standards and expectations grounded by reality and social interaction.  People are selfish, entitled, and have such low frustration tolerance these days, rabid animals are safer and more reliable to interact with to attempt results of significant impact.

And to get back to why I don’t, nor even attempt to seek AIR when I go to work, because the majority of patients think they can tell me what to do, what they are entitled to get, and for those who can’t speak for themselves effectively, the people who are their alleged representatives and guardians will do the same, to basically chemically restrain these limited folks.

Dependency isn’t just about chemicals, it is about behaviors and agendas.  If people as a collective can’t step back and see the pervasive disaster that is being sold, primarily by the Democrats who want their constituency dependent and entitled to have their votes, then when things continue to slide downhill at frightening steep grades, well, good luck navigating this path!

I want to end this column with this point to readers who either don’t read here often, or who wonder why my blog has been so seemingly cynical and pessimistic these last few years.  I really see myself as a hardened realist, and while the tone is with a sense of cynicism and pessimism, well, what do people expect when there are so many who are selfish, superficial, with little insight and judgment, and most of all, with no ability to problem solve and show real effort and interest to improve themselves?

November 2016 was the defining moment of America:  we had to chose the lesser of evils, and we tolerated a man who alleged led us for 8 years prior who was a textbook antisocial cretin who truly hated the concept of America.  Oh, and the role of my generation as Boomers, we have fucked up this country in so many ways over so many years, it is staggering people who have been born since our generation could not effectively rise up and tell us to basically “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”.

Here’s an opinion:  while the Nazis and Japanese may have lost the war in 1945, they seemed to find a way to persevere and promote the message that the needs of the few will endlessly fuck the needs of the many.

I feel good writing this, and while it will offend and agitate some readers, and I apologize for doing so, it really was not intended, I find the truth and perspective to be invigorating, if not empowering.

Happy Mother’s day to women readers, and hope your travels are well and safe.

America burns

Bye Bye


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This is a hodge podge of commentary per things that have really pissed me off, but let’s start first with the last time I will read at the  How to present this latest disrespect to me?  Well, first the post I read last week:

Then, my first comment I wrote, that was printed:

5/3/2018 at 9:53 pm


Sorry, I disagree, as a mental healthcare professional it is not healthy for a parent to frame a child as a best friend.Children are a dynamic that is different than friendship, so I hope the author of this post rethinks this and considers how this can cause a lot more harm than benefit.Joel Hassman MD,Board certified psychiatrist


And then the author wrote this as an alleged rebuttal:

5/6/2018 at 5:46 pm


Apparently neither one of you have had the pleasure of raising a teenage daughter. Nor are you authorized to slander or tarnish my personal experience. You have made my first published blog a very negative experience. This is my blog and you are welcome to move on and not read it.
Thank you both for your professional and intelligent feedback. 

Now, things have gotten a bit murky, I wrote this Monday night, and it was printed on Tuesday AM,

5/7/2018 at 4:39 pm


Dr/Ms Amster:While I appreciate you did allow my comment in the thread, I have to say per your last comment from 5/6/18 PM to be a bit unprofessional. Yes, you are right, I did not have the pleasure of raising one teenage daughter, but, two of them, and I love my children tremendously to a point I would gladly lay down my life to save theirs. But, I do not see either of them as a “best friend”, and I noted your column to my wife who agreed with me she does not frame her relationship with them as a “best friend” dynamic.I have been practicing psychiatry for over 25 years, and in my travels, perhaps a skewed assessment per what patients have brought into the office and not just interviewing anyone off the street, I would say with 90% accuracy the women who have identified their daughter or mother as their best friend have had interpersonal issues that played a role in their seeking mental health care services. I stand by what I wrote last week: children are NOT our friends, but, our family members, and that is a dynamic that I view transcending friendship.You certainly are entitled to your opinion and perspectives, but, so am I. If your viewpoints and frameworks sustain you personally and professionally, congratulations. I believe you are the 10% exception to this perspective about a child is a best friend, and I hope you will consider this opinion, not agree with it, but certainly not frame it as a negative experience and make assumptions without reaching out to a commenter first privately as we give an email address to get a comment published.

I wish you well in your endeavors as a professional and blog writer. Be prepared for criticism, dissent, and sometimes frank trolling that is beyond harsh and inappropriate. But, you moderate, and do it wisely and responsibly. You are completely correct, we can move on and not read your opinions. But, maybe sometimes others will be empowered and impressed, while some will just shrug and say, whatever.

Been writing for over 5 years, and frankly, those who hate me seem to want to note it over and over if given the chance. Hence the beauty of moderation…

Again, thank you for the respect to print my earlier comment at least.


Joel Hassman, MD


but then last night there were an alleged two more comments that would not appear, but then I get this personal email from John Grohol this afternoon who, well, I will print it and risk his wrath as a betrayal of alleged confidentiality?:

Hi Joel,

Thanks for your comments on the “Giving birth to your best friend” article on Psych Central’s World of Psychology blog.
As you know, we abide by and ask that our commenters abide by a set of blog moderation guidelines for discussions. That means you should refer not to an author or their experience or credentials, but to the topic at hand. It’s not enough to just say, “Well based upon my 25 years of experience, I disagree.” You’re entitled to your opinion, but not to publish said opinion if it attempts to tarnish another person by calling them “unprofessional,” appealing to authority as an argument, or by suggesting that they are making it their own “negative experience.” 
We do not share email addresses with other commenters, nor does a blog author have access to a person’s email address who comments on their blog.
We’re a wide-ranging platform that is tolerant of all views, no matter how much we may disagree with them. We hope you understand the line between ad hominem attacks against a contributor, and thoughtful discussion about a given topic. Usually you are pretty good with this, but this time around, I’m sorry to say we had to remove these comments as violating our blog moderation guidelines.
Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance, and I thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

And then, I go to the site to see what he did about her comment or if he added an addendum to the discussion, but, lo and behold my second comment was GONE.  Well, until I have started this post, and it is now magically back, along with others since added.

Here’s a link to the thread for all to read and digest:

Even after seeing the comment has been restored, my faith of has been tarnished, and I am still going on record as saying my travels there are done.  I will say to readers who might read there, read and comment at your own peril, but, realize there are snowflakes to be nurtured there, and while Dr Grohol might take some umbrage to the way I frame this here, well, sorry, that is the message I take as of now.


Anyway, moving on to bigger and more obnoxious matters, on Saturday I get this letter from the State of Maryland that I have to take time and my money to be fingerprinted to prove to the State I am not a danger to patients and colleagues.  Having read up on the matter this afternoon at lunch, I do get a bit of the reasoning behind it, but, to pay for it, nah, forget the State of Maryland, I pay $520 every two years for keeping my license to practice, and the State runs this fingerprinting process, so they can eat $40-50 bucks for doctors to show they are legit, until proven otherwise.

God, it’s bad enough I am treated like shit at the assignments I work these past few years overall (some facilities have been nice, but the last two, never will work there again, count on those words here!).  Now I am a criminal until proven otherwise.


Finally, while I have commented on this over and over, including my last post, the Axis 2 shit that is so pervasive across the land, forget politics for a moment, is just so overwhelming to handle these days.  Selfishness, entitlement, and sheer arrogance and pettiness, well, I do have a drug for this, it’s called syrup of Ipecac, and people need to spew that garbage up and out.  What is this?

Thank God I only work 3 days a week of late, I am so burnt out Wednesday afternoons, I really appreciate the couple of years I accumulated 6000 plus songs on my original Ipod so I can listen to assorted playlists on my two hour drive home.  Music is the main source of rejuvenation for me, I recommend it highly to those who are dealing with burn out, pervasive aggravation, or sheer hostility in dealing with the masses these days!

I leave readers with a song that is rude, but, a catchy tune:

Sorry, I like the song, and it completes my evening, have a nice Mother’s day coming up, and not the Mother that Sam Jackson shouts with glee…

Addendum 30 minutes later:

I just wrote this comment, doubt it will be printed, but, for me to remember for prosperity and to note I try to end on a positive note as best possible.  Yeah, I know some will tell me, “not so positive there Joel”…

“As my last comment to be submitted to per the way this thread has been managed by both Dr Amster and Dr Grohol, I just want to go on record noting the inconsistencies that have gone on here:

Firs, to rebut the most recent comment by Staci Schnell, um, I hope you read the title and the first paragraph I will copy below:

“My mother always told me, “When you have a daughter you are giving birth to your best friend.” As I grew older and had a daughter of my own, that statement began to really ring true for me.”

That seems to reflect some missing information I feel Ms Schnell is overlooking that was quickly gleaned by me in my original read;

Next, I am baffled that I am being called out as being “authorized to slander or tarnish my personal experience” by the blog author here. Um, this is a call out to Dr Grohol specifically, where am I slandering the author’s experience!? He knows why I am bringing him into this thread, and frankly, I think he owes it not only to me, but to readers of this thread in the future, having blog authors agree to a thread and then publicly insult commenters is really poor form! ;

Finally, I want to note to readers of blogs, the authors and the editors ask us for our email addresses, and the point to this, as I have a blog as well, is to decide not only if to print a comment, but, to consider contacting the commenter personally as the comments are being moderated. Thus, if someone is really being a troll, outlandishly rude, or misinterpreting the point of a column (as that is being contested here by both author and other readers), it allows for private clarification and then move on to submitting the comment for discussion and consideration.

I have been a reader here for many years, and while I have at times been a bit outspoken and considered being a violator of the Psychcentral thread policies, I know in my heart I have never been intentionally disrespectful, harshly rude, or inconsiderate. But, after this column and comments and reaction by the site editor, I note I am moving on to other sites for information, perspectives, and discussion. I am genuinely sorry if I insulted Dr Amster with my original comment, it was intended as an observation and perspective, but, I will not recant it. Nor will I change my second comment in any form as well.

I think the “snowflake” phenomenon that is going on throughout America has seem to landed here as well, and I will not mince words in saying that if people can’t handle criticism, dissent, or outright disagreement, then, don’t write or work in mental health care! We are trying to help and educate people be more healthy and functional, and some will appreciate it, some will not understand it, and unfortunately, some will overtly be outraged and activated to rebel.

Hey, this is just my opinion, but one of 25 years in the trenches of mental health care as a psychiatrist, the past 5 plus years as a blog writer, and, over 50 years of being an American citizen.

Here’s my closing tip, again for anyone interested: I think personality disorder is running rampant in America, and if we don’t as professionals, as citizens, as family members, and as invested humans in general, try to regain a healthy and functional herd of our species, well, letting rigid and inflexible behaviors go unchallenged, good luck.

Thank you again for the opportunity to comment, be safe and well, and most of all, be true to who you are in your travels across the lands.


Joel Hassman, MD”

Flame on there Johnny Storm…



The Personality Disordered Mayhem is not only pervasive, but endemic…

How can any healthy, responsible person watch this shit show of American politics much longer?  The narcissism, the antisocial charades, the absolute histrionics of the Left, and the sheer near schizoid reactivity of the Right, wow, this is beyond a documentary for the public to watch daily, eh?

But, we have the avoidance and dependence of the average citizen to add to the pathos, and, god knows I see this daily in my outpatient pursuits.  I find it nothing less than amazing how many colleagues just give rote diagnoses for behaviors that at least are equally based on Axis 2 crap, and yet, can’t justify any meds for that diagnostic criteria, so, anchors away for Mood, ADD, and PTSD diagnoses, eh???

Burn out is a misnomer, I am just waiting for spontaneous combustion.  I’ll leave readers with this wonderful moment yesterday:  my last patient was a 20 some year old male, who was recently hospitalized about 3 months earlier for a psychotic break that was confounded by substance abuse as well as pervasive non compliance with past psych interventions, and I was seeing him for the first time.  He actually came earlier, and I was done earlier as well, so brought him in about 5 minutes before he was to begin.  He had little if anything to say, had no collateral or accompanying staff or other information to review, so, we spoke for about 10 minutes, and then he left.

Ah, but, two different therapists who are involved with his care show up at my door about 5 minutes later asking what is going on with the patient, as someone called earlier in the day to report he was drinking alcohol this past weekend.  OK, so, the contact reporting this allegation was at least a hour or more earlier, I leave my door open when not seeing patients, and do review my emails with some regularity during the day, and nothing about this prior to the patient visit.

So, when I tell the staff I saw the patient and he left, what did one of them do?  Act disgusted and rip up the note in front of me and the secretary who brought them to my door, and then stomped away.  This is the absolute shit garbage I deal with per these “therapists” who really just want people drugged and uneventful for therapy visits.

I’m working three days a week right now, and frankly, more than enough.  The usual assembly line crap at these clinics, see them in 15-20 min slots, write meds like Pez, accept that patients see therapists every 3-6 weeks when in alleged crisis, and then be badgered WHEN the patients are symptomatic because meds don’t treat the life issues.

Cue Frank Barone, where is the god damn meteor to put me out of my misery?

Here are some moments to appreciate the character: