Yep, there it is…

Had to have my younger daughter shove the painful reality of why it sucks to be an American, to be a doctor, to have a family in the 21st Century.

While talking about saving money by driving an extra 30-60 minutes to a further airport, likely at night and thru an annoying city at that, I noted my concern with her being on the road for a long, sometimes isolated time, just to save money, and then, the line:  “Well dad, don’t care!”

And I felt all the bricks, including the straggling last few that fall on top and just add the proverbial exclamation point of “Oww!”  That is it for people here in this country, “don’t care”.  Why I truly hate my job now, people in charge really live by that adage, “don’t care!”

Why digging ditches really seems lighthearted fare these days…

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Pay attention when at the doctor’s office, does the practitioner, his staff, the ambiance really exude care, or, just cost…


Where 2019 Health care is headed…


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Happy New Year…

Yeah, really, NOT for me, but my problem, right?

Two links to really motivate people where health care is headed, especially with these relentless shrieks by the Left and their ilk for “Universal Health Care”, what a shit label to begin with!

First, where politicians will drive health care choices, and if you really think I am off the mark or being an alarmist, well, aren’t these Leftist agendas at the end of the day???

This paragraph from there near the end of the column, well, nice in theory and hope, but, do people as a whole really see doctors this way now?!

“It’s sad and shocking, because doctors are such amazing people.  They not only cure the sick – sometimes, the very, very sick, through medical miracles performed daily – but they also are fanatical about their devotion to the Hippocratic Oath, which begins with “first, do no harm.”  They care for all people, even unworthy people, from injured bank-robbers to people who sponge off the system, putting the saving of human life above all other considerations.  What’s more, the heroism of doctors and other medical professionals was there for all to see during the Paradise fires, where we got stories such as this (Google, take note), with doctors racing through flames on all sides of them to save lives.  Doctors are absolutely amazing people, showing every day that their work is a calling, not a job.”

Sorry, doctors are NOT amazing people anymore, and yeah, I am a doctor, but, to see my profession like this, nope.  I don’t see myself as amazing, but dedicated to principles and boundaries that does separate me from the average citizen, not in a better way, but, a principled and dedicated way.  Think about it, the average citizen, what are his/her principles and dedications in 2019?  Really, think about it…

As do most doctors really present themselves as selfless providers, who take time and effort to listen, assess, and problem solve the problems each individual presents in the office, as of today, January 2019???

The other link, VERY disturbing, and how universal health care will horrendous twist and pervert this line of thinking into being punitive and uncaring:

Having watched some of Twilight Zone the last day on SYFY, well, aren’t the story lines from some episodes eerily echoing this mind set from 60 years ago???  They all end up nefarious and hideous in outcomes, so, what the F would politicians do with this thought of seeing aging as a disease, and thus be eliminated, or, just perversely discriminated, if not just terminated, like, the premise of Logan’s Run, a good flick from the late 1970s…

Leave you with this paragraph from the perverse link:

“Contrary to what most people think, there is no biological law that says we must age. Indeed, as ageing is the most significant risk factor for almost all diseases, the true promise of ageing research isn’t simply extending lifespan; it’s the obliteration of disease itself. And, while, in some cases, the processes for extending life are complicated, in many cases, as the metformin trial seeks to show, it may be as simple as repurposing medications that are already available, in some countries even over the counter.”

2019, will be interesting, from a sick, pathological, heinous characterological perspective that seems to be endemic across the country now…

Hope the scene sums up the failures of immortality!

A wonderful life, it ain’t…



Yep, I am a grinch, I don’t see anything positive with this holiday season, and being unemployed is a major detriment to framing things in any gleeful way.

Sorry to say, I don’t see mental health care, or for that matter,  health care in general, having much benefit for the public, the way providers are just selling out left and right to appease non clinical intrusions.  And if these relentless shrieks for universal health care, socialized medicine, whatever people want to frame it, I call it Correctional Care as it will be managed as punitively and harshly as one can manage it, if these shrieks wind up creating such a system exclusively managed by politicians, I am out as a doctor.

Hmm, maybe that is why I can’t land a temp job, karma is already trying to prepare me for my next gig, digging ditches.  My wife is watching “A Wonderful Life” as I type this post, and I totally identify with George Bailey, I am worth more dead than alive right now.  Pathetic thing to write, but, what does a person do when after 12 years of training to provide a service, and after more that 25 years trying to treat patients in a caring and concerned way,  no one wants to use you in a health care setting the way you want to provide care?

Think about that the next time you interact with a provider as a patient.  Does the provider really exude empathy and concern, or just going through the motions of satisfying documentation and algorithms of treatment process for a diagnostic code?

How screwed up has medicine allowed itself to become?  There’s a foundation for a new year’s resolution, can I manage to care, or just manage cost.  Believe me, if you folks just lay silent and let the politicians define health care implementations any further, many of you will just wind up wondering if you can manage life…

Doubt many will like the picture, but, neither do I…(couldn’t publish something that I really would like to show that truly fits my mood now)

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Just remember, people shrieking accusations of racism are just finding a less inappropriate way of shrieking “Fuck you” to the accused, and still getting it published in the media…

My one New Year’s Resolution:  that people really rise up and do scream out their windows, but better yet to their taskmasters, “I am mad as hell and not going to take this shit anymore”, and we see bad things happen to bad people.

Not much hope for psychiatry, eh?


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Finishing up another temp assignment, and really, what is there to learn from what is going on in Community Mental Health these days?  Frankly, clinics should just dump half or more of their therapists, just hire 3-4 psychiatrists to do 15 minute med checks, and let the system be the assembly line that these clinics really are these days.  Therapists aren’t doing shit as far as what real, honest therapy work is needed, they just put up a front of seeing patients every 3-6 weeks from the onset of treatment, shove patients into psychiatrists’ schedules to do med checks, or worse, want evals for patients who are just dealing with psychosocial issues, but, it’s not about problem solving, is it??

No, it’s about gettin’ ’em in to be on drugs, get the volume to get the reimbursements, to justify the clinic expenses, and then, just give an illusion there is therapy work at hand.  And, we know this to be the truth, but, the lies and misdirections, they won’t end.

Besides, the other hat that psychiatrists wear besides assembly line worker, is janitor.  I have noted this in past posts, but, nothing has changed, fix the problem with a script, and then, let the therapist continue the magic act, let the illusions of “therapy” be practiced, at the patient’s expense, oh, and the insurer’s as well.

Let’s leave with this gem from that pharmaceutical whore Nasrallah that is the Editor in Chief of Current Psychiatry, in the November issue, shall we?

I’ll let the bastard say it so pathetically, if not hideously:

Another important feature of Psychopharmacology 3.0 is the repurposing of hallucinogens into novel therapies for posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression.1 The opioid system is being recognized as another key player in depression, with many studies showing buprenorphine has antidepressant and anti-suicidal properties2 and the recent finding that pre-treatment with naloxone blocks the rapid antidepressive effects of ketamine.”

Really, let this sink in with people, providers and patients, this soulless creep is now alluding that Suboxone has a place as an antidepressant!

Forget him, forget all these psychiatry whores and cowards, and dump the losers who think that being on opiates has a place in psychiatry.  Reinforces my position to NEVER get a damn Suboxone license, but, how many other psychiatrists will gleefully sign up?!

Cue my buddy Chevy in National Lampoon Vacation, again…(25 seconds into the scene)

Yep, so close, and yet, so far…

Sorry if the post is rude, so have been my last 2 years if not more as a temp!…


Addendum Nov 24 3PM:  Yeah, I was ruder than rude last night, changed some of the verbiage to make things a bit more respectable, but, the point is, there is no place to be saying in a psychiatric journal that opiates have any legitimate impact for treating psychiatric illnesses, apart from pain management that decreases angst and anger…

So what now?!

I have to say, the past year has been less than worth the time spent living it, with all the hate and disdain being spewed about by the masses, and what shows up in my office demanding pills to “treat” their ills, sheesh, what a crap out…

So I am coming up on 6 years with this blog, and frankly, not much of value I have had to note of late, I admit it, but, the state of politics really is the equivalent of the adage “art imitates life”, and politics does oh so much imitate life of the losers that are the electorate.  And yeah, I voted this year, a waste of time and energy, but, at least I didn’t vote for a party, but, who am I kidding, I didn’t vote for a person of interest last week.

I will say I was glad to catch what Dan Crenshaw, the new representative from Texas elected last week, did on SNL last Saturday night, the link has a story what Ben Shapiro had to say, as well as the clip from YouTube in the story.  Watch it if you haven’t already, it was a bit of a pick me up, but, won’t be long lasting.

Also advise readers go to the post by Dr Dawson at that I will link to below, and not to be self serving, but my two comments really are a pseudo post I should have done here, so, consider looking at it in its entirety and deciding if the comments have merit.

Anyway, I guess the point of this post is to note that the characterological pathology that is rampant across the country will not be reined in by simply saying “stop this shit!”  If that worked, we wouldn’t be in the predicament we are in now as a society and country.

Just see it, realize it is happening, and then figure out what you are going to do with it, it being all this Personality Disordered shit that is being excused, tolerated, and defended.  One thing is for sure, ain’t gonna medicate it…

Maybe Crenshaw’s moment will take hold, yeah, who the F am I kidding…

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How low can one go!?


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After reading this story earlier, wow, this is how disgusting, vile, and hateful the Left can stoop to, and as of this writing, not one Democrat person of authority or leadership has condemned it.

Just think about it, these people are so consumed with hate and disrespect, they interrupted a moment of silence trying to honor the deaths of people killed simply because of their religion, while at their house of worship, an alleged sanctuary.

If that doesn’t tell folks how sick and lost the Left and Democrats are as a whole, even if just 50.001%, it is more than half of them as a collective, then I don’t know what else to try to show as an example of deprived souls at their worst.

And the Republicans will milk it equally as vile just to win votes.  My point here, is a bit of a bigger principle:  We have a political system allegedly set to have people represent us and do what is right and responsible, not what is popular, easy, convenient, and oh, to stay in power and create laws and ordinances to just disrupt and deny freedoms, independence, and autonomy.  By both sides of the Republ-ocrats, that is the real one party at hand.

There’s an alleged election in 8 days folks, and frankly, it’s your duty to vote early, and often, and to make sure your party not only wins, but rules.  Count on that to be the real mantra of the people in power in this country, but, go back to your screens now…

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I have a better image,

Image result for image of frightening image in a mirror

Yep, the average American dedicated to a party, the real clown!…

What loser supports Hillary Clinton?!


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That is the only way to ask that question, after what that hideous excuse of a human being in a position of power said today on CBS.  This woman is such a complete and utter antisocial scumbag, if there is a God, please, end this woman’t life sooner than later, I can’t stand to even see her face.

Anyone who outwardly supports and lusts for her to be President, these are really sick people to be living among, sorry, that is beyond just Personality Disorder here folks.

Image result for image of hideous Hillary Clinton

Really, her husband has repeatedly sexually assaulted women, and she can only shriek about other people.  What a complete and utter antisocial shit bag….

Good luck voting Democrat in 3 weeks…

Nature gave us a preview…


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Aren’t the images of beach towns in the Panhandle of Florida after the utter destruction by Hurricane Michael so devastating???

Image result for image of Mexico Beach post Michael

And that is by an act of nature, maybe God, maybe just Earthen Karma?

Just a quick shout out, the longer Non Democrat Americans continue to tolerate, apologize, even rationalize the utter hate by the Left and Democrats, well, this is the below image that will greet you as Americans in coming weeks, even before the election, if people continue to minimize and avoid the inevitable outcomes from the lust for power by these utter scumbag, shit bag, despot evil losers that are the Left and Democrats:

Related image

Tip to anyone even remotely listening to learn:  sure, a history of violence, certain psychiatric diagnoses, use of substances, and certain demographics have greater likelihoods, but, I think the pervasive repetition of threatening violence should be near the top of the list as well.

And, add the concept of sheer desperation, especially by people in alleged positions of power and influence that could be relegated to nominal if any importance if they lose their prominence.

Trump’s win in 2016 has been quite the study of watching how a profoundly Personality Disordered person can bring out the equally obscene and dysfunctional around the impaired leader.  And now, I think Democrats have rationalized, very pathologically mind you, they have nothing to lose to shriek out to supporters, “Kill or be killed”!!

Hey folks, that shriek is coming, and it will be reinforced by the Goebbels Leftist Media that are equally obsessed to not lose their alleged relevance in this country.

So, whatta ya gonna do, be killed, or figure out when self defense has to be a bit proactive, sorry to write this post folks, but, you need another shooting of Republican politicians, or a protest of non Democrat citizens being gunned down by Antifa scum bags, who are more and more bold in their hate, to realize being silent and indifferent to this pervasive hate will eventually include you…

Today’s Antifa loud shout out of “fuck you and die!!!”

Image result for image of people lying dead on streets

Hey, Personality Disordered Society, it is beyond here, it is entrenched…

Are we due for another Kent State or Bobby Kennedy moment…


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Yep, the Left is ramping things up, and I really am concerned, but somewhat at peace per how it plays out, who gets killed to make the painful but needed point to restore order.

Sorry to readers here, but, we are at a point where a death, or more hideously multiple deaths at one moment, will force pause and reconsideration.  Isn’t this so sad of human nature, we not only have to touch the hot stove, but sometimes leave the hand on so long, third degree burns ensue.

But, my point to this brief comment is this is the Personality Disordered Society I have been railing about for over 2 years.  And wow, the Left is certainly full of them, and there are those on the Right as well, but, what happens if, and I really think when, Democrats have gone too far and their minions just rage like the mob they are inherently?

Who is going to be dead, who is going to try for title of martyr, and who is going to be blamed for all this sadness and mayhem?  Frankly, the blame goes to all of us who didn’t see it coming and just acted like it wasn’t our problem.  But, this country is our problem, and if we don’t start setting boundaries for things that are so overtly wrong, corrupt, and immoral, then we deserve to be putting our hands out to see if it’s hot…

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The Party of Crime


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Don’t ask me why I watched some of Trump’s speech in West Virginia, I had just come home from visiting a friend outside Pittsburgh and got back to the hotel I am at for this current assignment around 8, I guess I hit Fox News when I turned on the TV and went to take a crap, and then I heard the above title by Trump.

Ironic, eh, to hear Trump utter what I have been saying for at least a few years now, and while not thrilled it comes from him, it is now out there in full public view.

The Democrat Party, the party of crime!  Again, we had to put a malignant Narcissist in the White House to expose how hideous the political system of this country really is, Democrats but also Republicans.

I leave with this:  no Wall, no repeal of Obamacare, and now stalling to make the Supreme Court have a Conservative majority of justices, all things the Republicans could have done as majorities of both parts of Congress, and yet, not done.  Maybe there are more people hating Trump than just the hate consumed Demon-craps, eh?…

Republicans get dumped in 5 weeks, we endure 2 years of anti-American narratives and agendas by the Democrat majority, who by the way won’t be able to get Trump out of office for not having 67 Senate seats to enforce the impeachment the Shit bags of the Left will shriek about for months of 2019, and then the majority of Americans realize that they made a real horrendous choice back November 2018.

Then the Republicans return in majority with fewer incumbents to try to fuck things up again in 2021.  Change, what a bitch, eh?!  No pain, no gain, think about it!…

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