Another state to avoid

Bernie Sander has to be one of the most annoying people to ever be a United States Senator.  He really thinks his pathetic run for President last year has elevated him to be spokesman for earth, much less this country.  Read this ignoramus comment today:

Everything to this loser is not only a right, but a need and an expectation.  Sorry, I will be the only one with the gall to say it:  Bernie Sanders, would you shut the f— up, retire, and become irrelevant, PLEASE!?!?

But, once again, Vermont is another example of conshituency, er, constituency that is at least clueless if not hideously complicit as long as this loser prowls the halls of the Senate.  And you know why he is an “Independent”?  Because if he demanded to be part of the Demon-craps outright, they would eventually ostracize him publicly.

Really, this guy is the textbook schmuck of schmucks…

It’s getting to the point if I want to live in a state that has ocean front property I will definitely have to go South of Virginia at least, maybe even consider the Gulf of Mexico for salt water access…

Image result for image of sarcastic Bernie Sanders

addendum 10 minutes later:

“Here’s the thing about Sanders-ism: it’s seductive because it labels things unfair that people don’t like, then suggests no solutions to them. That’s childish, but it’s effective. Broadband internet may not be a right, but we like broadband internet, so now we’ll call it a right. It’s convenient politics. It’s also the road to government-created tyranny.”

Why you don’t have people over 70 years old in government positions, they are clueless, inflexible, and out of touch with reality, at least until proven otherwise.  And yeah, that goes for Trump too, as well as what seems to be about half the people who represent the Demon-craps in Congress.

Millennials are the generation of the future, and they want the party of the past to represent them?  That isn’t just insanity, that is Einstein quote to the core, keep doing the same shit over and over and expecting different results.

But, what is the average IQ of Millennials these days?…

Is Abortion an antisocial concept?

I am sure there will be some reader who comes along and just freaks out after reading that title, but, the point of this post is not to pick a side to the abortion debate.  Frankly, I have two fairly inflexible points to abortion in general:

* First, the abortion debate should be argued almost solely by women, as men don’t have the ability to carry a child and in the end women do most of the work in raising a child.  Yes, that is first of two black and white points to this pervasively grey debate.

* Second, abortion is a choice, but, one that should be weighed for some duration of time, as abortion is NOT a form of birth control, ever, point two that is black and white.

So, where am I going with the title anyway?  Well, while the grey to the debate is when does a fetus become a viable human being, there is a point where performing an abortion could be argued in a court of law as an act of murder.  So, what type of person willingly takes the life of another without the victim being a direct threat to others?

Again, not a black and white determination, but, as one of the most glaring examples of incredible inappropriateness to abortion, I ask people to look at the Gosnell conviction after his arrest in 2011.  Here is one take to the story:

I think, no, I know this man was an antisocial, because of the way he cared, or, rather minimally cared for women as patients overall.  But, the bigger picture is how does abortion get used by a country once the citizens as a majority accept the practice.  It invariably becomes defacto ways of population control, tries to control gender percentages and even other genetic factors, and worst of all, promotes that pregnancy is a convenience.  See China as example 1 to this?

So, to not berate this topic further, just ask oneself this about those who are the most outspoken and inflexible about the access to abortion:  do they promote lies and minimize consequences from the procedure, show little if any remorse for those who had abortions and then had post procedure regrets, reinforce there are no real consequences for those providers who cause harm to people who had inadequate if not malpractice procedures that had harmful sequelae from the procedure, and finally, mock and demean the effort to discuss boundaries and concerns for abortion on demand irregardless of what length of the pregnancy the procedure is being performed?

Hmm, if one answers yes to any if not all to these suppositions about abortion supporters, and you agree with my basic definition to what is the antisocial, well, aren’t ardent abortion right advocates acting like antisocials?

And who do almost all of these zealot abortion advocates associate with?

Yeah, Demon-craps, Louts, Regressives, and Libelous.

Think about it, but, in a grey way?

Image result for image of protesters facing each other over abortion

I had to look at a lot of pictures, but, this one sums up the point, isn’t it incongruent for a a person to weigh abortion on demand never deserves an apology? (yeah, I see it, the signs do NOT say “never”, but isn’t that inferred?)

Isn’t that the attitude of an antisocial in this regard?

What the hell is wrong with everybody these days?!

It is simply amazing and unfathomable, I read fairly much daily at and, and lately they run multiple stories that just blow my mind about the pervasive dereliction of duty, much less any honest or sincere interest in the public welfare by Democrats/ Liberals/Progressives.

Wow, they really do give validation to what Carlin said over 20 years ago about what is really wrong in politics:  “The public sucks, fuck hope!”

These people are beyond sick, they are really are bordering on sociopathic now, openly advocating for assassinating the President, college students demanding professors be fired and curriculum be set to what students want, this ongoing mindless push to keep illegal immigrants in this country who are literally raping, pillaging and disrupting the country.  And on and on about how the Louts/Regressives/Libelous just want to cruel, er, rule and tell anyone who even tries to dissent not only to shut up, but bash them in the face sometimes before attempting a verbal dissuasion.

What the hell is wrong with these people, and why does the general public who have some clue to what is appropriate, responsible, and acceptable continue to put up with these overflowing colostomy bags of diseased laden-ed stool collection of citizens, politicians, celebrities, and fellow neighbors???

Yeah, one can accuse me of being equally heinous by writing a post like this, but, I am beyond being willing to dialogue and negotiate with people who redefine the terms “rigid”, “inflexible”, “zealot”, and “extremist”.  People who advocate for nothing else but eroding healthy and respectful boundaries of society, who want to promote agendas that degrade authority that is accountable, and most of all, just want to be able to do what ever the fuck they want and have no concern how it affects other people, I am to dialogue with this?!

This is pure antisocial shit at it’s worst, and why I write about it.  For the transition to what I have wanted to write about for the past week since reading it for my latest CME course, Hatherleigh has a CME program called Directions in Psychiatry, and in Volume 36 was a lesson called “The Detrimental Impact of Maladaptive Personality on Public Mental Health:  A Challenge for Psychiatric Practice”, by Michael Pascal Hengartner, PhD.

And amazingly enough, I found the lesson as previously posted in this following link:

I am sorry I am being a bit lazy not copying all that I hope is worthy to readers to gleam from this article, but, the couple of points I will note here for readers are the following, but, read it all as one can find the time:

“Thus, taken together, these findings clearly demonstrate that persons with maladaptive personality traits are at highly increased risk for the development of subsequent mental disorders and other psychological difficulties. As a consequence, these at-risk patients should be observed and followed carefully once they have entered the health care system. Prerequisite to this recommendation is of course a thorough assessment of personality in every single patient as early as possible in the clinical evaluation process.”

And also this:

“Finally, personality not only influences service utilization but also the efficacy of and compliance with mental health treatments. For instance, a large longitudinal clinical study with over 600 patients with major depressive disorder revealed that low neuroticism and high extraversion and openness predict response to both pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy (73). Addressing a similar aim but using a completely different setting, which compared group vs. internet-based cognitive behavior therapy, Spek et al. (74) found that lower baseline neuroticism significantly predicts better outcomes in both treatments. Based on a comprehensive literature review, Mulder (75) noted that personality, particularly neuroticism, generally predicts worse treatment outcomes, but that this association is not unequivocally clear and apparently depends on the study design. In contrast to that rather cautious verdict, a meta-analysis of the effect of PDs on treatment outcome in depression corroborates the detrimental impact of maladaptive personality traits (76). The robust result of this study revealed that concurrent PD doubles the risk for a poor treatment outcome in major depression across various treatments (pharmacological and psychological alone, or combined).”

Yeah, what is treatment resistant versus a separate diagnostic factor that goes beyond what general psychiatry seems willing to attempt to treat these days!

Just so readers understand the role of neuroticism, I will add what the author noted at the beginning of the article to make it more coherent for those not as well versed in the point to this factor in personality traits, the major five being neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness.

“There is compelling evidence from two meta-analyses that specifically neuroticism and to a lesser extent also low conscientiousness (i.e., disorderliness and impulsivity) substantially relate to mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders. Low agreeableness (i.e., antagonism and aggressiveness) is associated with externalizing disorders and introversion specifically with internalizing disorders (41, 42). Moreover, neuroticism constitutes a broad vulnerability factor for the co-occurrence within and between both internalizing and externalizing disorders (43, 44). Thus, in sum, cross-sectional epidemiological studies provide compelling evidence that neuroticism in particular is strongly associated with the occurrence and co-occurrence of all common mental disorders as expressed by large effect sizes of d > 0.8 or r > 0.5. Neuroticism is also the most important trait underlying general personality dysfunction and specific PD diagnoses (14, 17, 20). It consistently follows that the severity of personality pathology as well as PD diagnoses substantially relate to co-occurring mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders (32, 45) and to the number of co-occurring mental disorders.”

So, maybe this ties it all in, maybe not, but, I will say this, the pervasive Personality Disordered component to what is going on in this country, and probably in many other countries as well, is really doing incredible damage being either ignored, minimized, or just plain foolishly tolerated.  You folks figure it out, myself, I will continue to write about it and hope the word will be either credibly entertained, or, maybe other options be considered?

I got no picture to end with, sorry, maybe I’ll edit later with a shot…

addendum 5 minutes later:

add this link to show what is going on:

(all from the article but just bolded the ending to maximize effect)

“At UC Berkeley, the Division of Equity and Inclusion has hung banners throughout campus reminding students of their place within the ruthlessly competitive hierarchy of victimhood. One depicts a black woman and a Hispanic man urging fellow students to “create an environment where people other than yourself can exist.” That’s not meant as hyperbole. Students have been led to believe they are at personal risk from circumambient bigotry. After the February riots at Berkeley against Mr. Yiannopoulos, a columnist in the student newspaper justified his participation in the anarchy: “I can only fight tooth and nail for the right to exist.” Another opined that physical attacks against supporters of Mr. Yiannopoulos and President Trump were “not acts of violence. They were acts of self-defense.”

Man, scary is a woeful understatement…

That is the antisocial narrative, in my opinion:  “because I don’t like it or don’t agree with it, my attitude and expectations not only trump others, but fuck others!”

Near the end this, “Many observers dismiss such ignorant tantrums as a phase that will end once the “snowflakes” encounter the real world. But the graduates of the academic victimology complex are remaking the world in their image. The assumption of inevitable discrimination against women and minorities plagues every nonacademic institution today, resulting in hiring and promotion based on sex and race at the expense of merit.”

Yeah, let this brew without appropriate redirection, and what do you get?

Review human history and get back to me!

Image result for image of burning down university

And this jerk wants to be the next Governor of Maryland, asshole!

They say politics is personal and close to home, well, this schmuck has made it personal and close to home, my county.  So, I just tweeted him and his jerks my well wishes that illegal immigration affects him, his family, and his supporters as negatively as possible, and may karma rule.

Yeah, sorry, those who are grounded and realistic about what is the truth about illegal immigration really hope the clueless and complicit politicians and celebrities get royally fucked by some illegal alien.  Watch their support and diehard fanaticism evaporate quicker than a raindrop on hot concrete as the sun comes out!

And I want it, I don’t care how cruel, rude, or insensitive it sounds.  Only when people are affected by their own dumbass and partisan agendas personally do they have their moment of brutal realization.  And if for some pathetic reason they still don’t get it after being harmed and disrupted, well, then let nature finish the job for us.

Wow, politicians who brazenly care more for those who are not legal citizens than those who are, and think they will stay in office to fuck us further?!

One day soon, TV, media, or the internet will appease me, I hope!  I look forward to the tears, anguish, and genuine pain from these pricks.  Again, Karma, bring it on for these losers, and may the coverage make it even more intense!

Sorry readers, I hate these illegal immigrant loving losers!

another reason to hate Maryland…

Again, why the combination of Democrats and exclusively allowing men to set policies for women shows why this state is so f—-d up:

I’m counting the days I will stay in this state, guarantee it!

Image result for sarcastic image of the State of Maryland

This sums it up for me, note we have had past Democratic Governors who almost word for word say how much the East and West sides of the state suck.  Gee, because there is not a predominance of Democrat voters there?…

Art really is life, eh?

Watch the clip from the movie Virtuosity, then wonder why the hideous horrendous murder by that piece of shit who is now thankfully dead, well, is it the shooter alone, or the audience that seems to crave this antisocial mayhem that is the root of the evil?

If you don’t know what I am talking about, well, here is the horrific video:

More to come about this pervasive antisocial mayhem that is just growing, in my opinion, logarithmically, but, do we address it, or



First go to the last post here, about the United Airlines assault, which is what it was, and then read this story, if for some reason you missed it yesterday:

Note this little tidbit from the link here:

“The gunman in the North Park shooting was identified as Cedric Anderson, 53, of nearby Riverside, who according to police had a criminal history that included weapons charges and domestic violence that predated his brief marriage to the slain teacher, Karen Elaine Smith, also 53.”

OK, let’s review some basic rules and common sense matters to these two incidents, which to me are related by violating said basic rules and ignoring common sense

* First there is zero tolerance for abuse.  PERIOD.  The cops on the plane assaulted this man, and everyone there just either sat there and shot video or just said “this is wrong”.  Yeah, it was, and will the police arrest an entire plane load of passengers for appropriately stopping an assault?  That was being recorded?  Umm, we’ll never know, well, until the lawsuit reveals all the facts and fuck ups.  As per the shooting, what is the relationship?  Zero tolerance for abuse from a man with a history of domestic violence, well, everyone in this woman’s life should have known he was a risk for violence because he had a history of violence.  So, again, everyone just either watched or just shrunk back and did nothing.

* Second, the common sense is basically to speak up when people do wrong.  If one is too worried about how speaking up will harm the commenter, well, then shut the fuck up WHEN you get harmed in future times.  Silence breeds acceptance and complicity, and neither is acceptable nor tolerable.  And this is common sense, unfortunately, we live in a culture that not only brutally killed and buried it in an unmarked grave, some blatantly laugh when they chose to ignore it further.  Now all we have is common senselessness.

*Last, as I can’t write too much now, is why are courts continuing to tolerate domestic violence, and why do people get involved with perpetrators of domestic violence?  One can argue that is not so easy nor definable to catch, but, do people who are guilty of domestic violence really act different if they do not spontaneously admit and accept the charge and consequences?  No, they don’t, they are the top 10% of antisocial scumbags who really deserve long prison sentences, if not killed in self defense by their victims.

One reads these stories and just wonders what the hell is wrong with America.  I’ll tell you more in a follow up post, that reinforces my hypothesis this really is a Personality Disordered Society, but for now here, just more examples of why it really is hard to trust and respect people in general.  And that is pathetic and sad to write as a psychiatrist.

People are more and more just f—-g lame, as they really have no ability to possess empathy, concern, and instinctual welfare for the community.  And I believe in karma, those who do nothing, well, they better be ready to endure getting nothing in return when they are on the receiving end of violence and lack of common sense.

I hope this incident on the plane ends United as an airline!  And if there really is a God, the judge who ruled in the past per prior charges on this piece of shit man who killed a child along with his soon to be ex wife is exposed for doing little to stop said piece of shit human.

Yeah, let’s see judges sued for not doing their jobs.  Won’t that change the system, because, hey, people will start demanding common sense and basic rules!!!

For some, a little too late, eh?!?!

How do you medicate this?

Yeah, pictures are worth a thousand words, videos, well, a lawyer’s fee for winning a very successful lawsuit is what, probably a few hundred thousand?

This is yet again our Personality Disordered Society, front and center.

Leave you with this picture from Twitter last night:

Image result for image of plane diagram noting fight club section from Twitter of United Airlines fiasco APril 2017

And this guy manhandled was allegedly a doctor, is that coincidence, or, a coming prophecy how doctors will be treated???

So Obama is not antisocial?

Nice start to the week:

“So, while Kerry, the then-face of American foreign policy and our chief diplomat said that the stockpile had been removed, his deputy admits that they knew that wasn’t the case. In keeping with the administration’s record post-Benghazi, is this another lie from the Obama administration? It’s not the first time. We all remember when then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who eventually became national security adviser to Obama, said that the Benghazi attack was a spontaneous reaction to an offensive YouTube video. It was eventually found out to be a well-planned terrorist attack by al-Qaeda affiliates, which the administration knew hours after the assault. Now, U.S. intelligence agencies say that Assad may not have turned over all his weapons. Gee—you think!”

OK, maybe my criteria and not yours, the reader, but:

*lies repeatedly

*shows no remorse for lying and lack of concern

*If not overt illegal acts, certainly does things that puts others at risk, and

*mocks and dismisses appropriate and well accepted boundaries and rules.

Sums it up for me, so, why do people continue to minimize, dismiss, and rationalize what this bastard did for the last 8 years?!  Oh, and don’t try to blame it on minions, they didn’t act without getting approval first, that is what the King demands!

Hmm, my hypothesis still seems to fit, personality disordered society, and the antisocials, well, they aggregate with the Demon-craps, and just love what this guy was able to do to fuck up America those last 8 years.

Oh, and to other countries too, who don’t share his narrative and agenda…


The antisocial element of Repugnocants, alive and in hell!

Wow, is there any country that Lindsay Graham or John McCain would not want to attack and bomb the shit out of, it is just frightening how they both get so excited when a President orders air strikes.

Two more states I will avoid spending much if any time, South Carolina and Arizona, well, I hope our enemies know which states harbor the electorate that supports these two cretins.  I was going to link a site that had a post about Trump tweeting about these two eager to start World War III, but, I leave you to risk it, the site almost made my computer crash, so Google at your own risk.

Sad how Repugnocants just love to start wars.  Oh, Demon-craps do to, but they love to do it within our borders…