What loser supports Hillary Clinton?!


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That is the only way to ask that question, after what that hideous excuse of a human being in a position of power said today on CBS.  This woman is such a complete and utter antisocial scumbag, if there is a God, please, end this woman’t life sooner than later, I can’t stand to even see her face.


Anyone who outwardly supports and lusts for her to be President, these are really sick people to be living among, sorry, that is beyond just Personality Disorder here folks.

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Really, her husband has repeatedly sexually assaulted women, and she can only shriek about other people.  What a complete and utter antisocial shit bag….

Good luck voting Democrat in 3 weeks…


Nature gave us a preview…


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Aren’t the images of beach towns in the Panhandle of Florida after the utter destruction by Hurricane Michael so devastating???

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And that is by an act of nature, maybe God, maybe just Earthen Karma?

Just a quick shout out, the longer Non Democrat Americans continue to tolerate, apologize, even rationalize the utter hate by the Left and Democrats, well, this is the below image that will greet you as Americans in coming weeks, even before the election, if people continue to minimize and avoid the inevitable outcomes from the lust for power by these utter scumbag, shit bag, despot evil losers that are the Left and Democrats:

Related image

Tip to anyone even remotely listening to learn:  sure, a history of violence, certain psychiatric diagnoses, use of substances, and certain demographics have greater likelihoods, but, I think the pervasive repetition of threatening violence should be near the top of the list as well.

And, add the concept of sheer desperation, especially by people in alleged positions of power and influence that could be relegated to nominal if any importance if they lose their prominence.

Trump’s win in 2016 has been quite the study of watching how a profoundly Personality Disordered person can bring out the equally obscene and dysfunctional around the impaired leader.  And now, I think Democrats have rationalized, very pathologically mind you, they have nothing to lose to shriek out to supporters, “Kill or be killed”!!

Hey folks, that shriek is coming, and it will be reinforced by the Goebbels Leftist Media that are equally obsessed to not lose their alleged relevance in this country.

So, whatta ya gonna do, be killed, or figure out when self defense has to be a bit proactive, sorry to write this post folks, but, you need another shooting of Republican politicians, or a protest of non Democrat citizens being gunned down by Antifa scum bags, who are more and more bold in their hate, to realize being silent and indifferent to this pervasive hate will eventually include you…

Today’s Antifa loud shout out of “fuck you and die!!!”


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Hey, Personality Disordered Society, it is beyond here, it is entrenched…

Are we due for another Kent State or Bobby Kennedy moment…


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Yep, the Left is ramping things up, and I really am concerned, but somewhat at peace per how it plays out, who gets killed to make the painful but needed point to restore order.

Sorry to readers here, but, we are at a point where a death, or more hideously multiple deaths at one moment, will force pause and reconsideration.  Isn’t this so sad of human nature, we not only have to touch the hot stove, but sometimes leave the hand on so long, third degree burns ensue.

But, my point to this brief comment is this is the Personality Disordered Society I have been railing about for over 2 years.  And wow, the Left is certainly full of them, and there are those on the Right as well, but, what happens if, and I really think when, Democrats have gone too far and their minions just rage like the mob they are inherently?

Who is going to be dead, who is going to try for title of martyr, and who is going to be blamed for all this sadness and mayhem?  Frankly, the blame goes to all of us who didn’t see it coming and just acted like it wasn’t our problem.  But, this country is our problem, and if we don’t start setting boundaries for things that are so overtly wrong, corrupt, and immoral, then we deserve to be putting our hands out to see if it’s hot…

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The Party of Crime


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Don’t ask me why I watched some of Trump’s speech in West Virginia, I had just come home from visiting a friend outside Pittsburgh and got back to the hotel I am at for this current assignment around 8, I guess I hit Fox News when I turned on the TV and went to take a crap, and then I heard the above title by Trump.

Ironic, eh, to hear Trump utter what I have been saying for at least a few years now, and while not thrilled it comes from him, it is now out there in full public view.

The Democrat Party, the party of crime!  Again, we had to put a malignant Narcissist in the White House to expose how hideous the political system of this country really is, Democrats but also Republicans.

I leave with this:  no Wall, no repeal of Obamacare, and now stalling to make the Supreme Court have a Conservative majority of justices, all things the Republicans could have done as majorities of both parts of Congress, and yet, not done.  Maybe there are more people hating Trump than just the hate consumed Demon-craps, eh?…

Republicans get dumped in 5 weeks, we endure 2 years of anti-American narratives and agendas by the Democrat majority, who by the way won’t be able to get Trump out of office for not having 67 Senate seats to enforce the impeachment the Shit bags of the Left will shriek about for months of 2019, and then the majority of Americans realize that they made a real horrendous choice back November 2018.

Then the Republicans return in majority with fewer incumbents to try to fuck things up again in 2021.  Change, what a bitch, eh?!  No pain, no gain, think about it!…

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The Shame Campaign


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I will be spending the next 6 weeks at various sites around the Net, mostly the threads following columns at blogs that will be railing away about the final push to get out the votes, to simply remind any reader who has even a minute inkling to remember the purpose of America, that it isn’t the politicians who suck in the end, but, the public who put them there.

What is the crude amount, 60 million or so allegedly legitimate American voters who vote for Democrats?  Obviously across the country, but mostly on the East and West Coasts and in most major US cities.  Let’s be kind and say that half of them have some semblance of responsibility and accountability to think a little bit independently and not just reflexively shriek for every single agenda goal of the Democrat Party.

That still leaves us with about 30 million who don’t have such skills and adult abilities.

These thirty million selfish, inherently self destructive, mindless and in the end, anti American people who are in communities all across the country, living in the neighborhoods, working at most jobs irregardless of skills, sending their ignorant and easily mislead children to schools the rest of the community also uses, walking and sitting in the various houses of worship those with religious commitment attend, and finally, are either standing next to or on the other side of counters of the businesses attended for using products and services.

It really is like the scene at the end of the remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the few who have tried to avoid being consumed by the aliens, only to realize the one they thought was still with them was hopelessly, completely assimilated.  Except this isn’t a movie, the effects aren’t just special effects, nope, this is reality, and the behaviors and attitudes of the Democrat operatives and reflexive minions are not going to just fade out once realized they are beyond redemption.

(Pretty intense, eh?)

That is what people who care about this country remaining the true beacon of hope and faith for freedom, independence, autonomy, and choice need to realize, it isn’t about who you vote for, it is about who you live among and share the community with, because the leaders of the Democrat party are lost, and truly ready to fuck up this country, even if they lose a Supreme Court nomination process, which they likely won’t, because the shit bags in DC do represent the people as a whole.

Republicans, i.e. REPUGNOCANTS, are basically the whores and cowards to the process, and the Democrats, i.e. the DEMON-CRAPS, are the antisocials and anarchists who just want to destroy the country.  Together they don’t represent, just resent the public.  And they have the sizeable portion of the public to support the heinous, horrible message…

But, my job for what it is worth to me, is to remind people, it starts with the self and nuclear area of the family, and thus, people who care need to take stock in who surrounds them, and what to do when the shrieking starts.

And it will.  I know movie lines are often corny when used for real life moments, but, doesn’t art imitate life, and wow, Glenn Close’s line is so prophetic as things have played out these last two weeks to try to derail the Kavanaugh nomination:


Except they won’t be coming after pet rodents, nope, it will regress to worse fairly quickly, and again, hope I am wrong…

When Hate becomes Principle…


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People who have read here previously with any regularity know I despise politicians, especially the Democrats these last few years, as their rhetoric and narratives have nothing to do with helping this country, just their pathetic self interests to maintain power and control.  Hey, they even have narratives and ideology that is directly anti-American in intent, in my opinion.  I think the Democrat party is generally a party of antisocials, and of a level of evil that really permeates too many Americans; and I think the Republicans are a party of whores and cowards, moreso of a narcissistic bent.

But, what Democrats have said as a collective this week, without any one, ANYONE, of authority and respectability from the Democrat Party, coming out and saying the following narrative is just too heinous to support, that only some people are afforded the rights of a fair and responsible judicial proceeding if serious and legitimate allegations or accusations of impropriety or frank felony behavior are made, but others ARE NOT afforded the same rights, because they don’t belong to the “right” group or organization, that is plain evil at work.

And so,  since this was revealed as the Democrat agenda hereon not only to derail the Kavanaugh nomination, but to put the country on notice that they will not respect the basic rights of Americans who don’t fully genuflect to the Democrat mission and ideology, my mission the next 6 plus weeks has to be shame, marginalize, and frankly, if at all possible even ostracize any and all Democrat voters who have no problem with this narrative.  Being clueless or ignorant is not an excuse to not be challenged and outed as an anti American person, and certainly those who are genuinely complicit with the agenda, well, don’t cross my path!

So, I say frankly to people who read here, if one is a Democrat supporter, plans to vote for Democrat candidates on November 6th, and has no problem with the rhetoric put forth by numerous Democrat representatives not only in DC, but at local and state levels as well across the country that accusations are basically convictions without any form of judicial review, that only certain Americans have full rights to be protected by the law, that a man accused of sexual impropriety must solely prove he is not guilty of the accusation  or charges from his defense alone, well, …

I think people who think this way are a detriment to society, that they should be called out on what such ideology says outright, that they don’t believe in freedoms and rights, and they are just despots and craving tyranny to cruel the public.  Sorry, these are people who need the loudest, most abrupt “Fuck you, get away from me if not leave the country or risk legitimate retaliation if you try to ruin my life or the lives of those close to me without legitimate cause” shout out, because these shit bags think their alleged principles and desires outright trump anyone else who does not submit to their agenda.

Next week, if there is any form of a proceeding to hear this woman Ford claim she was allegedly nearly sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh 36 years ago, without any legitimate corroborating evidence or witnesses, it will make the Clarence Thomas proceedings tame as a circus act of an investigation.

I’m just finishing with this, if it can be shown legitimately that Ford is in fact lying, and thought she could depend on Democrat lawmakers to harass and manipulate Republicans to submit to such a blatant hideous effort to derail a Supreme Court nomination, well…

Sorry, I don’t care what happens to people who think their hate drives their choices at allegedly representing the people.  If some of these shit bag Democrat Senators aren’t censured extremely harshly if they behaviors and rhetoric can be shown to blatantly deceive and disrupt the US political process, then I won’t be at all surprised if some people won’t make poor mistakes and take the law into their own hands.  NOT ME, I have been to prisons as a consulting psychiatrist, not going to ever provide a reason to force me back there!

Hate is NOT a principle, but, antisocials have hate as one of the walls of their foundation to being a detriment to society.  I think we have a lot of antisocials running around halls of Congress and Senate.  Time to wonder if I am truly an idiot, or, someone who is sounding an alarm before the country won’t have to worry about outside terrorists to harm America.

Really, some people are guilty simply because of an accusation, who the fuck are these Senators saying this publicly, some in office for more than a decade?  But, even worse, who the fuck are the people who vote for them over and over, yeah, that’s what I want responsible citizens to start paying attention to NOW!

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Hypocrisy knows no limits

Short post, as spending another weekend at a hotel for an assignment too far from home.

I know one reader here who will laugh at this one:


“Of course, these 27 psychiatrists didn’t really examine the president — not in the way the title would have believed. What they did was watch Trump’s politics, from a distance, listen to Trump’s speeches, from television and radio, and read his Twitter feed now and again and then conclude, based on that, this guy’s crazy.

They didn’t shy from spreading their opinion, far and wide, either.

“We believed Trump’s mental state presented a danger to the public and felt we had a duty to warn,” Lee and Glass wrote in Politico, explaining why the need for a whole book blasting away at the president.

Meanwhile, back on the Psychology Today farm, in December 2016, this from University of California social psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky: A piece entitled, “Obama, Positive Psychologist-in-Chief,” that contrasted the 44th president’s supposed refusal to sink into “cynicism, bitterness and fury” with Trump’s much darker, negative manner of politicking.

Once again with the long-distance psychological summations.”

Bandy Lee, sorry readers, this is one shit bag, douchebag colleague who should not only have her license suspended, but, I think there are precedents she has violated as a citizen inflaming hostile actions against the Office of the Presidency, I would genuinely love to see pictures of her led out of a building in handcuffs.

Just to equally hear of colleagues shitting in their pants, wondering, worrying if the Feds are coming after these shitbag loser providers next!

God, to listen to people shriek “do as we say, not as we do”, and not face any real accountability for such irresponsible behaviors and actions.

Again, we are beyond neck deep in Personality Disordered Society, facing flood water might really be a painful but accepted substitution.  At least you know the enemy and risks when in a flood, I know Carolina residents might take issue, but, wait ’til the flood waters recede and listen to what shitbag Democrat politicians will be sputtering…

Image result for Image of Bandy Lee MD

Projection folks, this woman is unraveling, as she can’t handle her bitch friend Shrillary didn’t win, and thank god for that!…

Personality Disordered society wins…


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Yep, the Personality Disordered folk out there run the country, and I don’t mean simply politically.  Nah, these cretins who have terrible interpersonal skills, who problem solve conflicts and dilemmas like a hammer sees all as a nail, they are just destroying every aspect of society.  And, loving it.

I was first going to write just about the death of therapy, but, after a couple of personal experiences I have had the last few days outside the office, the characterological shit bags who have mastered keeping those who live in fear, who live in doubt, who live in avoidance of conflict, completely in line, yep, they have won.

As I first told you all back in March 2016, well, you folks can read it, again perhaps:


I won’t waste time and space duplicating comments again, but I think I nailed it fairly well, and I am not a hammer, at least in my opinion.  To get back to the comment in the above paragraph about my thoughts of writing about the death of therapy, well, who is primarily behind that?  The patients are a driving force, because they as a whole, even if only 60%, still a sizeable majority, have just steam rolled non physician providers into sheepishly, lamely, and recklessly just herding these patients into psychiatrists’ offices and expecting, no, demanding medication fix their ills.  Pills for any and all ills.  Doesn’t that fit nicely, hmm???

Oh, but it gets better, as I hear at every temp job I have been doing for the last several years now, that the standards of therapy are just to keep them out of psych hospitals, to keep them out of jails, and most conveniently, out of therapists’ offices!  Really, I am not exaggerating, I have had countless therapists say almost word for word every time I face one to explain acute care standards of therapy, they are about seeing patients every 3, 4, even 6 weeks between appointments.  Can you imagine ancillary services for other specialty professions in health care telling the physicians, “No, we are not going to provide care the way you are advising, because we aren’t interested, we aren’t willing, we aren’t concerned to provide care the way it is needed, because that is inconvenient, that is demanding, and that is too time consuming”.

Oh, the patient’s needs aren’t important, eh?  That is to me an underlying element of characterological cause, maybe not by many of the providers themselves, but some of them eagerly agree and cooperate with doing what they are told, irregardless of it being a frank abandonment of care.  We can bet there is a high prevalence of personality disorder in the administrative sides of health care, be it the insurers, the heads of health care organizations and major provider groups, and most important, pervasive in the political shit bags throughout the states and federal levels that are dictating health care decisions.

It is only Tuesday night, I don’t have the strength to go on further for now, after watching this antisocial cretin next door to me at the hotel I am staying out try to manipulate his way out of being thrown out after being completely disruptive and dismissive of hotel and guests  expecting him to shut up and be quiet at 2AM!  He finally left, for the little fear of the authorities per being charged with trespassing, and that is certainly disappearing as more and more cops do really stupid shit, like that female cop in Dallas last week who basically broke into the wrong apartment and shot the tenant to death because she allegedly thought she was in her own apartment.  Hmm, wrong floor, how the hell did she miss that?!  Read Mr French’s take today:


People of power, influence, and control of all aspects of American society, just deteriorating into doing what is selfish, what is benefiting to their own select group or interests, what pushes a partisan political agenda, and what can fuck up anyone who dares be an opponent, one to dissent, one to show the truth to the error of the agenda or plan.

And these shit bag cretins get away with it.  Because they can, because no one of real counter power or influence will protest, because people as a societal whole don’t give a shit if it isn’t on a screen or could mess up their being able to use their screens.

This is the best we’ve got in this country, garbage in, and garbage out, and yep, the public sucks, and forget any chance of hope, hope is now beaten to death, dragged to that unmarked grave somewhere in an anonymous forest, and dumped in with the equally mauled and disfigured faith, shame, and humility, already lost years earlier but held from being dumped until hope was finally contained and extinguished.  Mass grave, how perfect!

Came here for a pick me up?  What where you thinking, or more likely, drinking??

and now the ending image, brace yourselves, not pretty…

That was the human personification of hope, and the hordes of the characterological who were so outraged it would show its face to the people.  OH, and this is a Democrat crowd, no hesitation, no concern, and no desire to listen…

…a necessary evil…


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(post completed as of Sept 4 2PM)

What does that term mean?  Well, as an acronym, this is what first came up, (but on page two of the search per the several books written with this in the title cited first)

necessary evil

Something bad that must exist or occur in order for something good to happen.
These days, student loans are a necessary evil in order to get an education that 
leads to a well-paying job.  Some view dictators as a necessary evil who keep the region stable by suppressing more radical elements

The examples in the above definition seem to fit where this post is headed, to some degree, but, I want to start with my profession first.  It seems fairly obvious these days that most out patient mental health programs overtly treat psychiatrists as necessary evils, because, hey, we aren’t received as colleagues or crucial colleagues of guidance, that is for damn sure!  Nope, we are to run assembly lines, get ’em in and out quick, see ’em in masse, and most of all, don’t dare expect other staff to provide genuine needed therapy, ’cause that ain’t gonna happen!

And don’t let any of these other disciplines, other ancillary care providers, other administrative heads tell you otherwise, that therapy is provided, and there is an eclectic approach to mental health care.  Their definitions and expectations are beyond warped and skewed, no doubt!  Providers who aren’t psychiatrists can directly look you in the face and tell you the patient is getting standards of care outside what the psychiatrist provides for medication and medical direction as an extension per being an M.D., but, really, seeing people every 4-6 weeks early on in care is effective psychotherapy in, what damn world?!  Not on planet Earth…

As for the colleagues I replace in my travels as a temp doc, well, they really haven’t done much if anything to deter this attitude by the rest of clinic staff.  Nope, I see polypharmacy being dispensed truly as Pez is provided, pills in masse, tossed out at any and all complaints or alleged symptoms, and really, the latest craze is “I don’t write for Xanax Dr Hassman, but…”, I have seen a resurgence in Valium use as much as prescriptions for Klonopin and Ativan that really defy logic, dosages of 4 or more mg a day of the Klonopin, and Ativan up to 6mg at a time.  And don’t get me started on the use of these meds in patients over 60 years old.  Yep, last I checked, the responsible literature out there still decries the use of benzos in the geriatric population.

Guess these docs who are retiring or just fleeing to the next sanctuary clinic haven’t gotten those memos yet, hmm…

Once again, this will be a post in progress, but, I read this latest column by my fav at the Net, Mr French, and will link it and hope readers find it of value:


I leave the post here today with this point French writes so eloquently, to me:

“It’s increasingly clear that partisans would rather burn their credibility to ashes than allow their hated opposition to even sniff at victory — especially when the stakes always seem so high. What’s a little cover-up when the pope is saving the planet? What’s the importance of an affair and potential felonies when the regulatory state is running amok? In the meantime, we let the very foundations of our culture rot from the inside out, believing that better policies are somehow more important than the state of our hearts and souls.”

Character, it is more than what entertains the masses on screens.  But, don’t our elected officials seem to really represent the constituents that elect them and reelect them, and then deify them if they stay in office long enough to die in office???

Will get to that shit bag McCain either later today or tomorrow, another necessary evil that was way too long tolerated, and now worshiped!?…

Image result for image of necessary evil

Yep, what I have been saying about voting for lesser of evils…


addendum and finish to this post Sept 4 2PM:

Well, went to a family wedding over the holiday weekend, and boy, was it hot in Central Virginia, I actually sweated through a dress shirt BEFORE the ceremony began, and to tie it in with the theme of this post, is humidity a necessary evil of hot air, or just a pain in the ass that nature throws in!?  But, the rest of the evening was inside with A/C, and the food was good.  Loud music, though, not a necessary evil, but just a DJ who pathetically thinks that louder is better.

Yeah, if you are either drunk and dancing recklessly on the dance floor.  But, some of us like to talk with family we haven’t seen in months, and aren’t really interested in shouting at them 3 feet away.

Back to the points of this post more intended, John McCain, NOT a respected and invested politician who had the public interest first and foremost at heart.  Nope, he was just another narcissist and ego maniacal asshole who was outraged, and I truly know this to be a primary dynamic to McCain, as I have met the likes of him in other arenas, and when a narcissist sees another get the accolades, and the money, the narcissist thinks due him (or her, feminism is certainly creating more female assholes out there these last couple of decades), well, narcissistic rage, what else to say!

Let’s set the record straight on who started the war between McCain and Trump, this seems to summarize the timeline IN 2015 MIND YOU:


McCain started attacking Trump out the gate, and called his supporters “crazies” BEFORE Trump said the idiotic comment about what constitutes a hero.  By the way, while McCain certainly did not do overtly outright wonderful things for others in his time in the Navy, being a POW and tortured the way he was certainly deserves some level of empathy and support.  But, being an asshole the last few years of his term in office really does diminish those feelings, at least by me.

But how does this make it a necessary evil per McCain?  Maybe a stretch here on my part, but, people have said at threads I have been at the last few weeks before and after McCain died, that he had to take on Trump to neutralize the Trump effect, and, had to show there was a need for doing what was right at the end of the day…

I am sorry, doubt any of those thread readers are here, but, what the fuck was right by McCain the last 18 months he was alive, and before he abandoned the Senate to just slowly die at home and neglected his job responsibilities?!  Voting against appropriate immigration legislation (which will lead to the subsequent point below) and not voting to end Obamacare, which is fucking up my life personally and professionally, nah, McCain wasn’t a necessary evil on that one, just a profoundly shit bag evil!

And then his not being in D.C. the last 9 plus months, gee, how many of us can not show up to work for over 9 months and keep our jobs?!  Doubt anyone who isn’t blowing the boss from home or having some other connection with someone else of power and influence to let you stay employed!

Necessary evil in politics.  Nope, just fucking evil, plain and simple.

I could continue with other topics to relate to the necessary evil narrative, but, this one really hits home for me, the death of Mollie Tibbetts in Iowa last month and the subsequent revelation an illegal immigrant is the prime suspect (yeah, he led authorities to the body, can’t wait for this side show trial to see him try to be acquitted!!!).  Have any of you heard the primarily Left/Democrat claims that allowing illegal immigrants into this country is a “necessary evil” if these douchebags even have a moment of clueless transparency to admit it!?

I will leave readers with these two links, first by Donald Trump Jr, and then Mollie’s father in an op ed piece over the weekend, and you figure out what to do with yet another person’s death at the hands of illegal immigrants, who should NOT be in this country.



Frankly, I don’t get this attitude of necessary evil needs tolerated and accepted.  At the end of the day, only evil people want others to accept evil is an option.  NOT FOR ME!

Maybe, just maybe, it is time to accept that there should be NO tolerance nor acceptance of evil.  Contain it, marginalize it, and try to eliminate it!!!


Image result for images of quotes by the Joker

Sorry to quote The Joker, but, wow, a necessary evil to make the point!?!?  Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha…  (sorry, don’t do lol…)

Another post in progress…



(updated and done Aug 20th PM)

Starting a new assignment in NW Pennsylvania, so far has been a bit less contentious and more appreciated, will see how things play out once I am settled.  Been thinking of various things, much per the Personality Disordered crap going on in this society, and would ask readers to read this link, from someone NOT a fan to read often, but, Gingrich hits the head on this one:


This point in there elicited a response from me:

“It is hard to imagine a modern-day Reign of Terror happening in America. But consider the recent phenomenon of outrage mobs on social media demanding people be fired and ostracized for expressing un-PC points of view.

Think about the left-wing activists taking over classrooms to prevent conservative voices from speaking. Think about the rash of people being attacked for wearing MAGA hats. Think about the violence of Antifa.

Perhaps it is not so difficult to imagine.”

Why do people continue to underestimate the characterological disordered person who excels in the political arena?  This shit bag woman in New York, Osacio-Cortez, she frightens me, as I don’t think she is outwardly naive and clueless in her comments in media programs.  Nope, I think she is a budding antisocial.

Anyway, another point to note is I am taking an MOC course to be able to have my credits for applying to the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons to maintain my board status, and if the APA and ABPN have anything to do with the content of these questions at Boardvitals.com, well, why I am glad I will NOT be renewing my Board Certification with them.  Really, these questions reinforce things I would NEVER do in the office, quite frightening, again.

Make you wonder what folks are in positions of power and influence with the APA and ABPN.  Maybe not florid antisocial shit, but, charaterological impairment of some level, eh?  So, for now done here, again a post in progress, will get back likely Sunday night…

Image result for images of sarcastic view of Ocasio-Cortez

There is something about her eyes beyond their bugging out that disturbs me…


Addendum Sunday 8/19 9AM:  Hmm, another link that says it well to me, and hopefully for you if you are sick of the elitist shit that really runs America:


She ends with this though:  “The public does have a clue.  It is not ignorant.  It has not sold its soul to the KKK, the neo-Nazis, or Vladimir Putin.  The engines of credible public debate must be reignited, and the temptations toward propaganda through these various interpretive outlets must be rejected.”

Frankly, I disagree.  The fact that the public put up with Shrillary and The Don in the first place makes me wonder, what is character these days, what people possess to be appropriate and responsible to be in positions of leadership and influence, or, just more of what is on a screen to entertain?

Leave you with this George Carlin clip of who really runs America:

Yep, not a pick me up, but, it is what it is…


Addendum Mon 8/20 11A:  As I am taking this MOC course, it never ceases to amaze me how colleagues sheltered in Academic Towers write these protocols and logarithms to diagnose and treat psychiatric patients, when, those of us in the trenches of basic Community Mental Health Care Clinics will NEVER see the light of day to these expectations.  Really, I am going to have a full hour to do a full diagnostic assessment with people who have little if any collateral information to assist in the assessment, much less be a reliable historian in the first place.

Oh, and this pervasive reliance on Paxil as a first med intervention in 2018, really?  And needing to know the statistics to illnesses, how to diagnose somatoform illnesses, mundane Neurology information I will never use in the office, this will make me a more reliable physician for taking a Recert exam by the ABPN?

Surprise that I scored 90% in the Personality Disordered section of the testing??  Like Monk says in the show, it is a blessing and a curse…

More if not later today, then tomorrow to wrap up this post!


Addendum Aug 20 930 PM:  Cortez really is the face of the Left and Democrats, this story says it all for me:


She is such a pathetic, self absorbed shit bag, wow.

“The restaurant employed 150 workers who now are without a job, but that didn’t stop Ocasio-Cortez from making the event about herself.

“I’m a normal, working person who chose to run for office, because I believe we can have a better future,” Ocasio-Cortez added on Twitter. “You can do it too. We all can.”

And there are tens of millions of alleged Americans who will shit and dump on the foundations of this country as fast as one can say “what’s in it for me!?”

I know, as I see these people week to week in the clinics I serve as a temp.  What is in it for them, free drugs, disability without a real disorder that can be honestly diagnosed by being in services for a consistent 6 or more months, and most of all, who the hell am I to tell them to seek care the way the standard of care is set.

Personality Disordered cretins, not all of the patients, but, too many versus what I saw even just 10 years ago…

Sorry to write this, but, people won’t find responsible decent care on a consistent basis in CMHCs by the end of this decade, if already a lost art of care now.  Not that I am the template of what is best and correct, but, I can say without hesitation that over a third of the patients I have treated in the past 14 months are on 4 or more psych meds.  I forget who the psychiatrist was I read at a post 4 months ago, but he said up front in his critique of problem patients, when he sees as a consultant a patient on 3 or more meds, that is the rule out as the problem for him at moment one of the eval.

Amen to that.  So, this post is done.  Doubt I will have one the rest of the month, but, one never knows what ridiculous and absurd shit will happen in politics, or just societal idiocy at its finest.  Stay tuned?  I wouldn’t hold a breath, although I think Mueller will do something desperate by mid September, after all, he has an election to fuck up!…

Image result for sarcastic image of Mueller and Trump

Hard to believe 2 weeks ’til Labor Day, what a summer, eh?!?!…