This is why Trump won

As usual, first the link:

Then key comment from it:

“Of course, Clinton lost the 2016 election because she is a corrupt and unaccomplished fraud. But this is already well known by most people not named Hillary Clinton. What’s far more disturbing is that a great number of her fellow Democrats—perhaps a majority—will find nothing to disagree with in her latest remarks. In their minds, she spoke the simple truth.”

Again, how any alleged respectable, caring, attentive person who identifies with the Democrat Party, well, as a psychiatrist, I sense dissociation at a profound level.

Frankly, I refuse to talk politics anywhere I go anymore, because the few times I hear a Democrat loyalist open their trap, I honestly would love to projectile vomit on him/her!

It’s a shame it is harder to go to the beach in these Democrat enclaves by the coast.  Thank god I don’t go out West for anything.

Oh, and it is equally a shame this witch can’t fall and sustain a head injury that would end her travels among the human race.  Yeah, terrible to write, but, terrible to endure her bullshit further.  Really, how can anyone with an ability to problem solve responsibly say anything positive about her and her narratives?…

Image result for image of Hillary Clinton falling on stairs in India

Wow, just wow is all I can utter from this shot!


People NEED to be frightened…


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It’s been two years since I wrote my series about Personality Disordered Society, ironic I wrote it before the election, even before the two losers were nominated to represent their political partisans, er, parties, which is the real joke here.  Really, what is the difference between Republicans and Democrats at the end of the day?  The former mainly composed of arrogant and clueless Narcissists, and the latter composed of insensitive and thuggish Antisocials, who on cue asked for the same in their leadershit.

Oh, the series’ posts?  They were done in March to April 2016, I’ll link the first 2 and readers can go to the month’s archives to read the rest, 5 more total beyond what I will note here now:

and then part 2:

I would advise readers to read other posts there during that 6 week or so period, as I relate to the role of Personality Disorder to other posts that seem to echo what was, and still is, going on that is driven by Personality Disordered mayhem.

The point to today’s post is based on 2 columns read at  The first well said by Kurt Schlicter, as will be duplicated below:

He ends with this, that I feel echoes my point we are in times that the only rebuttal to the antisocial shit by the Left/Progressives/Liberals/Democrats is simply “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”,  that is a legitimate, deserving response to their shit bag assembly of relentless attacks on honest, appropriate, concerned Americans:

“Civility is not a sign of weakness when a system of reasoned debate is in effect. But it is a sign of weakness, and will be taken as such by our enemies, when we cling to civility because we are too weak and afraid to admit the awful truth, that we are no longer a society ruled by reason but by power.

You want a civil society again? Good – so do I. But the way to get it is not to surrender. It is to defeat those who want to crush you with lawless rulings by leftist judges, with economic warfare launched by woke corporations, and by the steady erosion of the rights your Creator granted you.

If civility means submission, the hell with it. “

and the other column, same source:

The point to this post is more driven by the relentless Dishonest, Disingenuous, and Disdainful efforts by the Main Scream Media driving the lies and distortions the Louts, Regressives, and Libelous want accepted per their agenda of “hear the lies enough and they become truths”.   People, unfortunately, need to be frightened by the extent and frequency of what the “media” is doing of late.  Because those who should make a difference for the better, but instead being indifferent, uninvested, and unconcerned, or by some close to me, overwhelmed and afraid to absorb the conflict, well, we all know what happens when good men and women lie silent while evil tries to endure…

Understand what are the mechanics to Personality Disorder as a general premise, forget specific types.  That is somewhat noted in example in this third part I will include here, but note how this plays out in your day to day interactions, not in the office:

Sorry to echo myself but it need reiterated, from the first column of the 2 sections to Part 3 I wrote:

“It goes back to what I said at an earlier post a week or so ago, we really will see an appreciable rise in depression and anxiety across the country as these two people running for President get the nomination by end of summer.  I really had no awareness of the Democrat convention in 1968 since I was so young, but, I sense I will see a fairly equivalent repeat in Cleveland for the Republican one in July.  And it will be ugly, because it may actually mirror my occasional request to see the equally hideous ends of the pathologically impaired losers trying to force a leader with no real skills to lead the country fight each other to the death.   And those two groups being the elites who just want to rule, rule, rule, versus the angry mob that claims to represent the will of the people, but, the people are not as a majority this polarized, inflexible, and zealot focused folk who want blood.”

Sorry, people might be annoyed or outraged I present this as having fear, but, read Schilicter’s column in full from above at Townhall, He writes it perfectly for me.

burn out redefined

I love this picture, the cover to a Pink Floyd album, “Wish You Were Here”, ironic I really don’t want to wish to be here now…

Not lunacy, but disgusting…


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Read this post this morning, and found it disgusting for what the antisocials in positions of power and influence continue to peddle:

“As the Canadian health official demonstrates, there is no limit to the lunacy of the harm reduction movement.  Encompassing needle exchange programs, which began in the 1980s, and fueled by the opioid epidemic today, harm reduction measures include various drug therapies and safe injection sites.  While Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle are not yet proposing vending machines, they nevertheless hold up Vancouver as a case study in how to treat opioid addicts.

Official reports from all three cities essentially credit safe injection sites with saving lives because someone overdoses and keels over, and a nurse is on hand to intervene.  A report for Philadelphia cites the Vancouver facility, known as “Insite,” where it is said the mortality rate is lower within 500 meters of the building.  One could make the same case for an emergency room or an ordinary drug rehabilitation center.  San Francisco’s public health department credits Insite with adding over 1,000 “life years” to addicts, whatever that means.  Local officials in the Seattle area credit Vancouver with increasing awareness of the opioid epidemic because of its embrace of safe spaces.  

In Baltimore, the Johns Hopkins school of public health publishes “Harm Reduction Journal” to help professors keep up with the latest trends in excusing addiction.  The report also cites Vancouver, and its author asserts that “safe spaces help increase the touch point” with addicts, as if someone were caring for an infant.  A Maryland legislator who proposed a site in Baltimore, inspired by Hopkins’s research, received a succinct rebuke from Gov. Larry Hogan, who correctly called the concept “insane.”  Finally, here’s a rare voice of reason, coming from someone who campaigned on the opioid epidemic in 2014, before it was in the headlines.”

Yeah, even here in Merry-land, the Democrat cruel, er, rule is out to screw the electorate, as these leaders only reinforce antisocial agendas, and yes, substance abuse is an antisocial agenda per the way addicts conduct themselves.

Whatever happened to honest, genuine natural selection process, addicts who are reckless and disruptive to themselves or others should be weeded out at the end of the day?  Saving people who have no interest saving themselves is a waste of time, energy, and money.

Don’t care who says this is cruel, insensitive, or dismissive, it is what it is.

People who abuse drugs to a point they could die need the wake up call NOW.  And that call has been made per the press:  people are f—–g dying from opiate abuse, and providing Narcan, immediate resuscitative access, and now just giving these cretins drugs if not free at discount cost, well, WTF is going on!?!?

Listen to the clueless advocates, and then wonder, who are these advocates who want opiate addicts to continue using without consequences?

Good luck listening to them, enabling and codependency are empty words…


addendum 7PM Sunday night:

yeah, the press is making the issue front and center:

The Opioid Diaries Time Magazine Cover

How much more graphic does one have to get?!

And people want to basically give these dangers to society MORE drugs?…

The depths of shameless


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Wow, how desperate is the Left and their anti-gun ilk today?  Promoting teenagers to set policy?  How pathetic is this act?!  Sorry, I fully get the pain and anguish high school students feel who are appropriate and responsible in becoming targets by lost, angry, and often outright antisocial in training peers, but, these protests and demands to be heard by adults?

And it is nothing less than disingenuous and disreputable how low the Louts/ Regressives/ Libelous will stoop to try to manipulate the public.  Oh, and the sheer hypocrisy they chant should the enemy try to even consider equivalent tactics.

Here’s an analogy:  let’s have rape victims demand to descend on state legislative halls during session to rewrite rape laws.  I’m sure the logic and appropriateness in how perpetrators will be handled meets society standards for realistic and responsible punishment.  Just how does the courts handle all those severed genitals, call in a mohel, the person who does circumcisions, to bundle them all and make luggage?

Actually, we already see how the loudest zealots of the #Metoo movement think that there are no innocents in the process of allegations of sexual misconduct.  Yeah, we are going to see how their act plays out in coming months with work environments.

Again, I am sorry to write this post, but, I am not going to sit around and listen to this non stop partisan agenda to weaken America further that is the Left/Democrat narrative.  And wait for it, when these teens who think they are bigger than life now come to realize the real adults in the room will be continuously saying “we hear you, but we do not have to acquiesce to you”, just remember why personality disorders do not include people under 18 years old.

Because the adults who are characterologically disordered are stuck in teen constructs and defenses.  Cue Glenn Close once again, but not mainly by these teens running around political halls today, no, by their puppet masters behind them doing all this manipulating.  The left are relentless in telling us they will not be ignored.

My advice, for what it is worth, to these teens being triggered to act like spokespersons, wait until the Left is done with you.  I don’t want to be around these folks WHEN that happens, because two immature groups dissing each other is not pretty…

Image result for image of teenagers being disruptive in class

Maybe they could constructively aid the adults in how to better the school environment, like ending tolerance of bullying, dropping the endless video game worship, and not relying on phones as the only social mode of communication?

Yeah, that’s gonna happen…

Oh, and who the hell is allowing these students to skip school under this pretense to think that hundreds of them are going to demand audience with legislators.  Only in Montgomery County here in Maryland would one see this shit excuse!

Cue Lord of the Flies in real life…


Addendum Thursday 230PM:  and like magic, CNN shows attentive and invested viewers what a complete load of crap thinking teenagers have something of sustained and appropriate substance to bring to the table of gun control debate.

It is sad to write this, but it would have been perfect if someone fired a gun to end the event.  Teenagers and the Left, just wait long enough and it will erode into a riot if no responsible adults are monitoring the situation.  Frankly, I hope CNN continues to put TV monitors in these kids’ faces and let the instinctive immaturity and irresponsibility play out.  It will, and if I am wrong, please tell me what people are putting in these kids’ drinks, PLEASE!

I pine for the day CNN ratings are so low, they have to cut back to basic operations and even go off the air for a few hours a day!  Remember the static screen and monotone sound when regular stations went off the air up to the early 1970s?

cut to the last 20 seconds, then picture it on the CNN channel after 1AM…

we can dream, it may be all we have as of today…

Hmm, abortion can be viewed as murder, per the intent?

One of my listing of allies as proof the Left/Progressives/Liberals/ and Democrats are an antisocial bunch is the fact they enthusiastically embrace the abortion lobby.

Well, what does this link say about them?

“Millionaire abortionist Merle Hoffman, president and CEO of Choices Women’s Medical Clinic (Choices) in Jamaica, New York, admitted during a court hearing that she has collaborated with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in a federal lawsuit against 13 Christian pro-life sidewalk counselors.

The frivolous lawsuit alleges that sidewalk counselors engage in illegal activity by attempting to guilt women out of their “constitutional right” to kill unborn children.

The non-profit litigation firm Liberty Counsel, which has represented the 13 defendants, had the opportunity to question Merle Hoffman under oath, where she castigated pro-lifers as the “American Taliban” whose “mere existence is a crime against women.”

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, referred to Hoffman’s statements as “shocking.”

“Merle Hoffman has acknowledged the obvious — that abortion is the taking of human life,” said Staver. “What is shocking is that she believes killing a helpless child empowers women by enabling them to achieve their selfish goals.”

Perspective is half the battle, but, intent is probably more than the other half?!

How often has a murderer of adults uttered this defense, “enabling them to achieve their selfish goals”?  Those folks go to prison.  People who abort children REPETITIVELY, they are glorified by the Left and their ilk.  Hmm, antisocial in intent…?

Think about it!

Ironic, calling it weaponized…


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So there is talk of making psychiatry more involved in the school shooting prevention plans, and all I can say is, gee, let’s make us more a weapon than an ally.

Like how Obummer and his ilk tried to use us prior?

“The Obama administration repeatedly tried to use mental health as a means, not to make us safer, but to deny us our gun rights. Consider Obama’s pick of Dr. Vivek Murthy to be our Surgeon General, someone who firmly believes gun control is a health issue, something that can and should be used to gut the Second Amendment…”

then “Back in 2013, a piece of legislation called Toomey-Manchin proposed that doctors be allowed to unilaterally place a patient’s name in the background check system in a way that violated patient doctor confidentially under HIPAA as well as our Second Amendment rights:

The Toomey-Manchin proposal contains a provision that lets a doctor add a patient to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) without ever telling the patient he or she has been added.

This would seem to violate doctor-patient confidentiality, due process and the presumption of innocence in one fell swoop.

As the Heritage Foundation reports, this “gun control legislation eliminates any (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) privacy protection for mental health records in connection with the NICS system, leaving only what privacy protection the attorney general cares to provide.”

The Obama administrations idea of keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill is based on a bizarre and discriminatory definition of who might be mentally unstable. Back in 2013 it was reported that the Veterans Administration was sending letters to vets warning them that they might be declared mentally incompetent and have their Second Amendment rights stripped unless they could prove otherwise…”

This isn’t what most doctors agreed to when reciting the Hippocratic Oath upon graduation.  Maybe there are some who want to be pawns and instruments of political partisan agendas, but, it’s not right, and most know it, but, don’t say it!

What will happen if psychiatrists have to start assessing most if not all high school students to try to “keep the kids safe” mindset?  Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists will further dwindle in number, and malpractice suits against those who stay will rise exponentially.  Because, hey, we don’t have tight red and blue full body suits with a big letter “S” under out dress shirts.

But, I betcha there are some at the APA, henceforth what, the Arrogant Patriarchal Association, who will buy into this notion politicians will be selling.  Oh yeah, even more than psychiatrists already sold out 5 years ago for Obummer and his ilk…

Related image

He might be gone, but his policies linger, like the stench of an uncovered septic tank still be used.  Nice image in one’s head, eh?

By the way, not a Second Amendment nut, and obviously not a Gun Control nut either.  I avoid nuts, in my diet and in my travels in the community.  Oh, and I NEVER refer to patients as nuts, so don’t go there…

How to stop school shootings?


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Not an easy hypothesis, but, it’s a start.

Marginalize and ostracize all the hate being spewed by both the Left and Right.  When people start demonizing others because of politics, class, and god forbid race/ gender/ religion, just tell them in so many words to “shut the f— up!”

Stop letting hate go unchallenged.  And to the douche-bags/crap bags who even remotely speak of considering violence, even if pathetically tongue in cheek, tell them to move on, literally, to another country that will tolerate the hate and death messaging.

Kids do not need to hear this garbage anymore.  These ideas of violence, of resorting to guns and bombs, it isn’t coming out of an alternative reality or universe, it is coming from adults.

So, let’s start acting like adults again, and focus on solutions that lead to resolution, and start with not tolerating nor rationalizing evil.  OK, folks?

George Carlin was not funny.


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When you watch his political rant at the end of his 1996 show “Back in Town”, his main point that the politicians don’t suck, but the public does, is outwardly a sarcastic joke, but, is it?

I have come to realize that the public does not only suck, but is complicit beyond any hope, as Carlin also says there, well, F— hope.  Because maybe he realized how pathetic and pathological the Clintons were at that time of his show?

The Democrats hitched their crap show to these antisocial cretins, who it is fairly obvious what is being released in the memos and other revelations these past few weeks, these two are in deep, beyond their hairlines in corruption, greed, and I think outright murder.  Then the Democrats extended the lifeline to the equally antisocial cretin Barack Obama.  Boy, talk about going from hating Republicans to rallying around a man who hates, well, Americans by in large!

Hey, just my opinion, but, when truth is finally front and center, and we have come to realize that the media is equally complicit and corrupt, who the hell can we turn to?

The selfish and clueless Repugnocants?  Good luck with that!

I would end with echoing Carlin’s last point in the rant, he doesn’t vote because it is meaningless and it gives him the right to complain.  But, if you don’t vote, and allow these incompetent incumbents from both sides of the polluted aisle of Republocrats to stay in power and disruption, then not only are these voters part of the problem, but, maybe it is time to ask out loud, “why do we live among eternal losers who suck?!”

There is about a little less than 10 months to think about it, I doubt the primaries will make much difference, but, you can’t vote out Trump, and he isn’t the main problem anyway.  NO, we have to deal with Demon-craps and Repugnocants.

Hey, don’t believe me, as Carlin says, you’re gonna have another wonderful election and things will improve immediately.  Really?

Where is the joke in that?!?!

Yeah let’s take advantage of a crisis

At, I read a column that I had to comment about, and include it here although it was printed as well there.

First the link:

and the comment:

“Ms Noreen:

There are multiple factors that play roles to this “Opioid Crisis”, a label I find a bit disingenuous when opiate addiction has been prevalent across this country for several decades, just more pronounced in the past 10 or so years because of the prescription element to it now.  One of those factors I find concerning that I feel you illustrate, a bit mind you, is when you write about how getting your prescription is like your “Precious” analogy.  I respect it, again a bit mind you, per the need for pain relief, but, one needs to be very careful when dependency is rigidly rationalized as I read it at your column here.

I firmly believe that opiates were never intended to be used indefinitely as a prescription intervention.  That said, the time line to limited use is individual specific, but, there needs to be a conversation between doctor and patient when the time line seems to be reaching a conclusion, or a referral to another colleague who is willing to extend that time line per an expertise to look at implementing alternative interventions to respect the extension.  Extend it but with intent to an eventual later but eventual termination of said medication use.

The problem going on too often is unfortunately somewhat simple to me:  even people who do not abuse or frankly take opiates for an addiction agenda do in fact develop qualities of a darker form of dependency per the way patients challenge providers to continue the prescriptions.  Drugs of physical dependency do run the risk of altering personality, and not in a positive way most often.

And that is what concerns me, that I have colleagues who feel intimidated, coerced, if not downright threatened to have to continue these medications beyond a reasonable endpoint.  I don’t have a problem with this presentation in my office for two reasons, one that I do not write for opiates as I have no expertise nor clinical role in pain management as a psychiatrist, and two, people who try to intimidate, coerce, or threaten me are shown to the door and told to find another provider.  When the patient-physician alliance is lost, so are future appointments.

Sorry to write, but opiates do alter frustration tolerance and quick fix expectation to potential immature and pathological levels, not saying that to you here.

The one problem I see with your explanation in your column is that you seem to be advocating for premature disability determination because people are allegedly forced into return to employment too quickly and then fail.  That has validation at times, but, part of pain reduction is also healthy distraction and opportunity for productivity, which a job can offer depending on the job responsibilities and physical demands.

Sorry, but more often than not, people on opiates, especially higher daily dosages, are not easily distracted nor able to appreciate efforts to be productive.  Opiates dull those appreciations.  Hence why people need to lower opiate dosages to attempt to feel again.

Just my opinion, one of over 20 years working with people who have chronic pain and resulting psychological distress and dysfunction from it.”

Share it here because, well, frankly I find it a bit disingenuous that America is now in the midst of an “Opioid Crisis” when we have been dealing with opiate abuse for decades, but, when heroin abuse as the primary form of opiate abuse was a back alley issue in big cities up to the 1990s, well, not a crisis for America, eh?

Only when middle class teenagers and middle aged women started dying more frequently, and it involved prescription drugs written by allegedly respectful doctors in the community, then it became a crisis?  Perhaps readers can comment where I am wrong, but, until then, I think this is the “Opioid Convenience”.

Not that this matter should not be addressed with urgency, but, why the hell did it take over 20 years to publicly admit too many people take opiates recklessly, irresponsibly, or just plain addictively?  Maybe because it is easier to blame doctors in offices than hunt down dealers on the streets??

Think about it…

Image result for image of person dead in house from opiate abuse

Yep, this is the image to capture the opioid crisis for America, you remember the couple found by Ohio police with the kids in the back seat?…

The real story to the Transgender matter

Start with the link:

As I have noted in prior columns, this relentless attack on gender is just another effort of the characterological to erode the foundations of society, sorry, it is that simple to me at the end of the day.  And not for the few who have real struggles to sexual identity, there are those who fit the definition of gender disorder.

No, it is the extremist who grabs the headlines and remains the primary spokes-person for this charade of anyone, not genuine gender disordered people, who wakes up one day and even remotely wonders if he/she is really a she/he has not just the right, but society’s obligation to do whatever this individual’s cause-du-jour wants at the moment.

This is the textbook garbage of the characterological.  I don’t care who or what I offend here with this post.  Once again the needs of the few shit on the needs of the many, and the hostility and pervasive taunts of these slime who think they can intimidate and control are relentless.

And that is the operative word here with this agitators, relentless!  Wonder what political slants and agendas most of these losers have, think Democrat and Progressive, Hmm???

From the above link”

“That’s exactly right. There is a huge difference between people who struggle with their gender identity and people who are LGBT activists. Most people who suffer from gender dysphoria are not activists, and many of them reject the activists’ claims. Many of them may be regarded as victims of the activists, as Idocument in the book. Many of those who feel distress over their bodily sex know that they aren’t really the opposite sex, and do not wish to “transition.” They wish to receive help in coming to identify with and accept their bodily self. They don’t think their feelings of gender dysphoria define reality.

But trans activists do. And they tolerate no dissent. They’ve gone after “trans-friendly” doctors—who regularly support transition therapies for adults—for not being trans-friendly enough in encouraging children to transition. I tell the story of one clinic in Canada in particular where this took place. They are suing Catholic hospitals for declining to perform sex-reassignment surgeries. They go after anyone who expresses any reservation at social transition for 5-year-olds, and puberty blockers for 9-year-olds. They accuse feminists—even lesbians!—of being “transphobic” for not wanting people with penises in their locker rooms. And the activists are entirely out of step with ordinary people, including ordinary people with gender dysphoria and who identify as trans. I’ve met with people who identify as trans who hate the professional activists, who say that they don’t speak for them.”

Again, we are now shoulder deep in the Personality Disordered Society, and that Shit Show in D.C., exactly what one watching from afar would expect of this society as of 2018.  Polarized extremist rhetoric, narrative, and agenda that is relentless in their quest for domination.  Hey America, you agreed that 2016 was about the lesser of evils, and you think 2018 elections will be a bit more tame?

Oh, let’s finish with another column from the same site, :

Once the extremist gets some satisfaction in their zest for harassment and disruptions, he/she can’t even see who could have been a possible ally:

“At an event where McGowan was promoting her memoir Brave, trans protester Andi Dier tore into her perceived failure to support the transgender subset of modern feminism. McGowan walked back a controversial comment she’d made onRuPaul’s podcast last year: “They assume because they felt like a woman on the inside. That’s not developing as a woman. That’s not growing as a woman, that’s not living in this world as a woman and a lot of the stuff I hear trans complaining about, yeah, ‘Welcome to the world.’”

“My point was,” she tried to clarify, “we are the same.” But the activist, unsatisfied, broadly criticized the heteronormative tilt of her “cisgendered, white feminism.” So, McGowan shot back, “Don’t label me, sister,” as bookstore security carted off the protester. “I don’t come from your planet. Leave me alone. I do not subscribe to your rules. I do not subscribe to your language,” she went on, in a mounting rageyou can watch for yourself. “What have you done? I know what I’ve done, God dammit.”

Wow, those movie lines that are iconic, ironic, and histrionic, we’ll finish with the one most mental health care providers regret was uttered:

No, the characterological will never be ignored.  Not as long as there are enough to be harassed and manipulated to continue the relentless agenda:

disrupt and diminish healthy foundations and boundaries.

Forget normal, even before these cretins showed up.  NO, it has always been for me about what is healthy and functional.  Show me an entrenched Axis 2 characterologically impaired person who is even remotely healthy and functional.

In 2018 terms, bipolars and PTSDs…  Don’t get paid to treat Axis 2, eh???